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Pattern Recognition - Community Reviews back

by William Gibson
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TCWriter rated it 8 years ago
I'm a big fan of Gibson's early novels, but found Pattern Recognition a little hard to warm up to. His insights -- as usual -- feel simultaneously surprising and entirely plausible. Yet in this case, I found the plot a little implausible (especially late in the book) and the characters uninteresting...
A little tea, a little chat
A little tea, a little chat rated it 8 years ago
As goodreads is Amazon, I am taking my reviews off goodreads. Nonetheless, I hope by providing links along with this ongoing message about why Amazon should not be part of our lives, this message is kept alive. I include some text from the beginning of each review because goodreads has been removing...
Lillie Loves to Read
Lillie Loves to Read rated it 8 years ago
Have nothing for this one. Final verdict: DNF
MAS rated it 8 years ago
Gibson Turns Insight OutWeaving an intricate tale from behind the eyes of marketing maven Cayce Pollard, Gibson creates a hypersensitive world of highflying corporate espionage. From New York to London, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow, Ms. Pollard, hired gun for Blue Ant, reluctantly searches the globe, fo...
Titles are so hard to come up with...
Unexpectedly engaging!
Book Punks on BookLikes
Book Punks on BookLikes rated it 9 years ago
William Gibson keeps popping up in my life this year. I reread Neuromancer and felt mildly disappointed. Why had I liked this book so much again? Then I stumbled upon Gibson's recently published book of essays [b:Distrust That Particular Flavor|11890817|Distrust That Particular Flavor|William Gib...
ezuk rated it 9 years ago
Not what I expected from Gibson; the book is set around 2002 (9/11 plays a major role), and on the one hand it's supposed to be futuristic Sci-Fi (it's a Gibson, after all), but on the other hand, it's full of references to outdated technology, making it feel a bit old.I mean, it's hard for me to se...
Amadan na Briona
Amadan na Briona rated it 9 years ago
I was hoping to be blown away by the legendary William Gibson (none of whose legendary books I have read), but I found that Pattern Recognition reminded me a lot of Reamde by Neal Stephenson: it's a pacey, interesting techno-thriller that just never quite reached the peak of Awesome. I found Gibson'...
susanvoss18 rated it 10 years ago
This is one of the most intense modern-day mysteries I have read in a while. And it is built around fashion, logos, trademarks, and marketing. Huh? You can do that and not put the audience to sleep?In short, I didn't want to put this book down. Period. Cayce is hired as a cool hunter, finding the th...
thomcat rated it 11 years ago
Read this after Spook Country, and enjoyed it less. The ending felt rushed, and the emotional impact of September 11 did not age well. I did enjoy the impact of information and history here, but not the main character.
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