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Stumbling on Happiness - Community Reviews back

by Daniel Gilbert
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Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 6 years ago
4 stars!
Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 6 years ago
4 stars!
realityinabox rated it 6 years ago
Essentially, humans are bad at knowing what will make them happy in the future, and bad at remembering what made them happy in the past. We have 'flawed' memories and 'flawed' imaginations. The only real advice he gave was to only ask for advice from people currently in the situation you are consid...
Obsessed with books
Obsessed with books rated it 7 years ago
Well that ended abruptly. This book took me forever to get through. There were some interesting concepts, a lot of scientific stuff, and he leaves it that happiness is pretty elusive because people won't do what they should to be happy.What'd I get from this? It's most beneficial to ask someone in a...
Mitostargazer rated it 7 years ago
Best thing: Not a self-help book :) It doesn't try to preach, because there aren't many things to preach anyway, only to point out what's wrong with us. And the author does it with charming wit. In some places, the experiments that he cites to substantiate his points seem inadequate, but that is mor...
Carlo rated it 8 years ago
This was certainly a better book than The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, which sometimes had a feel-good-inc tone. I almost agree with all the ideas of Gilbert when it comes to happiness, though I didn't find all his experimental data decisive. Why I loved the book? I ...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 9 years ago
mp3 workadayZoikes! I should have realised by the title what this would be about but I am always droopy and zonked in the early mornings. So what did I get here? Self Improvement WITH crazy Xylophone Music.Too much man!
Book Fox
Book Fox rated it 10 years ago
Do you know what makes you happy? Most people don't. Things I learned from this: married with kids really doesn't make you happier and choosing the same thing every time you go to a restaurant is your best bet.
N.A. Ratnayake
N.A. Ratnayake rated it 11 years ago
Not really a self-help book in the strictest sense, but more a conceptual overview of the biological and psychological sources of happiness in our brains and in our lives. Some discussion is made as to how this might be applied to one's life, but this is largely left to the reader.
Clif's Book World
Clif's Book World rated it 11 years ago
This study of how our minds work provides an interesting insight into the human condition. The book examines why we are not very good at achieving happiness even though we're very good at imagining scenarios of our future happiness. The book's narrative unfolds like a psychological detective story...
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