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Stinger - Community Reviews back

by Robert R. McCammon
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Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 10 months ago
STINGER by Robert Mccammon is simply 80's horror F-U-N! With the entire book taking place over the course of one night, it's a great example of the horror being written during that time. This is the story of a duel alien invasion-one alien crashed on earth due to a ship malfunction, (Daufin) and t...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 1 year ago
I have to say that it appears besides "Boy's Life" I'm not destined to like any of Robert McCammon's books. "Stinger" dragged forever. I almost DNFed it, but I just decided to finish it so I could count it as a bingo read. I ended up not caring about any character we are introduced to, I wasn't scar...
Lillelara rated it 3 years ago
Oh boy, I did not like this book. I deeply disliked every single character in this novel and I wouldn´t have minded it at all if everyone single one of them would have been killed. The bad ass freaking evil alien is in my opinion the best thing about the book and I´m pretty sure that this isn´t some...
Lora's Rants and Reviews
Lora's Rants and Reviews rated it 3 years ago
by Robert McCammon McCammon is very thorough with description, yet at least in the first part of the book he seems to start every sentence with an overly long sentence that any English teacher would demand splitting into smaller bites. The picture he paints in this story is a bleak landscape of a d...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 4 years ago
Before reading Stinger I had read three other McCammon titles and considered myself a fan. I wasn't a rabid, hardcore fan -- but a fan nonethless. Stinger changed that. I'm now a very dedicated fan of Robert McCammon. This book is about two opposing terrestrial forces that comes to a small, dyi...
runner rated it 5 years ago
Lets face it some people love a certain story...others just cannot or do not enjoy. Now there are a lot of McCammon fans out there and I rate Wolf's Hour and Boy's Life as superb novels....but I could not enjoy Stinger and had great trouble finishing. I'ts basically the story of an alien invasion on...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 5 years ago
Pretty fun monster fest. The plot is all formula disaster: take a bunch of people, throw them together in an isolated disaster, Inferno, TX, and no matter how much they love or hate each other they are going to have to work together to overcome the threat, here the alien Stinger. People die, loves a...
Giulia rated it 7 years ago
Riveting! Scared the s#$% out of me! One of the best horror books I've read. Great story, creepy setting, frightening, evil presence!
Dantastic Book Reviews
Dantastic Book Reviews rated it 9 years ago
The town of Inferno has been slowly dying since the copper mine went bust. The school is closing for good in two days. Most people are leaving town and the two gangs, The Rattlesnakes and the Renegades, are like vultures on Inferno's corpse. Everything gets turned upside down the day an alien shi...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 9 years ago
Robert McCammon is quite gifted at taking old ideas and infusing them with new life. He also tends to write like he is writing with the movies in mind. He wrote Stinger like he had a TV movie in mind. The idea of good alien being chased by bad alien while endangering the human race is somewhat of a ...
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