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Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life - Community Reviews back

by Stephen Jay Gould
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Domhnall rated it 6 years ago
This book sets out a case for the notion of "non overlapping magisteria" or NOMA, to insist that religion should stay out of science, science stay out of religion, but both engage in constructive interactions. There is no reason not to give full respect to both, each in their proper domain or "mag...
Tolle Lege!.
Tolle Lege!. rated it 7 years ago
The book's theme is Science and Religion have non overlapping domains, Science can't give ethical and moral truths and that religion should be respected when it stays within it's own domain. I'm glad this book is not influential today. When it was written (in 1998 according to the book itself) mar...
Carlo rated it 9 years ago
Goodreads must really consider adopting ratings with 0.5 increments. I would really rate this book 2.5 stars or even 3 on a good day (which after a second thought is what today seems to be, hence the change from 2 to 3 stars). It was an interesting read especially when you consider the low expectati...
Tower of Iron Will
Tower of Iron Will rated it 12 years ago
Gould stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest when he suggested that science and religion have separate areas of expertise and should stick to those areas and stop interfering with each other. One wishes this were possible, but science and religion do overlap on certain topics and they cannot both be c...
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