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review 2018-07-17 01:34
Ready Player One
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

This was interesting. 


I'm not keen on arcade games and much of the 80s' obsession with them has passed me by. But, ... I do appreciate that Ernest Cline used them as a means to turn a nostalgic reference to them into a sci-fi story with a few good points about the possibilities and dangers of a society almost totally locked into a virtual reality. 


There were parts of the book when I felt Cline was just listing references to games and music with little purpose to develop the plot. This did change at the end of the book, which I enjoyed immensely, but wasn't enough to make me love the book outright.


This was a fun read, but I'd prefer a re-visit of the film War Games the next time I'm in the mood for an 80s-themed geek-fest.

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review 2018-06-12 00:48
Are You Ready to Play Outside? (An Elephant and Piggie Book) (Elephant & Piggie Books) - Mo Willems

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

Another adorable book featuring Piggie and Gerald. In this one, the two friends learn to make the best out of bad situations and prove that they really are great friends.

Fun illustrations, hilarious dialogue. This is a great book. 

As with the other Elephant and Piggie books, this one is best enjoyed when read aloud. It is also fun to read with children, each person reading a different part. 

Fun and engaging, this is such a wonderful series.

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text 2018-04-24 08:46
The Author and Their Work
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Ernest Cline includes a lot of references from the 1980s in his novel Ready Player One.  Since this is the case, it seems the author loves the era, as he grew up in it.  I feel as though he modeled his characters to be like him in that he loved the '80s, and that is also the reason why there are so many pop culture references from the decade.  It is obvious to tell he adored this time in history because of the characters and references. 

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quote 2018-04-22 17:18
“I felt like a kid standing in the world's greatest video arcade without any quarters, unable to do anything but walk around and watch the other kids play.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

I chose this quote from the book because it shows a lot about the main character, Wade.  It is a metaphor, and it has a deep meaning.  Wade was never rich, and he could never do anything other kids could in the virtual world OASIS because it cost money to go anywhere.  He was stuck watching his friends as they experienced amazing things, not able to do anything because he and his family were broke.  I feel many people can relate to this, too.  While others can go on costly vacations to exotic places or buy the newest technology and fashion, some have to deal with the bear minimum and can only congratulate and watch their peers as they have a blast.  For those reasons, I chose this quote. 

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text 2018-04-11 04:34
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

     As a reader, I prefer genres of sci-fi and fantasy.  My favorites have to be the more popular selections, such as the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson series.  But as I get older, I am beginning to grow out of my phase of just reading magical, easy-to-swallow books, and I desire something a little grittier.  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline captivated me for this reason.  The sci-fi genre kept me as mystified as any of the books I had listed before had, but this book in particular quenched my thirst for a story presenting more controversial and mature topics.  Topics in this novel include the thought (and warning) of what will happen to the future of our Earth if we treat it as badly as we are now.  Poverty, pollution, famine, and more are presented in the world where the characters reside in the year 2044.  It really makes you think.  I have enjoyed reading Ready Player One so far and hope that by the end I am as satisfied as I am now.  

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