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Queen of Babble in the Big City - Community Reviews back

by Meg Cabot
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Kaethe rated it 2 years ago
I can barely remember what goes on in Lizzie's romantic life in this one, but again, the fun is in her life: her career, and her friends, and her family.Library copy
Unraveling Words
Unraveling Words rated it 6 years ago
Definitely an improvement from the first one and with that ending now I HAVE to read the third one. Luke needs to go back to France and stay there! Go Chaz!!!
What is Kimberly reading now?
What is Kimberly reading now? rated it 6 years ago
The first part of this book dragged. Once Jill entered the picture, things picked up.Lizzie was annoying at first, but she ended up wearing on me. I really started to side with Lizzie when Shari was being so negative toward Lizzie about Luke. Ugh!I really liked how Lizzie kept a positive attitude ab...
Ella Zegarra
Ella Zegarra rated it 6 years ago
Voy a ser muy, muy sincera more
The Purple Book Monster
The Purple Book Monster rated it 7 years ago
I definitely liked this book so much better than the first. I think its a great quick read for a chick-lit book and its not deep or anything. Obviously this book isn't really realistic and the heroine tended to overreact a bit. Yet, she did have her good moments.
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes rated it 8 years ago
Ol' Lizzie Nichols is really beginning to annoy me. She's becoming a bit too ditsy and stupid for my taste. I think Meg Cabot was trying to stretch out some of the chapters by keeping Lizzie in the dark on stuff for too long, so at parts it was just too drawn out. I actually rolled my eyes a couple ...
Blodeuedd rated it 9 years ago
I do like chick-lit, it is always funny, sweet and totally silly, and a girl needs silly now and again.This is the second book about Lizzie Nichols, in the last book she found her prince charming, and he is really a prince too, if one of many French ones. They are living together on 5th Avenue until...
guiltlessreader rated it 9 years ago
A little too fairy-talishLoved the idea of interspersing wedding gown design tips with the story. But really, the ending was a fairytale. Come on ...
I'm A Book Shark
I'm A Book Shark rated it 9 years ago
I liked this book. It seemed better than the first one, and Shari's character evolved. She's a good friend, telling it like it is. Lizzy gets dramatic sometimes, and she overreacts and makes bad decisions, and Shari is there to calm her. I like Tiffany as well, really. Even if he's kind of strange. ...
bookjunkie57 rated it 10 years ago
Lizzie is Meg Cabot's "Becky Bloomwood" a delightfully lovely character who captures your heart within the first few pages. Wow So I'm super excited that things at M. Henri's worked out really well for Lizzie but I must say I'm agreeing with what everyone is saying about Luke.
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