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Railsea - Community Reviews back

by China Miéville
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Blackbird's Book Blog
Blackbird's Book Blog rated it 2 years ago
It's Ridley Walker in a steampunk Jaberwocky adventure splashing through Moby Dick. Just read it.
The English Student
The English Student rated it 3 years ago
FUCKING AWESOME. Excuse my French. Mieville is back on form, and now I remember why I liked reading him in the first place. (I say back on form, as if his books were published in the order that I personally read them, but after two crashing disappointments in a row - Kraken and The City and th...
asandwich rated it 3 years ago
Miéville sends up Melville in this rather splendid, brisk and punchy YA fantasy take on Moby Dick, without a single whale anywhere to be found.The world of Railsea is a dry, used up, desiccated and desecrated place; all desert and scrub-land, where humanity is forced to build its settlements on rock...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 5 years ago
I find myself thinking that maybe this was not the place to start with China Mieville.I read Moby Dick ages ago, and while I appreciated it as art, I didn't particularly enjoy reading it. So whatever posessed me to pick this - a young adult, I believe, retelling of that tale I didn't like in the fir...
meganbaxter rated it 5 years ago
Am I allowed to review this book without having read Moby Dick? Because I haven't, as of yet. I know the basic story, in the way that everyone knows the basic story - except mostly I know it through Futurama and the hunting of the Great Brain with whitewash spilled all over it from Tom Sawyer's fenc...
Stop Making Sense
Stop Making Sense rated it 5 years ago
I think this is another of those books where if I had read it at a different age, I would have loved it. This is the story of Sham, a boy whose guardians place him as a cabin boy on a roving train. He slowly learns the ins and outs of life aboard the moler train and the railsea (analogous to our wha...
Traveller rated it 6 years ago
We're having an open book discussion of this book here . Do come and join! Wow, more & more, when it comes to China Mieville, for me, it's lurrvve lurve LURVE! I'm starting to get to the point where I miss his 'voice' when I'm not busy reading a Miéville... In this amusing and inventive coming-of-...
Novel Tease
Novel Tease rated it 6 years ago
Reread June/July 2013 for discussion in Miévillans, see my original review here.
halfmanhalfbook rated it 6 years ago
I think that this book will become a classic Steam-punk book in time.Miéville has invented a world where the majority of life takes place on the Railsea, a huge swathe of criss-crossing railway lines with multiple lines intersecting, and with cities dotted throughout the plain. The landscape that th...
spocksbro rated it 6 years ago
I find myself without a great deal to say about Railsea.I certainly liked it. China Miéville is one of my favorite authors and I have yet to be disappointed in anything of his I’ve read. His imagination and talent are on full display – as usual – and it is far more than a simple homage or pastiche o...
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