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Raven - Community Reviews back

by Lauren Oliver
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As the page turns..
As the page turns.. rated it 5 years ago
Now this short story was really nice.It's by far my favorite of the three independent short stories (although I haven't read Alex yet) In this short story from the Delirium series, we get a glimpse of Raven's past and find out how her relationship with Tack happened. She was one of my favorite chara...
The Caffeinated Diva reads...
The Caffeinated Diva reads... rated it 6 years ago
Raven was a great addition to the Delirium series, giving us a lot more insight into the character. I think this just might be my favorite of the Delirium novellas. She is one of those characters that I didn't fall in love with right from the beginning. I didn't understand her. Sometimes I loved...
Unheeded Whispers
Unheeded Whispers rated it 7 years ago
I read this short story after I had already finished the rest of the series, and that just made it even sadder. I love the enigmatic Raven and I wish this story would have been longer!
Chapteriosity rated it 7 years ago
This review is also available on my blog.***I was really excited to get into Raven's head cause she's one of my favorite characters from Delirium trilogy thanks to her leader-like attitude and tough personality. We get to know more about Raven's past from this short story, how she evolves from a sca...
The Girl Who'll Read Anything
The Girl Who'll Read Anything rated it 7 years ago
*spoiler alert* It was really nice to have a look in bits of Raven's life like her life in the Wilds with Blue, meeting Tack and upon helping Lena save Julian. This was a nice back story. Can't wait to grab a copy of Requiem.
kierstenkoz rated it 7 years ago
I am seriously a sucker for these Delirium short stories, especially when they're always about such interesting characters! Raven gave so much insight into her character. Even though she's present in the other books, you don't get to see much of her past. In the short, you find out about when she fi...
I'm a reader, hear me roar!
I'm a reader, hear me roar! rated it 7 years ago
I liked to read more of Raven and how she came to live in the Wilds. But I thought that there just wasn't enough story about her life before.Other than that I thought that it was more understandable how and why she behaved like she did.Now I just can't wait to read the final installment in the Delir...
Don't Stop Readin'
Don't Stop Readin' rated it 7 years ago
You know, the only problem with these Delirium novellas is that their narration is so similar. Be it Hana, Raven or Annabel...all of their narrations sound like Lena's to me. Lauren Oliver can't switch POV's successfully, this was observed in Requiem too so she better stop doing it. I mean, I li...
Books For YA!
Books For YA! rated it 7 years ago
For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!We met Raven back in Pandemonium when she saved Lena's life after she escaped to the Wilds and we all know that she was one of the tough female leaders of the Resistance. In this novella you will further understand who she really is and what she had been th...
Today in Jen's Library
Today in Jen's Library rated it 8 years ago
This short story adds tremendously to the character of Raven from the Delirium Series. Raven is deeper, richer, more vulnerable - and we get to know Tack a little better as well. The story overall echoes some of the scenes from Requiem, and is a wonderful alternative point of view. Lauren Oliver ...
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