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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Fool's Gold - Community Reviews back

by Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Sharp Bros., Fabio Montovani
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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 6 years ago
My two least favorite Star Trek shows were DS9 and then Voyager. Oh, it wasn't that DS9 was bad, but more that it was my second to least favorite show. I didn't get it into it as much as I got into TOS or TNG, or even Enterprise. However, this was a cute little foray into the DS9 verse, and i...
Itinerant Librarian on Books
Itinerant Librarian on Books rated it 7 years ago
Pretty much like reading an episode of the series. Suddenly, the station is flooding with "tourists" and scoundrels, and Commander Sisko needs to find out why. Turns out there is a lost treasure, and many think the station has something to do with it. It's a mystery as Sisko needs to figure out how ...
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