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review 2019-10-17 17:10
F**k, Now There Are Two of You
F**k, Now There Are Two Of You - Adam Mansbach
I didn’t think this book was as good as the first book. I really struggled with the rhyming aspect in this book as I had to really slow down and say each word before I was able to get the rhyming to work for me. What I did like in this book was the illustrations and the message that the text was getting across (aside from the curse words).
Just when you thought you had things under control and you could go out in public w/o taking half your house with you or knowing that you could actually go eat at restaurant for about an hour, w/ an individual who brings you food, you decide that your life is too quiet and you have another baby. I’m sure that was your first thought, right? You think about the individuals who have their children close together and wonder, how can they handle all those kids in diapers and then you, wait until things have calmed down at home and the add another baby to your house and now, things are crazy again and calm is a word in the dictionary.
In this book, the parents have just found out that they’re pregnant again. Their son will not be getting all their attention anymore and they knew there might be some behavior issues yet as you read, their son becomes quite a handful. The whole family must now make adjustments for the baby as he arrives and makes his presence known. Meanwhile, their son is also making his presence known. There are some sweet moments and the parents love their children but with two children on two different schedules, the parents are running out of energy.
The illustrations show the love and chaos that families face. Many of the illustrations made me laugh as I remember trying to juggle my own kids. I think the text and illustrations worked for me and if I didn’t try to rhythm, I liked the book.
The book brought back a lot of memories. Trying to juggle my own kids and not lose it. I think it helped when I tried to walk in my kid’s shoes. So, would it be okay to play in the mud? Be messy with my food? Draw on the walls? How about give them a place where they can draw (a big section of space)? Sometimes, there is a time and a place for these activities (boundaries).


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review 2019-10-10 07:53
You Have to Fucking Eat - Illustrator Owen Brozman,Adam Mansbach

So much fun.  This one is read by Stephen Fry. 



This is yet another book for adult who have experienced in feeding young children. 


So funny. 

  Related image



Related image 









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review 2019-10-10 05:34
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Ricardo Cortés,Adam Mansbach

So this is not a children book. Not really. 


Samuel Jackson did a good job in reading this book for adults. Who has this shared experienced of bed time reading to a child who just refused to go to sleep. 


The tone of voice switch from smooth and nice to his normal what's the fuck are you up to tone. 


Like it. Going to listen to the next one. 



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review 2019-10-09 18:09
Go the F*** to Sleep
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Ricardo Cortés,Adam Mansbach
This is definitely not a kid’s book so please don’t leave it lying around so kids can peek inside its pages because the language inside is not for their eyes. I laughed as I read along and at times, I had trouble keeping up with the rhymes that made up this story but that was okay, because I totally understood exactly what the author was trying to get across. Why won’t my child go to sleep?
What I found so funny in this book was the mixed message located in the text that I read it. I liked how the author mixed the sweet, tender and picturesque moments of childhood with the exasperation of an adult. The adult uses some harsh language in the book and his frustration builds as the evening grows longer as the child continues to stay up. Adding to that, I remember all too well, having the same experiences that the author is referring to in this book.
The book begins with sweet cats and their kittens and sheep with their lambs nestled down to slumber with the adult wondering why their child will not sleep in their warm, cozy bed. The adult’s frustration is emphasized with a swear word on that page, which grabs your attention, as that line didn’t follow the previous gentle tone.
The adult does many things in the book to get their child to go to sleep, like many of us have, all the while getting more frustrated as their child prolongs going to bed.
I loved the part where the adult actually nods off as their child runs down the hallway. Who is guilty of this, raise your hand? Then it finally happens, their child has fallen asleep and all is well until, what? Oh no! the nightmare continues…….
It’s a very funny book and I raced through it the first time and then, I read it a couple more times just enjoying it for the moments it took me back in time to when my children where little. There are quite a few swear words but the laughs I had were well worth it. The illustrations were different, they weren’t what I expected. They definitely didn’t take-away from the text. A few individuals I know people have heard this book before, as a few famous individuals have read it out-loud on TV and/or on radio. I hadn’t heard it before until now.




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review 2019-09-22 03:21
Audio version re-read
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Ricardo Cortés,Adam Mansbach

Still funny - especially when you watch people realize who is reading it.

Updated Review - And Leia should have read this to her Hot Topic fired son. Still funny.

I finally downloaded the audible version of this book.

Who can be a more perfect reader of this story than Mr. Only-Cool-Jedi-Kilt-Wearing-Drug-Dealer-Cursing-Snake-Shooting-Cop-Best-Actor-In-The-World Jackson?

No one.

But you knew that already, didn't you? Jackson includes a little story at the beginning.

He should have read this to Annie Skywalker!

Merged review:

I mentioned this book last week, and this week one of my students brings it in. I read it, then another student read it aloud.

I don't have kids, but honestly if anything (kid, pet, sibling) won't go to sleep, this book is AWESOME

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