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text 2017-03-29 09:43
Match Made: Bad Boys and Show Girls by Amélie S. Duncan (Love and Play, #2) Book Reveal

Match Made: Bad Boys and Show Girls
Amélie S. Duncan
(Love and Play, #2)
Publication date: April 10th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports

In order to win his heart, she’ll have to play the game…
All over Broadway, my name is up in lights. From New York to London, the words ‘Gemma Sinclair’ are synonymous with up-and-coming fame, and a super-fast rise to success.
Yeah, well, super isn’t how I feel…
Between my deadbeat addict of an ex-boyfriend and the stress of my parents relying on me back home—sometimes I feel like the ground beneath my feet is slipping away.
Until I crossed paths with Knox Callahan, the hot and sexy as hell veteran player for the New York Football Club—and a total player when it comes to women. A year after our disastrous first date, I’m still in no position to have anything to do with a guy like him.
But then right at my lowest, here he comes, riding back into my life and offering me something I’ve been desperately longing for—support. And truth.
And, well, the truth is—now I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t want to be a part of his team…
Author’s Note: This is a standalone from the Love and Play Series. It’s HEA, No cheating friends-to-lovers contemporary romance with some sports, a loving alpha dominant male, strong female lead, and a little smut between the steam
Love and Play #1:

Author Bio:
Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances with a dark edge. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.

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text 2017-03-29 03:14
Reading progress update: I've read 155 out of 368 pages.
The Lord of Ireland (The Fifth Knight Series) - E.M. Powell

I was starting to get a little bored but then Ireland happened. John is characterized as one might expect even bordering on cartoonish at times.

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review 2017-03-29 02:27
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web - E.B. White,Garth Williams,Rosemary Wells

Charlotte's Web is a fantastic novel; I have read this two or three times. A little girl named Fern puts forth all her efforts to save and take care of a pig named that her dad just wants gone. The novel includes a spider named Charlotte who is a very motherly and encouraging friend to Wilbur. This story teaches students about true friendship and devotion to one another.


For this novel, I would read it in a fourth or fifth grade classroom, and have my students throughout our reading make notes about the characters, then at the end of our reading I would have them either fill out a graphic organizer with the plot (beginning, climax, and ending) or have discussion questions in groups about the theme, plot, characters, etc.

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review 2017-03-29 00:20
Still Life With Tornado
Still Life with Tornado - A.S. King,Karissa Vacker



Sixteen-year old high-school sophomore Sarah has wanted to be an artist since she made a ceramic owl in first grade.  But something shifts in her when her art teacher, Miss Smith, tells the class that there is no such thing as an original idea.  Everything has been done before.  Nothing new ever happens.  Suddenly, Sarah finds herself unable to draw the pear she has set up for herself for an in-class "still life" assignment.  Handing in a blank piece of paper, she declares, "I have lost the will to participate."  Miss Smith thinks she is only referring to the assignment, but Sarah means it much more globally.


Sarah stops going to school.  Going to school is not original.  Neither is skipping school and risking expulsion, but that's where her new-found apathy leads her.  She takes random buses, pretends an abandoned school building is her "new school," follows a homeless artist named Earl around town, and encounters and interacts with versions of herself from the past and future:  ten-year-old Sarah, age-23 Sarah, and age-40 Sarah.


Early in the book, I was impatient with Sarah, not understanding her reactions to the declarations of the art teacher.  But as it turns out, there is much more going on.  Something has happened.  It's something that Sarah finds devastating, but Miss Smith and Sarah's fellow members of the art club behave as if it's nothing.  Sarah is expected to just "let it go."  And what has happened is just the latest thing.  As Sarah explains much later in the narrative, she "tells the truth slowly."


Something happened six years before, when Sarah was still age-ten Sarah.  Certain things that happened are missing from present-day Sarah's memory, and her ten-year-old self helps her remember, having just experienced it all a month ago.  The things that happened led to Sarah's nine-years-older brother Bruce to move away.  Something is not right with her parents, Helen and Chet, but they try to present a united front.  Sarah's behavior becomes more understandable as she unravels what happened before and what is bubbling just below the surface.


Side note:  Sarah lives in Center City Philadelphia.  I am a Philly expat who hasn't lived there since 1995, and I loved the references to city streets and landmarks.


A.S. King has become a great voice in Y.A.  She doesn't insult the intelligence of teenagers--the ones in her books or, by implications, the ones in her target audience.   Once I got into this book, I wanted to crawl into it and not leave until I was finished.  Then I was, and I missed it.  But I quickly downloaded another A.S. King book.  More on that soon....

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text 2017-03-28 23:52
Charlotte's Web - E.B. White,Garth Williams,Rosemary Wells

A teacher can never go wrong with introducing E.B. White’s classic novel, Charlotte’s Web, to the classroom. It is the story of a little pig who is the runt of its litter but is rescued by the farmer’s daughter, Fern. She takes responsibility for the pig and decides to raise it herself. Growing ever so fond of the little pig, Fern decides to name him Wilbur. Eventually, Wilbur grows up to be a regular sized pig, but he is forced to go live at the Zuckerman’s home when Fern’s parents tell her she can no longer take care of him like a baby. Fern still visits him every day at his new farm home. On the farm, Wilbur makes many new friends, but discovers frightening news that he will be sent to the slaughterhouse by Christmas. It is up to him and his newest acquaintance, Charlotte, to save his life. Charlotte is the sweetest spider that Wilbur has ever encountered, and she plans to save his life by weaving words about Wilbur into her web. She acts not only as a friend, but also as a mother figure to Wilbur when Fern does not come and visit as often. The book’s Lexile reading level is 680L, and it is best read and understood by children in third grade and up. One activity that I want to incorporate into my classroom for this book would be a sight word spider web. We could read this book in the beginning of the school year, and create a spider web in one corner of the classroom. Throughout the year, we could add words into the web that are important sight words for the students to remember. This would be a great visual for all students!

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