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review 2020-02-18 15:15
Another #5StarReview from Jaye Frances for The Kure by @jayefrancesnews
The Kure - Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances can write some fabulous stories that go places I never thought I would be…and I love it!


The Kure

Amazon / Goodreads


Due to mature content, this book is best suited for a Mature YA/New-Adult or Adult reader.


John looked at the sign, Lucius D Harwell.


He approached the doctor’s door and knew he had to go in…now. Before anyone saw him, “So”, the doctor said, “Are you ready?”


When he saw the bucket full of the slithering slime he remembered the woman he had brought in a while back. It hadn’t ended so well for her.


What would become of him? There had to be another way. He couldn’t bring himself to let the doctor begin. He had heard stories whispers, quickly hushed when someone approached. The doctor tried to talk him into beginning but he thought it couldn’t hurt to hypothetically discuss other options. The doctor tried to explain that it wasn’t like an elixir or ointment, couldn’t be found in a battle or jar – more like a potion, it was witchcraft. It went against church and state, but John couldn’t help himself.


Three conditions would let the doctor begin his recommended treatment, after he told him he would have to “cast away his good name and denounce all things holey and pure”. He would never speak of the books or what was contained in the pages. He agreed. The doctor retrieved the book and John watched him place it on the desk.


He saw only one word, KURE. The doctor gave him one more chance to change his mind, but he placed his hand on the cover of the book and felt an evil. As the book turned its pages on its own volition the doctor began reading.


How did Jaye Frances go there? It makes me wonder how her mind works.


Jaye France’s books have taken me on some wild journeys I never could have imagined, and I always breathe a sigh of relief, for leaving with my sanity, when the story is told.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars





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Source: www.fundinmental.com/kure-by-jaye-frances
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text 2020-02-17 05:37
Reading progress update: I've read 11 out of 344 pages.
PUCKED Over - Helena Hunting

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review 2020-01-17 18:53
Last Stop on Market Street
Last Stop on Market Street - Matt de la Peña,Christian Robinson

I think I've reviewed this book about three times now, but I just can't stop coming back to it. 


I'm currently reading Echo which was a Newbery honor book in 2016, the same year Last Stop on Market Street won the medal. I wanted to see if I thought Last Stop really deserved the medal over Echo (which I'm enjoying much more than I ever liked Last Stop). 


This time I really paid attention to the words, and thinking about it, de la Peña does write effectively and evocatively. There is an expansive story conveyed in very little text.


I think after this reading I better understand why Last Stop won the Newbery, though I still don't agree that it should have won. 

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text 2020-01-15 11:13
Troubleshoot Outlook Not Receiving An Email With Easy Methods

Are you Not Receiving Emails In Outlook for a long time? If yes, then this troubleshooting guide can help you pinpoint it and fix the issue. We have concluded some common causes behind mail not receiving issues. So, pay a little more attention and read it till the end. Moreover, if you get stuck at any point then you can instantly contact the support team. 



How to troubleshoot Outlook Is Not Receiving Email?


There are various methods through which one can fix this issue. We have made a list of such methods and you can apply any of them. Make sure you check its internet connection before performing such methods. 


Method 1


· Move your cursor towards the lower-right corner of the Outlook window. Make sure the connection is showing active there. 

· Click on the Send/Receive option appearing right there.

· Next, choose the Work Offline option from the ‘Preferences’ group. 

· Choose Send/Receive All Folders from the menu Receive group.

· Check to see if the messages are being delivered to the Sent folder or in the outbox.


Method 2


Check Other locations:- It is possible that your mail might be in the junk folder. 


Method 3 


To create a new account, you can follow some simple steps we have given below. When create and set up the account, this issue will be resolved. 

● Click on File and choose account settings.

● Choose Manage Profiles from the drop-down list.

● Click Show Profiles.

● Click Add 

● Now type a name you want to keep for the new profile.

● Click on the ‘OK’ button.

● You need to follow the instructions coming upon the screen.

● Now restart Outlook


For any additional information about Outlook 2016 Not Receiving Emails issue, you can get in touch with us the service team and you will be connected with an expert technician. 


● The occurrence of error while configuration and setting of outlook account.

● Login interference while you feed username and password on it.

● Redirection of the outlook dashboard taking a long time.

● Facing issues while registering Outlook account.

● Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails.

● Email is loaded with spam messages.

● Outlook emailing is away from reach.

● Unable to send multiple emails together

● The IMAP and POP protocol comprises some negative flaws.

● Unable to reset Outlook.

● The outlook email is not responding

● Unable to update Outlook.

There is a single remedy to cure these technical issues. Dial the toll-free number and one of the experts will assist you over the telephonic call. 


Get Instant Help from world-class technical Experts


Technical experts are round the clock available to help you with your issues. They can provide you instant help and your issues will be fixed within a short span of time. Well-versed with technical knowledge of emails, fixing the issue for them has become so common. To know more about how they work or how they fix Outlook Not Getting Emails issue, get in touch with them. You can make a call or send an email on the registered email ID. 

Source: getemailservices.com/outlook-not-receiving-emails
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url 2019-12-25 10:15
RBI Assistant CUT OFF List

RBI Assistant Notification is out! Check out the RBI Assistant Cut off List for Preliminary and Mains Examination in this post. We have shared the state wise and category wise cut off marks of RBI Assistant for both Preliminary and Mains examination below. The overall idea behind the cut off is to give you a fair idea to figure out the level of the examination and identify the minimum number of questions that you must attempt.


For complete information about the RBI Assistant 2019 Exam check out the Vacancy DetailsEligibility Criteria, and Job Profile as well! The selection process of RBI Assistant comprises a Prelims, Mains & Language Proficiency Test. No interviews are being conducted in the recruitment procedure of the RBI Assistant examination.


RBI Assistant Cut off List 2016


Official Cut Off RBI assistant for the Preliminary & Mains Examination 2016. RBI Assistant Cut off 2016 is an important list to analyze for the upcoming RBI Assistant Exam.

Download the RBI Assistant Cut off List

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