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review 2018-05-30 15:57
Following a Young Girl Through World War II
Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher

So I ended up reading three Pilcher novels this holiday weekend. I needed something to do with myself so just decided to get those off my plate. I started with "Coming Home" and finished up with "Winter Solstice." I have to say that the only reason this one doesn't get five stars is that Pilcher was too afraid to allow one of the characters (Loveday) to have an unhappy ending. She had no one but herself to blame though, I just didn't find it realistic how she got her Happily Ever After. Other than that, I thought things were pretty much almost perfect. 


Starting in 1935, "Coming Home" follows 14 year old Judith Dunbar. Judith is to be left behind to start boarding school in England, while her mother and 4 year old sister are going to join her father in Singapore. Judith ends up being brought into a family of a girl that she meets at boarding school, Loveday Carey-Lewis. Judith quickly becomes enthralled with the whole family, Diana (the mother), Edgar (the father), Athena (the older sister) and Edward (the older brother). Judith feels for the first time that she has a home with the Carey-Lewis's family and is reluctant to be away from them very much. 


I really loved the character of Judith. She definitely realizes that life is not often fair. When she realizes that she is going to have to board and then vacation with her Aunt Louise (her father's sister) she takes things in stride. Luckily though, her aunt seems fond of her, and her mother's sister, her Aunt Biddy, is determined to be there for Judith and ensure that she have some fun. 


Judith is sensible, loyal, and loving. She's also smart and we find that out via the marks she gets at her boarding school and when she is accepted into Oxford. I was hoping that the ending of the book would have Judith going back to school or something, but that is left up in the air. We just know who she ends up with (no spoilers) and it seems that she will be content with that life. We also find out she is resilient when we see what she does when she realizes a man close to one of her aunt's is after Judith (that whole sequence in the book was freaky).  You are also going to feel sorry for Judith when she realizes her first love is full of it (no spoilers). I felt for her and wanted to throttle this person.  


I thought the other characters in this book were great. I loved Judith's Aunt Biddy and her uncle as well. They both adored her and do their best to be there for her when a tragedy occurs that affects Judith. 


The Carey-Lewis family definitely come alive. I have to say that even though he doesn't look it, the patriarch of the family is the strongest and definitely knows the weaknesses of the others. Athena I felt I didn't really get to know until about mid-way through the book. I initially liked Edward and then went meh. Loveday was selfish as the day was long. Pilcher makes all of these people feel like living and breathing people. 


The writing was really good. The flow worked throughout too. I did think that the book was really long though. I get why though, even if I thought some pieces could have been cut a bit. 


The backdrop of this book is the pre-war years and during and after World War II. Pilcher obviously knows of what she speaks (she lived through that) and I was fascinated about the details that were dropped. Who knew people would get fined for not having blackout curtains and if any sort of light came through. I did know about Dunkirk, but other incidents are mentioned in this one too. This book also ties what else is going on in Asia with the Japanese taking over in that region as well. 


I thought the ending was a bit much though. I am glad Judith got her happy ending, but Loveday's was not even a bit realistic. That whole thing felt very rushed and so did Judith's understanding with the man she is going to marry. Due to the length of this book, Pilcher could have added on another 20-30 pages and had a more satisfying ending. 

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review 2018-05-15 14:19
Coming Home series by Meli Raine
The Coming Home Series Boxed Set - Meli ... The Coming Home Series Boxed Set - Meli Raine

I tried to love these books and there were places that I did love the story. I as a whole I found this set of books tedious, again, really?  This is basically a continuation of the previous series and let’s just let the silly hapless female leads fall into the twisted hands of the serial bad guys. It was like throw more shock value (limb-less sex trade victims) into the mix. That said, I had read the Harmless series before these and that may be the reason I could not enjoy these. Now I am waiting for the next in the Shameless series and have enjoyed that series so much. 

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review 2018-04-27 00:00
Coming Home
Coming Home - Fern Britton Coming Home - Fern Britton Read my full review on: diaryofdifference.com/2018/04/27/coming-home-fern-britton-book-review/

Coming Home

I had the pleasure to receive a copy of this book from GoodReads and HarperCollins. This was the first book I have read from Fern Britton, and I know it won’t be my last for sure!

Coming Home is based in Cornwall, England, a beautiful seaside area with loads of fisherman around. The author describes the place so well, that it made me want to go there, just to see it and be close to the characters. It reminds me of South Shields very much as well.

This is a story of one family, three generations and their difficult lives entwined with love, pain, leaving and coming back home.

Sennen is a woman that leaves her hometown, her parents and her two little children (Ella and Henry) at 17-years-old because life gets too hard to handle.

Ella and Henry are raised by their grandparents and live their whole life without their mother in their lives - until one day, Sennen comes back and wants to be a part of their lives. But are they ready for it?

We see the story through the eyes of Sennen, Ella and Henry and the grandparents. We travel from one generation to the other through the years, and we learn a lot for each of the characters. It is so well-written, that I wasn’t confused at all. Usually I get confused when authors try to do this in other books, but this one was definitely not the case.

This is one of those books that will hook you from the very first pages! The characters are so warm and close to the heart, that I felt like I have known them forever. I felt close to them and their feelings and thoughts, that I could have easily gone out and have a conversation with them. It is one of those books that fills you with anticipation, then gives you a back-story, and just when you thought things will happen as you thought, you will discover a surprise.

Wonderful plot and beautifully written - this is a book of love, family, broken and fixed hearts. This is a book that will make you cry while waiting for a train, and laugh out loud while drinking a hot chocolate in a coffee shop.

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review 2018-01-24 00:00
Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1)
Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas R... Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1) - Garett Groves This book was incredibly sweet and fun to read. The two MCs were interesting and though sometimes seemed clueless, it didn't matter cuz their hearts were in the right place. The writing in this book sucked me in completely and had me crying a few times. Especially in the epilogue! I really liked Rylan and Ben as a couple, even with the age difference they just clicked for me completely. This story was just what I needed to read this week. Nice to read about two guys finding their true home... with each other!
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review 2018-01-18 22:22
Coming Home (Firsts and Forever, #9) by Alexa Land 4 Star Review!
Coming Home (Firsts and Forever Series #9) - Alexa Land

For twenty-six-year-old rent boy Chance Matthews, surviving day-to-day in San Francisco is difficult enough. Then an ill-fated road trip to Wyoming to search for his biological father throws his life into a tailspin. When a string of catastrophes leaves him stranded and desperate, help comes from the last person he’d expect. His knight in shining armor is everything he could want and then some, but Chance is sure a man like that would never want someone like him. That’s the stuff of fairy tales, and he stopped believing in those a long time ago. 

This male-male contemporary love story is the ninth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book can stand alone, so jump in anywhere. 




This love story is pretty angsty and yet I loved it. I think because the angst was about the lives of each hero and not the relationship itself, the level of angst worked for me.

Chance and Finn are so good to each other. Chance finds himself in one mess after another as he follows his longing for a real parent. 

There is a lot of plot and twists in this one to keep us busy but so much good couple time and healing that this becomes a great love story.

Finn and Chance fumble a ton in their relationship but this is a happily ever after to believe in and root for.

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