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Sing Me to Sleep - Community Reviews back

by Angela Morrison
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kimosumiko rated it 4 years ago
Dropped at 51%. 2.5 starsI... don't really know how to feel about this book. On one hand I was really liking it and felt pretty addicted and at times it was difficult to put down. On the other hand it was frustrating, at moments felt like the author was trying too hard, a bit boring at times so that...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep... rated it 5 years ago
I took this one out because it was on everyone's "emotion reads" lists and I like those kinds of books. But really, I was glad to finish the book. I know the author wanted to have this great story in honor of a child she knew and yes it made me look up more stuff about CF but you can't have the guy ...
ACReads rated it 5 years ago
This book was supposed to be FUN, LIGHT, and chick lit-y... Was it?! OF COURSE NOT. Damn it!
No Bent Spines
No Bent Spines rated it 5 years ago
This was magical. The development of the characters was Ok. I felt that the main chick was kinda needy and well rather annoying. She bugged him way too much. Even though I wasn't really into the book, the almost ending tore me apart and the read ending smashed me to pieces
b00k r3vi3ws
b00k r3vi3ws rated it 6 years ago
2.5 Stars!Beth has always been known as “The Beast” in her school because of her appearance. Tall, pimply with glasses, her only and best friend Scott is the only person who knows her for who she really is. With feelings developing for Scott slowly, a very confused Beth gets a complete makeover when...
EmilySavant rated it 6 years ago
Sing Me to Sleep started off slow, but the last few chapters were a ride. A ride that had me in tears.I was bored and anxious for a good part of this book because of Beth and Derek’s relationship. (Mostly Beth’s attitude*). She was super clingy, and also the fact that she felt like she couldn’t live...
Christina's Book Nook
Christina's Book Nook rated it 6 years ago
I like it enough to finish in one day. Was not enjoying the "relationship" but I needed to know the secret.Will get around to reviewing this one better when I have a few hours.
Thoughts of a Junkie Reader
Thoughts of a Junkie Reader rated it 6 years ago
So heartbreaking...
Anncleire rated it 7 years ago
"Derek tips his head, talks low, like it’s just the two of us. “Our conductor makes us listen to our numbers at night when we go to bed. Some flighty hypnosis trash. Sometimes I cheat—slip in something soothing.” His deep brown eyes capture mine. “You sing me to sleep.”"Non sono in grado di scrivere...
♡ Books lust ♡
♡ Books lust ♡ rated it 7 years ago
This book made me cry:'(((( I really, truly loved this book( I read this because I saw my friend read this and I'm lucky she did or else I wouldn't have read this;) It would really made u cry especially the fact that this story is inspired by a true boy who suffered the same way Derek suffered:(((( ...
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