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An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 3 years ago
I think I liked this book more the first time I read it. It's still good, but I definitely liked certain stories better than others. "Morningshine" left the biggest impression on me last time (and probably this time too). I skipped most of "From the Personal Papers of Adriaan Kuypers" and "Hyacint...
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 3 years ago
I didn't even know who Artemisia Gentileschi was when I bought this book. I only knew Vreeland's The Girl in Hyacinth Blue (very enjoyable). I read it very slowly as it was my break book, but it worked well in that format. The story covers a long period of time, but the chapters are short and the ...
Momster Bookworm
Momster Bookworm rated it 4 years ago
This fictitious story revolves around an undiscovered, or perhaps, an unauthenticated Vermeer. It begins in the present day, where a professor invites a colleague to look at a painting he's kept hidden for decades. He insists that the art piece is by Johannes Vermeer: vehement in his study of the br...
Reader! Reader!
Reader! Reader! rated it 4 years ago
Susan Vreeland wrote one of my favorite books—The Girl in Hyacinth Blue—and that book was simply so amazing and original that I have avoided the rest of Vreeland's work. I knwo that sounds crazy, but I feel that Girl cannot be replicated without becoming gimmicky. I picked The Passion of Artemisia...
Words of a Bibliophile
Words of a Bibliophile rated it 4 years ago
I was going to give this novel four stars, but after some thinking I felt I might've been a little too generous with my four stars, hence skewing my whole rating system. I ended up revising the ratings for a lot of books on my Goodreads shelf, and giving this one three stars instead. Clara's hero-wo...
Constantly Moving the Bookmark
Constantly Moving the Bookmark rated it 4 years ago
Lisette loves living in Paris, but when Pascal, her husband’s grandfather, becomes ill she and Andre must move to a small village in Provence to care for him. Lisette is immediately taken aback by life in Rousillion – the small home with no electricity, an outspoken and often grouchy old man and NO...
Lau rated it 4 years ago
This is the first book of the year reading challenge, which is a mix between Kat's TBR-Challenge and PopSugar's reading challenge. (I didn't have a jar so I put it in an old little tin box) For this month, I had to read a book I was supposed to read in school/uni but didn't. I generally read a...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
This novel consists of 8 short stories, some first person and others third person, concerning a Vermeer painting and its owners from present day working back to when the work was created. The painting has a different meaning for each story's protagonist. The stories range through centuries of Dutch...
Peregrinations rated it 6 years ago
The problem I have with historical fiction is anachronism. It drives me nuts when modern sensibilities creep into an historical setting.
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes rated it 7 years ago
I got this book from my library's last used book sale for $.50 (hey, when did they get rid of the cent symbol from keyboards?). I had never heard of the book or the author but I figured I love historical fiction and I love books about art so this was probably a winner. And turns out, I was right. I ...
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