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Queen of Kings - Community Reviews back

by Maria Dahvana Headley
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suzemo rated it 6 years ago
I love me some alt-history. I love me some Egyptian-Greco-Roman alt-history especially, so when I kept getting this listed as a recommendation, I took it.A good chunk of this book was three star for me. It seemed a wee bit on the cheesy side (Cleopatra does a blood oath with Sekhmet and becomes ...
davidofterra rated it 6 years ago
2.5 stars. This book was light on historical details and heavy on the standard fantasy novel themes. I didn't have high expectations and this book met them. The historical references were interesting, though.
Malin rated it 7 years ago
What if Cleopatra didn't die after Mark Anthony was defeated? What if she made a deal with a powerful goddess instead, and became an immortal, blood-sucking creature (who can shape shift into a giant serpent or a lion at will) determined on wreaking her vengeance on Emperor Augustus and the Roman Em...
Nicoleabouttown rated it 7 years ago
Review to come! So amazing!
helenhid rated it 7 years ago
I bought the kindle version but with this cover. I bought this 2 weeks ago after seeing the paperback in Waterstones. Yesterday, I noticed it is now £4 cheaper on Amazon kindle. This so annoys me!Loved this and whizzed through. Discovered at the back page that it is a trilogy!
rachelruetz rated it 7 years ago
I was ecstatic about reading this book, as a fan of Cleopatra, vampires, and historical fantasy. When I started it, things were looking up. I was following the traditional story of Cleopatra's and Marc Antony's demise, and I was impressed with how the author was weaving her version into how things r...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 7 years ago
I really wanted to like this book; I really truly did. Maybe it's me. Yes, that's it. I'm sure it's me for I never, ever saw Cleopatra as such a weak willed victim. And stupid. I don't see her as stupid.Either Neil Gaiman has very different tastes than me or something.
Red Hot Books
Red Hot Books rated it 7 years ago
We've all heard the stories about the great love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Well, that story is getting a whole new twist here. Queen of Kings opens with the Egyptian queen and her husband on the cusp of war with the Roman emperor Octavian and his legion. They are outnumbered. But Cleopatra ha...
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