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review 2017-08-18 20:15
Much Better Example of Rule's Writing
Empty Promises - Ann Rule

I am starting to wind down with my true crime kick. I think I need to mix it up a bit, because reading about cases like this so much is a bit much for me right now.


These volumes always have a longer story that Rule focuses on and then some shorter true crime stories. The long one in this one is "Empty Promises" that follows the disappearance of Jami Hagel Sherer. Rule gives us great insight into a woman who is abused and what a toll it takes on her and those around her over time. She also gives us insight into Jami's husband Steve that stands accused of being behind her disappearance. I have to say that this one had a lot of things that I wish that Rule had went more into such as why in the world so many people kept covering for Steve. What about the other women that Steve abused. There also seemed to be some allusion that possibly Steve's father's suicide may not have been one and that he may have been involved with it.


I did love the look at the police and lawyers in this one since it was more organic how they were introduced in this book in this one. Usually Rule just throws out facts about these people and I find it just boring. 


The other stories in this volume really do get into love gone wrong. I thought that in each story there was a cautionary tale.


I thought that "Young Love," "Love and Insurance," and "The Gentler Sex" were the best of the shorter true crime stories. 


"Young Love" revolves around a boyfriend that is not willing to let his high school girlfriend go when she moves on to college. I am glad that this one had a somewhat happy ending.

"Love and Insurance" as really sad to me. A man we follow in this one we find out has cried wolf too many times to be believed when he should have been. I thought the backstory on this one was weird as well.

"The Gentler Sex" was messed up. Reading about two women who plan one of the women's husband's death in order to get his insurance would have been sad if it wasn't for the parts where Rule gets into what their ideas were for on how to murder. 


All together I think there were 10 stories, so definitely enough there and worth the price. 

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review 2017-08-08 15:52
Lying in Wait: Ann Rule's Crime Files: Vol.17 - Ann Rule

I feel bad for saying this, but I found most of the stories in this volume to be tedious and boring. Heck, I ended up just skimming the last two stories. 


The Baby Seller-The first one about a baby seller should have been interesting. But I think due to all of the criminal activities the woman was involved in, the whole story read as muddled. I am still confused about who did what to who as well. Things were very confusing to me as a reader. It still reads to me that perhaps the accused wasn't charged with the other victim who was included in this story. Or maybe I just read it incorrectly. Rule also weirdly includes a story about a woman whose baby was kidnapped and returned and had nothing to do with the main story at all. 

Secrets of the Amorous Pizza Man-I felt irritated through this whole story. Maybe because we got bare bones about the victim and the accused in this one. Rule spends more time describing how Poleys (people who have gone to live in the North Pole) interact and details about them. I needed more information in this one. 


A Road Trip to Murder-This one was appalling. A white supremacist and his girlfriend go on a killing spree. This one was really rushed I thought and I am still unclear on several things that are portrayed in this one. And weirdly at times Rule seems to show admiration for the accused because he was a stand up guy who didn't want to get his friends in trouble and was intelligent.


Murderous Epitaph for the Beautiful Runaway-There seemed to be a good deal of well what did she expect to happen in this one when I read it. Once again, I doubt Rule meant it to come across that way, but it definitely reads that way to me.


Tracks of a Serial Rapist-I have read this story at least three times now in other volumes.


Take a Lifer Home to Dinner . . . with Murder for Dessert!-Ugh. I didn't even finish this last story. I was really irritated after realizing I read the above story again.

Once again this volume does not hang together very well. This volume is called "Lying in Wait" and the first story shows that these women actually met the woman who ended up killing them. So there was no lying in wait there. I guess there was some element to that in some of the other stories here and there. 

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review 2017-08-08 15:37
Boring and Some Stories are Repeated in Other Volumes
Don't Look Behind You - Ann Rule

I ended up really annoyed with this one. Honestly I thought that Rule just threw a bunch of stories together and the second story should have been cut from this in its entirety. It becomes a long meandering story about a man who in all probability killed his wife, but there was no resolution to the case. Some of the other stories in this volume I have read in other Rule books so I did feel a bit cheated after I got past the first two stories.


The first story in this one is about a man who I think based on the way the story is written, seemed to be harassing a young woman who was not interested in him romantically anymore. I definitely don't think that is a reason to murder him. But something else seemed to be going on in this story, and it didn't make any sense to me that he was murdered since the murderer didn't seem to get anything out of it besides the guy leaving her alone in the future. The story was honestly not that interesting and I found it really boring. 


The second story is about a man who it appears murdered his wife after she filed for divorce. Then Rule follows the family through the years. I honestly think that a good portion of the story could have just been cut. There is no reason why this story needed to be as long as it was since we don't get any resolution to the case. And Rule even goes so far to say that a woman who is cleaning the home for sale may be a sensitive and can feel the anger in the house the deceased murderer lived in before he died.


The next few stories were short and not that great. I realized after the fact that one of the stories was one I had read in another volume and so I don't know why it got repeated in this volume again. 

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review 2017-08-08 14:52
An Intimate Look at a Man Obsessed
And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer - Ann Rule

I have to say that this ended up being my favorite true crime book by Ann Rule. I think the main reason is that this one stayed really focused on not only the the accused, but also the victim and other women in this man's orbit. Usually Rule's books start to read as formulaic with her going into the background of every cop, prosecutor, and judge and you start go get bored. Or at least I do. But I think that Rule stayed very focused on the victim Anne Marie Fahey.


"And Never Let Her Go" goes into the background on the murder of 30 year old Anne Marie Fahey. In 1996, she disappeared after having dinner with Thomas Capano. Her relatives had no idea she had been secretly having an affair with Capano for more than two years. After Fahey's family starts to look for her, more secrets about her personal life start to emerge. When the police find out about Capano's obsession with Anne Marie and how he reacted when any woman that he dated tried to leave him, many people started pointing his way. 


I ended up feeling a lot of pity for Anne Marie. Rule is able to give us enough background on her based on her notes from her diaries, comments made by family and friends to show that she was an insecure woman who was prime pickings from a man like Capano. When she finally starts to see Capano for who he is, and moves on from him to a more stable relationship, you know based on what Rule shows us that Capano is not going to stand for it. 


Capano's background at first shows a man who is a loving family man and friend. But when you start to read about how Capano started to control every woman and even some of the men in his orbit, you realize that he is not going to go off into the night when Anne Marie tries to end things with him. 


I honestly thought the writing was much tighter in this one. I also think the flow was vastly improved over some of the other books of Rule's I have read. 


I really did enjoy the court room scenes in this one because Capano was so foul that I don't know how the prosecutor didn't end up calling the man out of his name. 


I was also surprised by the jury verdict when it came to the penalty stage. 


Highly recommend for true crime lovers. 

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text 2017-08-06 14:44
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer - Ann Rule

What a look into a man that becomes obsessed with every woman he considers his. The case takes place in Delaware and I recall watching this case on a foresnic show. 

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