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text 2021-07-02 19:53
Why should a business shift to VoIP for its growth?

VoIP services can be used in any place with an internet connection and a device that supports VoIP calls, such as; PC, tablet or mobile phone. This means that you have all the convenience of your home wherever you go.


VoIP costs a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone service, so it is highly competitive on price. For your business growth


1. Most businesses have a local phone number and they are paying for it every month and sometimes more, depending on how many employees they have. By switching to VoIP it will benefit you in two major ways; a lower call cost and a lower monthly phone bill which can be the difference between making profit or not.


2. Your employees will feel more comfortable to stay connected with their family and friends at all time, since they won't need to dial long numbers or ask for extensions, which means less mistakes made by your staff and improved productivity levels.


3. You can start your business anywhere in the world, including islands or remote areas, where internet connection is available. In addition, you can reach people across the world easily with VoIP than with traditional phone lines.


VoIP services are more secure than traditional telephone line since it uses a different technology. VoIP Service Providers providers VoIP calls are encrypted and very difficult to be hacked by unauthorized personnel and yet they have no additional charges when receiving calls from other VoIP users. For your business growth

Source: www.ipmomentum.com
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text 2021-06-01 14:41
VoIP Services for Call centers

Manage all your calls through single dashboard with Call centre VoIP

Call centre employees need to track numerous calls through the day. And most importantly they will need to constantly forward, pause and make new calls almost instantaneously. Call centre VoIP enables them to monitor all of their calls in a single dashboard.

It gives the ability to track their calls, call duration and also analyse call frequency throughout the day.


Call centre VoIP will be the biggest boon to call centre managers.

The most critical function of a call centre manager is to ensure efficient customer service, maximum complaints resolved and provide as close to 24x7 access for customers to share their grievances. Call centre VoIP will enable the call centre managers to monitor calls of every call centre employee. Who has taken maximum calls ?, average duration of calls, at what time of day does the centre receive maximum calls ? etc can be monitored remotely without everyone physically present in one centre.


COVID-19 outbreak and work from home might cause roadblocks for call centres to function efficiently. But VoIP services provide the perfect solution which might change the call centre industry forever. The managers can also manage their human resources throughout the day by looking at how the calls are staggered through the day. This can enable the call centre managers to not only improve the efficiency of their centres but also plan in advance for any need in extra human resources.

Source: www.ipmomentum.com/call-center-voip-solutions
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text 2021-04-20 09:38
Best Uses of AI to Improve your Customer Service Experience

Moving towards the digital world, the relationship between customers and businesses has been transforming over the past decade. Customers these days have higher expectations, therefore companies are busy finding ways of interacting and improving the efficiency and quality of products, services, and processes. Several companies have already started to switch on to AI application development services for enhanced customer experience with automated processes.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the uses of artificial intelligence that helps with improved customer service experiences.


Benefits or Opportunities associated with investing in AI application development services are:

* Acquisition of Customers- Companies with investments made in AI and Machine Learning development services are three times more likely to acquire new customers.

* Customer Retention- Companies with AI applications are likely to have more and improved customer retention rates.

* User Satisfaction- Due to automated processes and personalized experiences offered by AI, companies can offer an increased level of satisfaction to their customers inclusive of the first two points.

In short, investing in AI can help companies to increase their sales and revenue, with increased customer satisfaction.

Using AI tools to Improve Customer Service

Here we bring you the most common use cases of AI application development through which organizations can improve their customer experience and services.

1. Object Detection

These solutions allow you to automate tasks related to image recognition.

For instance, think about a financial institution wanting to accelerate new customers’ onboarding. Using object detection would be of great help. Your customers can just simply upload a photo of their ID proof and a live selfie. Object detection can match the faces of ID proof and selfie, if matched the customer’s identification is done, replacing the whole lengthy process.

2. Language Analyzing

A great asset to improve your on-call experience with customers. Using Language analysis, a calling agent can detect the mood of the customer on-call and can adjust their tone and words accordingly. This tool enables the collaborators to extract the fundamental information from customer feedback and adapt their communication, based on the same.
BEAT is an AI-based application developed by Deloitte, stands for Behavioral and Emotional Analytics Tool. The application listens to the phone call conversations between the calling agent and the customers and then, transcribes the wordings and the sentiments.  

3. Optical Character Recognition- OCR

OCR is generally used in document processing automation. With OCR, you can train your systems to read a document and extract the relevant and necessary information from any given document.

Using OCR, you can process your documents digitally, supporting quick and more accurate retrieval of information from the document.

4. Machine Learning Models

You can train the machine learning models and integrate them into your applications to evolve predictive analytics that helps you make more informed and improved business decisions. There are various uses of AI and machine learning model development services as:

Classifying tickets for triaging support, assigning to the right team, and solution recommendations.

Predicting sales discounts, customer support demands, product demands, and available inventory stock.

Automation of risk analysis, approval decisions, business outcomes, etc.

5. Chatbots

A great way to provide a carefree engagement fitting in your customer’s super busy routine life. And one of the most common use cases of AI application development services in customer service is chatbots.

Using chatbots, you can:

Engage more with your customers- customers don’t like filling forms or waiting for getting any query solved. They want immediate experiences. With chatbots, you can have your customers’ feedback in a very conversational style.

Support employees- you can store a lot of information that your employees need to know in QnA format. Chatbots can help you deliver this information to the employees much more quickly and efficiently by just answering their queries.

Scaling the first-line support- rather than having individuals respond to very specific requirements, companies use chatbots to answer the FAQs of their customers. It also helps in decreasing traffic to other channels.

Popular chatbots include software like Intercom and Drift. Nowadays, modern AI application development services also help you with tools to build your chatbots, customized as per your needs.

A Next Level Customer Experience

Customers today have expectations higher than ever before. They believe that you have got exactly what they want. They expect you to provide them with a smooth and effortless experience. And for this AI application development services can play an important role by improving the efficiency in the outcome. In other words, AI application development will help in improving the coolness of your services and procedures.

If you are looking forward to using these above-mentioned cases in your business application and get the best returns on your investment, get in touch with Consagous Technologies, the best AI application development company in USA. We are one of the best AI & machine learning solution providers for more than a decade.

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text 2021-03-04 13:38
VoIP Service Providers in India

Get the best VoIP service with IP Momentum. IP Momentum is well known for its VoIP Services in India and as well in International markets. VoIP in India is very essential for small businesses as India is a developing country and is home for many startups. IP Momentum is the leading VoIP service Provider with various offering to cater all requirements. Bangalore is known as the Silicon vally of India Hence the requirement for VoIP service Providers in Bangalore is very essential. Help Grow Your Businesses now with VoIP providers at IP Momentum.

Source: www.ipmomentum.com
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text 2021-01-29 09:21
What Are 3PL Services And Different Types Of It


What are 3PL services?

The entire process of shipment and delivery of goods is very dynamic and ever changing for the betterment of everyone. A 3PL (or third-party logistics) company is contracted in order to provide logistics services to partner companies. If you are a shipping company and need help to manage the movement of your products, you can partner with a 3PL service. Under 3PL you will be offered the following:

– Warehousing solutions

Transportation and Freight Services

– Shipping/Distribution management


There are different types of 3PL services:


  • Standard 3PL Providers: These are availed mostly by e-commerce businesses. They need the very basics of logistic solutions. They offer services like storage and transportation of goods. It is a very low cost option. 




  • 3PL Service Developers: Under this service clients receive standard storage and service provisions and additionally IT infrastructure and management. Value-added services like security, shipment tracking, and compliance management are provided. Certain added features like package selection and cross docking are provided for.




  • 3PL Customer Adapters: All the logistic activities of a client are handled under this service. The shipping process is managed from the beginning to the end. Access to technology like transportation management system is provided. This allows for customization of shipments as and when needed in the process of warehouse storage and distribution in India.



  1. 3PL Customer Developers: Big companies in the market opt for top 3PL service providers pan India. 3PL developers take over the company’s logistics activities upon the request from the client. They form an augmented department of the client’s logistic activities. All the services are managed by this 3PL customer developer. It turns out to be a bit costly but is necessary for the operations due to the large nature of such companies. 


The various types of services offered by 3PLs are as follows:

  • Customized mass-volume fulfillment
  • On-demand product capabilities
  • Proprietary fulfillment software
  • Global shipping
  • Complete order transparency
  • White and private label manufacturing
  • Dynamic integration with shopping carts
  • Lighting fast scalability
  • Fulfillment marketing
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