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pareidolia rated it 2 months ago
There must be no compulsion to hide the bodies. Otherwise I'd have never found them. A middle-aged chef cycles home from work at night, every night. One early morning, he finds a couple of corpses. The next night, he meets a stranger, clad all in black, with a bike long out of date, and wicked fas...
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink rated it 3 months ago
I think I would have loved this book if I hadn't bounced off the writing style so hard. It's a short read, so I was able to work my way through, but had the book been longer I think I would have gotten very frustrated. As is it took me far longer to read this slender novella than I expected. That sa...
Sci-Fi & Scary
Sci-Fi & Scary rated it 11 months ago
Death’s Realm is one of the best horror anthologies I’ve read. There was no story I hated, and several that I loved. I think that the editors did a fantastic job with not only the selection of the stories, but also their placement. Too many times it seems like all the best stuff is at the beginning ...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 1 year ago
What scares me most, as a horror reader, is not gore or on-screen frights; what gets under my skin is the unseen. The imagination is a helluva thing, and mine is good at creating terrors worse than what is usually on the page. Perhaps this is why horror from the 1960s and 1970s is my favorite: it is...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 2 years ago
Mapping the Interior touched me in a way that's hard to define. A young man, missing and thinking of the father who died before he could really be known, believes he saw his father coming through a doorway. From there, we learn more about this young man, his family, Native American culture, and s...
Yzabel rated it 2 years ago
[I received an e-copy of this book through NetGalley.]A collection of short stories with virtual reality, AI and technology themes in general. Despite the 'cyberpunk' flair, I agree with the curators: it's not so much cyberpunk in its original meaning, as dealing with various ideas that fit our curr...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 2 years ago
I feel bad about it, but I'll say it anyway: Mongrels didn't work that well for me. I listened to the audio and at first I thought it was the narrators that were my problem. After a while, though, I became accustomed to their voices and they were NOT my problem. My problem was: I didn't like it. T...
Shiftyj1 rated it 2 years ago
I have read SGJ before and really liked his style, but this one just wasn't for me. The writing was choppy and hard to follow. While the premise was promising and the characters were mildly interesting, it ultimately fell flat for me. Bummer.
Irresponsible Reader
Irresponsible Reader rated it 2 years ago
The publisher also released a soundtrack to go with the book today if you want to read what I thought of it, click here. --- Heller insists in his Afterword that this is not a collection of Cyberpunk stories, and who am I to doubt him? Although it feels pretty punk to ignore the Editor/The Man. It s...
The Reading Jackalope
The Reading Jackalope rated it 2 years ago
Standout stories in this collection are: Valente's Badgirl, The Deadman, And the Wheel of Fortune, which I initially thought ended poorly but has continued to haunt me long after I finished the story. Seasons of Glass and Iron by Amal El-Mohtar, which takes two fairy tales and combines them into an ...
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