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Something Wicked This Way Comes - Community Reviews back

by Ray Bradbury
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Kaethe rated it 10 months ago
The prologue begins with an opening line reminiscent of A Christmas Carol: "First of all, it was October, a rare time for boys." Forty or so years ago I read this and identified with the boys, of course I did. This time I couldn't. So it was just a bunch of wordplay and monologuing and there was n...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Re-read by Audiobook. I read this when I was in high school - I think around 1978 - and thought it was such a scary, fantastic story. If there would have been goth in the 70's, I would have been one. Everything scary, occult, horrific I read. Just a bundle of sunshine!This reading I liked it (thank ...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 2 years ago
The circus is coming! The circus is coming! The boys discover the flyer swirling in the yard, a circus coming this late in the year is just unheard of. Alone in their rooms, the two boys hear a noise in the distance, it’s a train and the call of the calliope. It’s three a.m. and the circus is pullin...
Just Another Bookworm
Just Another Bookworm rated it 2 years ago
I found this book to be just okay. I picked it up during a circus / carnival phase and it took me quite some time to even get into it. I was bored during the majority of the book.
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 2 years ago
Where I live it is still warm, and the leaves on the trees have yet to turn. Because of that, reading books like this is how I get into the Halloween spirit. There is a certain chill in the air here, yes, but it is not quite autumnal — yet. But while I was reading this classic novel about an evil ca...
The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 2 years ago
The carnival comes to town, and it's a strange one. Not just because it's late in the year, or sets up at nigh. Like all carnivals, it promises magic, and magic there is. The kind that grants that most typical wish. Like most things one could want, one should beware of getting it. In a fit of magi...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 3 years ago
Did Not Finish, Stopped Reading at 35 Percent.This was also for the November Horror Aficionados group read, however, I will not be counting that towards my goal since I did not finish this. I cringed about not finishing this book. But seriously it was too much. Too much purple prose and long winded ...
Portable Monsters
Portable Monsters rated it 3 years ago
I can’t do this novel justice with my review. I can only say that I loved it, from the characters and the gorgeously textured imagery to the story itself. I even loved the moralizing about wishes and regrets. My only criticism is for the depiction of women. The only positive female characters, the m...
Darth Pedant
Darth Pedant rated it 3 years ago
Before loading this book onto my kindle a few days ago, I would have sworn it was a re-read, that I had read it as a child. But no, I don’t think I did. I think . . . I think . . . I only saw the movie. Which might explain why I thought the lightning rod played a much bigger part in the plot than it...
Shiftyj1 rated it 3 years ago
I read this one as a kid and remember it scaring the crap out of me. The illustrated Mr. Dark freaked me out big time. A Bradbury classic, dark, dripping with atmosphere, coming of age, sinister, carnival tale. Excellent. This one is like a fine wine that just keeps getting better with age.
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