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text 2018-07-05 12:30
What You Need to Know About All Weather Floor Mats

A lot ends up on the floorboards especially when you have a crud tracked in the bottom of your shoes or drinks spill when you stop too quickly. Dirt can leave marks on your floor mats and gums are tangled from your carpeting, all these will ruin your interior faster especially when rain combines with chemicals just about every road in the United States. All these will need you to buy all weather floor mats to find solutions regarding your vehicle.

The tiny pieces of left-over carpeting that pass for stock mats are not really all weather floor mats you find in the market. If you check out Automotivestuff, you’ll find floor mats that will suit the brand of your car, the colour, size and style that you want. You can even have it customised specifically for the model, make and year of your car. They are also innovated to withstand the worst calamities that Mother Nature can throw your way. It’s actually a close cousin to the dashmat where it protects the integrity of your dash. It is computer designed for performance and the custom-tailored fit will provide maximum protection without destroying the floor controls.

The all weather floor mats are made from heavy duty rubberised thermo-plastic and other durable materials. They come in one or two-piece designs that are tailored to suit your specific needs and to enhance the interior of your car. They are also known as a cargo liner that have been upgraded to protect your pets and keep the mess contained neatly at the back.

They are all weather mats that protect your car floorboard from rain, sludge and spills. There are even innovative models that will contain runny messes while they hinder the pooling and soaking of your pants. You’ll see that they are durable and can withstand any weather conditions. They are also attached securely to the floorboards so the car mat will be firmly in place.

If you check the Automotivestuff website, they can offer you these floor mats that come in a variety of styles and colors. You can surely have something customised to fit the look and feel of your car. You can even include popular sports and auto logos so it can exude your personality and style especially with the car interiors.

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url 2018-06-07 06:46
How to Disable McAfee Auto-Renewal
  • Do you feel irritated with McAfee doing auto renewal? Do you want to disable it? If the answer is yes, then this blog is for you. Here you will get to know about the right steps to disable the McAfee auto renewal process. When you sign up for the subscription services, there are chances that you will find the subscription auto-renewed unless you take some steps to prevent it. If you don’t know the right way to disable them, then you must take help from McAfee customer support, where the trained technicians will guide you to do the needful.

    It is quite common with the customer of McAfee antivirus that they face issues with it. The common problems that occur include antivirus scanning slow, auto-updating the application, causing interference to other programs and many more. But there is a way out that you can disable the auto-renewal of McAfee by performing some troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below.

    Solution: How to disable McAfee auto renewal

    If you want to end your subscription service to McAfee or any other similar service then you will need to visit the company website and disable the auto-renew. You can do so by following the under mentioned:

    Open a web browser of your choice and visit the Main page of McAfee
    Click my account at the top right of the website
    Log in using your email address and password.
    Choose to click on Auto renewal settings
    Select Turn off. If your auto renewal is set to disable then there is no need to do any more setting.

    The process of disabling the auto-renewal is quite easy, all you need to have proper access to your account and your active username and password. In any case, if you feel any inconvenience then it is highly recommended that you must immediately get in touch with customer support. You will be able to do McAfee auto renewal cancellation through the guidance of expert technicians which are available round the clock for providing services to McAfee users worldwide.
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text 2018-05-28 10:20
Car Care Tips That You Shouldn't Ignore

We here at automotive stuff pride ourselves on trying to provide the best for our customers, as we understand that they want the best for their cars. However, it sometimes goes that people delay or skip getting their car serviced, maybe because it just slipped their minds, or they're too busy, or for some other reason. This is a no-no, as this will lead to huge problems down the line, which means huge costs down the line.

So we've compiled a little list of tips for care car that should never go unheeded, for your maintenance needs.

Read the manual.

The people here at automotive stuff believe that this should really go without saying. No one knows your cars more than the people who made them, so when they go through the trouble of making an owner's manual for people, read it.It'll teach you the things you need to make sure your car runs as well as it can.

Check your fluids regularly.

All of your car's fluids need regularly checking, preferably monthly. Brake fluid, engine coolant, oil, power steering and washer fluids, all should maintained and watched. A lot of auto repair facilities say that owners tend to miss problems regarding brake fluids, transmission fluid and engine coolant, and we here at automotive stuff see it; a lot of people come in for replacement to the parts that these fluids interact with.

Test your battery.

The typical life span of a car battery is about three to five years, depending on how hot its climes are. The recommendation for car batteries is to have it tested by the third year-mark and then every year following that.

Check your tires.

Another thing that people sadly forget is to check their tires, even if it's one of the most important steps of ensuring car safety, and car maintenance. Tire pressure should be checked weekly, alongside tread depth. Modern tires tend to have a tread bar which tell you whether or not your tire has lost enough depth that it needs replacing.

Ensure that the wiper blades work.

For the best visibility in less-than ideal weather, make sure that windshield wipers are in tiptop shape. If they streak the windshield and/or miss spots, then that's a clear sign they need changing. Winter demand specialized wiper blades, which have rubber in order to stave off ice and snow buildup.

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text 2018-05-02 08:19
Buy High quality, Genuine Breaking systems and parts from Automotive Stuff to Ensure Safety and Security

Braking system is a necessary component that is required for the safety and security of the passengers travelling in a car. All the cars have front and rear brakes that aid in instant control of the car. There are two types of brakes, disc brakes and drum brakes. The brakes are made with a combination of hydraulic braking system and brake pads. The friction between the brakes causes the vehicle to stop when pressure is applied on the brake pedal. Automotive stuff has a wide collection of braking systems and its individual parts.

Automotive stuff are reputed online sellers of car performance parts and accessories. We supply authorized spare parts manufactured by leading companies. We are a team of car lovers focused on providing services of high quality. Our range of braking products includes Brake kits, brake rotors, brake pads, brake parts, brake lines and hoses, brake callipers, parking brakes, brake master cylinders and braking fluid.  We offer genuine parts manufactured by reputed companies like EBC brakes, Hawk performance,Power Stop,Brembo and many more.

Regular maintenance is required to keep the braking system functioning efficiently. The important components of the braking system consist of braking callipers, brake pads and brake rotors. These components should be regularly checked to keep the braking system functioning at optimum capacity. Regular maintenance of the braking system includes checking the brake pads and replacing them whenever necessary, inspecting the brake rotors and maintaining the correct level of braking fluid in the cylinder. Using high quality fluid manufactured by popular companies also plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency of the braking system. The next step is to check the brake rotors. These are the rotating discs that slow down the vehicle when pressure is applied on the brake pad. These rotors suffer from wear and tear due to regular usage and may need a regular replacement.

Buying high quality braking systems and spare braking parts from reputed dealers like Automotive stuff ensures safety and security of the vehicle and passengers. We sell parts of reputed manufacturers at attractive prices and offer extended warranties on the parts. Car owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is fitted with high quality braking system.

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review 2018-03-22 01:19
Seriously... I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres
Seriously... I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres

Seriously… I’m Kidding has been on my to-read list for a while now. When it finally came available to borrow from my library I jumped at the chance to listen to the audio version.


Narrated by Ellen herself, this audio book was just like listening to the opening monologue on her talk show. I enjoyed her observations on the world around her and admire her for keeping her jokes clean. Unlike most comedians, Ellen’s humor is suitable for all ages.


Although an enjoyable listen, I did find some of the rambling to be a bit much and settled on a 3 star rating. I would recommend Seriously… I’m Kidding to fans of Ellen DeGeneres.

Source: mlsredhousereviews.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/seriously-im-kidding-by-ellen-degeneres
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