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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
I'm just going to put it out there: Peter Parker is not my favorite Spider-Man. Nor is Miles Morales. It's gotta be Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus. Otto's dying and finds a way to switch bodies with Peter Parker; the only question is what will Otto do with his newfound life? This is a fin...
Goat Heads and Sand Burrs, P. Kirby's Reading Blog
Longer, coherent review to come... Nope. Still giddy and incoherent....Because I love Thori, and Thori loves Hellstrom. As does Leah. As do I.Come on. Can you blame us? I mean, have you seen Hellstrom's abs? YUM!Also, Cadaver Thor needs a hug.
sixthreezy readsies
sixthreezy readsies rated it 6 years ago
Who said Doc Ock couldn't still be a threat from his death bed? I love the way the battle between Spidey and Ock goes down in this volume. Ock as Spidey and Spidey as Ock bringing together his version of the Sinister Six that doesn't hurt policemen lol, and is Ock permanently Spidey now?!?!?! OMG WH...
dearmfield rated it 7 years ago
I did not like the idea of the watcher in this part of series. The alternate planets give it a cool sound. Seeing Kitty Pride and Moon Knight was my only moments I cared for.The quirky dialogue is funny to read. Spider Man being the funniest this time around.
kaye rated it 7 years ago
While you don't necessarily have to have read the previous JIM installments to understand what's happening here, I think it would definitely help. This book takes everything that I love about Loki and frames it with plausibility. Loki was bad, there's no getting around that. But here he's been made ...
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