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review 2018-02-15 18:44
Do Not Judge This Book By The Cover
Burning Both Ends (Hot Aussie Knights Book 2) - Sinclair Jayne

Sexy, romantic, heroic, with a believable romance and no cheesy lines! First lets talk about that cover. What on earth is happening with that flame placement ? I had at least 6 people point that out to me. Didn't anyone look at it before going to publishing ? Poor cover design, but great inside. I won this book and had low expectations, I expected the average cheesy romance that follows a over used formula. What I got was a very well written story about interesting characters with full backstories and real life issues. Not one eye roll from this reader. Woot Woot. A young female fire jumper is on a learning exchange program in Australia from Montana. She was picked for this program for several reasons. One being her Grandfathers funeral is in the same area, so she has family there to support her. The other is that she is "damaged" emotionally from a great loss of her unit in a forest fire. She needs time to recover her footing and to morn. Right off the plane she heads to the funeral where she meets a sexy firefighter, and a one night stand is just the right medicine for this messed up time. Sparks fly the sheets heat, she walks away but karma nips her and she bumps into him again. He is a firefighter who has raised his siblings, taken care of others all his life. He loves like he works with all his being, and he wants this crazy jumper from the USA in more than his bed. I really enjoyed their stories, each had such a different and difficult trail to walk to get where they were. Both were such honest people, no game playing, no half held truths. I liked them, would invite them over for coffee and pie. I can not wait for more of this series.

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text 2018-02-13 17:05
Reading progress update: I've read 32%.
Burning Both Ends (Hot Aussie Knights Book 2) - Sinclair Jayne

Awww she saved the kitty

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review 2018-02-08 15:53
Lexicon by Max Barry
Lexicon - Max Barry

What a fun read. Interesting ideas, good use of fantasy, characters I cared for, worried about a bit and wanted to come out OK. A fairly romance-heavy speculative book (I really wouldn't call it sci-fi, but I'm no master at these things. Seemed like sci-fi lite, at most.) Romance is not my normal fare, but I wanted this dyad to work. I'm usually not in favor of the romance working, so that says something actually.


I saw the main "twist" coming long before it did, but I didn't know how things would turn out after that, so I was all aboard for the ride.


Some interesting things about the lexicon and yet another novel this year that deals with the theme of words meaning far more than the sounds they make or the direct message. It reminded me a bit of micro-expression analysis, only with words -- which is cool. Especially if you could do both, but tragically, I doubt either of them are truly reliable. This is why speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy are so good.


It did seem like after the big reveal, the plot got muddier, but it was not a mess by a long shot. It was an easy treat, done in one night and off the library stack that's due soon. I liked this one!

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review 2018-01-14 00:58
Lois Murphy’s SOON defies genre categorisation


An utterly gripping debut novel. Just like the work of Transit Lounge stable mates Jane Rawsonand A S Patric, Lois Murphy’s Soon defies genre categorisation.


Despite containing fantastical story elements, Soon feels uncommonly gritty and grounded. Murphy’s character development and evocation of both the natural environment and small town setting is first class — a reader cannot help but become invested in their plight. The sense of foreboding is at times gut wrenching. 


Read our full review of SOON at bookloverbookreviews.com >>

Source: bookloverbookreviews.com/2017/11/soon-by-lois-murphy-book-review.html
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review 2017-12-28 05:33
Fair Dinkum!
Fair Dinkum! Aussie Slang - H. G Nelson

A quick and fun read full of older photos guaranteed to make anyone cringe and possibly tarnish the world view of Aussies being buff, beautiful and glamourous.  This compendium covers just about most of the Aussie slang they're famous for, including 'Strewth!' and 'Stone the Crows!' (neither of which, by the way, I've ever actually heard used), along with a few that might not have made it across the oceans: 'chuck a wobbly' (throw a fit), or 'dinky-di' (authentically Australian, apparently).


I dinged the book a star because Nelson includes a few slang terms that are definitely not strictly Aussie:  I grew up using 'chuck a u-ey' (do a u-turn) and 'mad as a cut snake' amongst others in the collection ('In like Flynn').   I don't claim them as American, but they're definitely not quintessentially Aussie, either.


A fun surprise stocking stuffer from MT and I'm going to have fun sharing some of these terms with my friends and family back home.

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