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Edward rated it 3 years ago
--Illness as Metaphor--AIDS and Its Metaphors
The Ninja Reader
The Ninja Reader rated it 4 years ago
...the narration in the audiobook was so robotic, I basically zoned out half the time. Still... easier to absorb non-fiction, I find.
Bloodorange rated it 4 years ago
I was fortunate to be reading this along [b:Rapt Attention and the Focused Life|6262510|Rapt Attention and the Focused Life|Winifred Gallagher|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1408920525s/6262510.jpg|6445747]; Sontag's journal is an excellent example of how focus works. Sontag was - or seemed - very e...
Bloodorange rated it 4 years ago
1. One must bear in mind, reading this selection from Susan Sontag's diaries, why they were edited and published in the first place: Sontag sold her diaries, along with all her writings, to the UCLA library, and since there was no clause limiting rights to access or publication of these materials, h...
Kinga's Books
Kinga's Books rated it 4 years ago
Susan Sontag was more of a figure than a person. Intimidatingly intelligent and self-assured, she was an embodiment of an intellectual. Suffice to say there is only one woman Hitchens talks in any length about in his memoir (other than his mother) and it’s Susan Sontag. Even Hitchens, the notorious ...
Edward rated it 5 years ago
I--The Aesthetics of Silence--The Pornographic Imagination--"Thinking Against Oneself": Reflections on CioranII--Theatre and Film--Bergman's Persona--GodardIII--What's Happening in America (1966)--Trip to Hanoi
so many books, so little time
so many books, so little time rated it 5 years ago
Oscar Wilde is not the only writer to have made the paradox into a kind of art form. Walser walks a line in these very short stories between looking inward and outward, happiness and sadness, connection and loneliness. In a sketch called "Nervous" a sentence that begins "I am not old, not in the lea...
Chrissie's Books
Chrissie's Books rated it 5 years ago
This is supposed to be a classic about life under Stalin. I very much enjoyed those sections of the novel that describes places and scenes. The author's words draw a picture that you clearly see, be it the feel of the air on a frosty night or a street in Moscow. Likewise, I found the Communists’ man...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
The title is a misnomer. Not that there aren't some wonderful stories here, but they were never really chosen because they're the best American short stories of the 20th century. Rather, these are Updike's 56 picks out of the 2,000 stories originally chosen in the 84 volumes of a yearly anthology pu...
Edward rated it 5 years ago
A note and some acknowledgmentsI--Against interpretation--On styleII--The artist as exemplary sufferer--Simone Weil--Camus' Notebooks--Michel Leiris' Manhood--The anthropologist as hero--The literary criticism of Georg Lukács--Sartre's Saint Genet--Nathalie Sarraute and the novelIII--Ionesco--Reflec...
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