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drallapaul rated it 1 year ago
Sasha is whisked away from Earth to a magical world where plots are afoot and many adventures begin. These involve her mother, a pirate, mages and the king. She struggles to know who to trust while a romantic element enters the fray. A host of characters are introduced and developed. The plot moves ...
Alissa rated it 4 years ago
“It is a shame that so few have the time or inclination for scholarship these days. There is much entertainment to be afforded in perusing the mistakes of our forebears.”
Alissa rated it 4 years ago
A solid YA story, very funny and full of royal politics (or social carriage races, depending on where you stand). I particularly appreciated the no-nonsense narrator and the absorbing mix of action and inner struggles. Straightforward, but oh so very smart and unlike what I've come to expect from YA...
Our Intrepid Heroine
Our Intrepid Heroine rated it 5 years ago
The Stranger is about a little desert community in the middle of post-apocalyptic maybe California, maybe Mexico, in which Norms and Changed try to defend their borders against potential hostile overthrow, mutated animals, and singing trees. When Ross Juarez, a prospector, stumbles into the town, th...
Kylex rated it 6 years ago
These seems like a collection of 'what if' scenarios from various fantasy Authors and they are very enjoyable for a casual read; a few of them would even qualify for college-level analysis, I believe.
Hey Ashers!
Hey Ashers! rated it 6 years ago
Spoiler Rating: High So, Ashers, Because I know you thick-in-the-midst-of-doctoral-exams folk have nothing to do but stare blankly out your windows all day, allow me to rant to you about a book that started off so promisingly, and left me a puddle of exasperation and disappointment: Crown Duel b...
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 7 years ago
I finally read a book from this author (I have several in my TBR shelf). I liked this one although it does not have as much magic as I was hoping. But it was entertaining nonetheless. The first half is like a YA college book: a bunch of princesses (normal girls) who travel to a kingdom (college) to ...
BreakRaven rated it 7 years ago
Okay, so finally, here's my review for this one. I honestly had no idea what to say about it. I fluctuated between thinking, "Ehh, it's a harmless, somewhat boring four stars," and "It's not terrible, probably a three," and "I kind of don't like it, you know? Maybe a two," and "Ugh. Grow up already,...
anti-book-snob rated it 7 years ago
How have I not found you until now, you amazing little book???? The best part of you is that I get your sequel with you....thank you. I... I love you. You are super duper. You are awsomesauce. I'm starting your sequel/second half but I just wanted to take a moment out to say, holy moly, you're start...
I am Sam Tule
I am Sam Tule rated it 7 years ago
My full review can be found here:http://samanthatule.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/book-review-crown-duel-by-sherwood-smith/
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