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Strobe Edge, Vol. 1 - Community Reviews back

by Io Sakisaka
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Roobieland rated it 2 years ago
Completed Series Rating⭐️5 stars⭐️
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 3 years ago
This is my second manga by this author and I really liked the other Ao Haru Ride. One thing I have noticed is that the guy looks eerily similar to the guy from the other one. In fact, that something I've noticed having read a handful of different ones--a lot of the characters kinda look the same. ...
Bright and Shiny Shiny
Bright and Shiny Shiny rated it 4 years ago
I really liked this series.
Bright and Shiny Shiny
Bright and Shiny Shiny rated it 4 years ago
I really liked this series.
Twirling Book Princess
Twirling Book Princess rated it 5 years ago
First all thanks, Dee Dee for recommending this manga to me!I really enjoyed this first volume. Ninako was a bit of an idiot sometimes, but I really grew to like her in this volume. I am really happy that she had the heart and guts to reject the guy who asked her out. I have read enough books/manga ...
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 6 years ago
Looks like it is going to be an average shoujo. At least I am not interested to see if I am wrong or not. Typical girl who falls in love and cries because it is an 'unrequited love'. She is clumsy, naive, etc, etc. The characters are not well described yet, so I feel like I don't know them. Yes, Dai...
Familiar Diversions
Familiar Diversions rated it 6 years ago
I had problems getting into this manga. Ninako seemed nice, and I loved the bit where she told Ren “If somebody does something for me, I appreciate it, no matter what it is” when he thought he'd given her a cell phone charm that wasn't to her taste. However, she also seemed dumb as a rock, and way t...
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga Maniac Cafe rated it 6 years ago
So freaking cute!! Is Vol 2 out yet??? (scurries off to check)Review -When I first read the book blurb above, I thought it was pretty lame. After reading Strobe Edge, though, I think it very accurately and very succinctly describes this high school romance. Ninako is shy and reserved, and everyon...
Fastidious Reader
Fastidious Reader rated it 6 years ago
I don't remember when did I first read this manga. I think last two years ago? or something. But I absolutely love this series from the start. I like Ninako very much and of course, Ren!!!
The Mystical and the Magical
The Mystical and the Magical rated it 6 years ago
It's absolutely hilarious how most of my five-star ratings are about manga rather than books. It's a problem, it's weird, it's something you probably won't understand--but I admit, mangakas capture my heart better than some books can. Hence the reason why most of my all time favorites/five-stars are...
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