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Simon Winchester
Birth date: September 28, 1944
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Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 1 year ago
With Krakatoa Simon Winchester gives a very interesting account not only of the actual eruption of the Krakatoa and its immediate aftermath, but also spend a lot of time to set the scene and look into consequences of the eruption. It was the first book I read by Simon Winchester and I enjoyed it a l...
JeffreyKeeten rated it 3 years ago
...for each word, there should be sentences that show the twists and turns of meanings—the way almost every word slips in its silvery, fishlike way, weaving this way and that, adding subtleties of nuance to itself, and then perhaps shedding them as public mood dictates.” Herbert Coleridge whose bril...
spoko rated it 3 years ago
An interesting book, though perhaps not as compelling as it might have been. Winchester seems to vacillate a bit between wanting to write a technical book on the geothermal workings of the planet and wanting instead to write a narrative history populated by individual people who witnessed or were af...
Thewanderingjew rated it 4 years ago
Simon Winchester has elevated the language of science to the language of poetry. His eloquence will hold the attention of and also captivate the reader with his brilliant explanation of the formation of the earth, the ocean floor, the plates that shift and slide to wreak havoc or as he might say cau...
Foggygirl rated it 4 years ago
A fascinating but somewhat unnerving read as is it deals with the possibility of a monster earthquake and resulting tsunami hitting the west coast of the Americas and the mindboggling damage that would entail.
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