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text 2017-12-14 07:35
Life Is Not an Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention
Life Is Not an Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention - Jay Williams

How easy is to have it all and how easy is to throw it all away. When I got my hands on this wonderful memoir, I honestly had no idea what to expect of it, and I honestly had no clue of the man who has written it. But when I learned from positive reviews from positive people of what this man has gone through, I decided to give his written words a chance. Life is Not an Accident tells a very sad story of a very young man, a former Nba basketball player, who has done a lot of foolish things in his life, has taken a lot of bad decisions, and got injured very badly in the process of making them, because he didn't have enough courage and enough faith in himself, and eventually due to the nature of his horrible injury threw it all away. He had it all, he had everything, yet for some reason he lacked something. Something important. And that something ruined his basketball career and everything he has aspired to become. It's quite sad to read his story, it's most definitely not the best experience that you can get. But if you are a basketball player who struggles to make it in College basketball, and maybe some day aspires to play in Nba or overseas in Europe, then get your hands on this wonderful memoir, and learn from this man's mistakes, faults, and imperfections, for you never really know for when it might serve you right. You know, we've all done mistakes in our lives, and we've all done things that we're not proud of, and we've all done things that we would rather keep to ourselves and not share them with the world. This man has clearly done a lot of those, for what I sympathize with him, and he has clearly learned the true purpose of life. it's a real shame though that he has learned it off the court. 

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review 2017-09-27 22:19
The Accident
The Accident - Thomas S. Monaghan

DNF @ 70%.

I'm in a bad mood and I feel like shitting all over this book. Some books I request from Netgalley then wonder what I was thinking after I've been accepted and go back and read the blurb. A guy punches another guy out of a door who falls three storeys to his death. How is the author going to make a whole book out of this and not be boring? Well, he didn't. I'm not a fan of long chapters so when I got to chapter four and saw it was 19% of the book, things only went downhill from there. I got some boring voice on my phone to read this to me while I puttered around the house. Then I started aggressively skimming, skipping a chapter completely about the past. I don't care. I want to know what happened to Ryan. And then I read that their cat was decapitated. That was the end for me. I didn't read another word after that. I couldn't care less what happened to Ryan or anyone else. The writing wasn't that great. Boring, tedious, repetitious. I hated all the characters (except for the cat!) Some things were unnecessarily morbid. What a waste of my time.

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review 2017-06-16 03:28
Great world and Premise...
An Accident of Stars - Foz Meadows

But..overall the story line was weak.


There were too many questions left unanswered, and holes left to fill in the story.


The world created was vast and complex and filled with so much potential, that I was left disappointed that the characters and the story told did not live up to it. There were too many characters, with confusing names and relationships that were hard to keep track of, and all of it only served to make you feel a bit disconnected to it all. Also because I feel like the main character was not fully developed, and the readers connection to her...some of her actions seemed random and plot driven..and made no sense. 


Over all points for imagination, but everything else could do with some work.



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text 2017-06-11 03:11
Reading progress update: I've read 102 out of 389 pages.
An Accident of Stars - Foz Meadows


So far this is interesting, mainly due to the world building and premise


1. Portal fantasy. I love a good portal or time travel story.


2. Diverse characters of different racial makeups. Always good when the book isn't lily white. Though the main character is a blonde haired, white girl.


3. Diverse romantic relationships. This is a society where the main type of relationship/marriage is polyamorous. Where any combination of lame or female agree with enter a union. 


4. The society also tends towards be matriarchal.


All of these factors makes it an interesting world to set a story. As for the story...if is standard fare so far. I can't say I am overly invested as of yet. Not bad, but not great.

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text 2017-03-29 20:48
OT: Cute (and a little accident)

Today, my children got to watch figure skating on tv for the first time. Just as I'd imagined, my son loved it. He was jumping up and down while he was listening to the music. Strangely enough, this time my daughter who usually loves to watch dancing, wasn't interested. Maybe she was tired. It seems that way, because she fell asleep a little later. While Pepper was asleep, we decided to take Salt out for a little walk. I was going to get his overall when I tripped over the rocking horse and almost fell down. Fortunately, I didn't drop Salt and he wasn't frightened either.

Source: crimsoncorundum.dreamwidth.org/178216.html
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