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review 2018-02-22 02:19
Cookies, cookies and more cookies
Better Homes and Gardens the Ultimate Cookie Book, Second Edition - Better Homes and Gardens

While looking for an audiobook in the library overdrive, I found this book. Every Christmas, my kitchen becomes a baking mecca. We bake cookies and make candies, learn chemistry and package up the goodies to distribute to those who love the goodies. I took longer to get through this book as I was marking so many of the recipes to make later (Christmas). This is definitely going to be borrowed again. 

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review 2018-02-06 17:46
Clean Eating
Clean Eating: 365 Days of Clean Eating Recipes (Clean Eating, Clean Eating Cookbook, Clean Eating Recipes, Clean Eating Diet, Healthy Recipes, For Living Wellness and Weigh loss, Eat Clean Diet Book - Emma Katie

My kids were thinking about a bake-off that usually happens in March of a year at a local library. This year was canceled due to babies due dates and not enough people to help work the event. That is okay. I know that it will happen again next year. 


So we had started going through books that I had for recipes that involved baking and I found some good ones in the book and marked them for later trial and error. There were many things in the book that I know that I would not make as well. But that is okay as the book did have about 365 different recipes to make and try. 

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photo 2018-01-14 22:18
Cookies from the first batch

Takeaways from the first and second baking sheets worth of cookies:


- "Cut rectangle into 1/8-inch slices." I want to ask whoever wrote this recipe to make it and then show me how they accomplished this, because when I tried to cut the dough it crumbled into irregular chunks and powder. I opted to treat them like those shortbread cookies I made years ago: I gathered the chunks and powder up and pressed them into a simple cookie cutter with a spoon. (ETA: And it turns out that this entire issue was probably because I misread the first step, multiple times, and added the flour too soon. Ugh.)


- The first batch (the pictured cookies) went into for 5 minutes because my oven normally burns stuff if I use even the minimum amount of time on a recipe. The second batch went in for 7 minutes and was only slightly darker and not much sturdier. I'm going to try 8 minutes with the next batch.


- The recipe really means it when it says you need to wait 1-2 minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack. They're not solid at all when they come out of the oven. They're not even all that sturdy after 2 minutes. I transferred them very carefully.


- I've used half the dough so far and got 22 cookies. I used a round cookie cutter, maybe 1.5 inches in diameter. Some cookies came out of the oven as perfect circles and some just went blorp.


- They're tasty. Like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate - not surprising considering the ingredients.


I've made refrigerator cookies before using a recipe from an ancient Betty Crocker cookbook. They were relatively easy (in the opinion of someone who hates baking cookies) and cut beautifully. These were not at all like those cookies. I managed to make them work, but I don't think I'll be making them again in the future. They may be tasty, but not enough to make up for their annoying dough.


ETA: And Lora just helped me see where I messed this one up - I added the flour too soon. ::sigh::

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text 2018-01-14 19:10
Attempting to bake cookies...

I used to bake something every week or two. For some reason (I think because I was sick for a few months?), I stopped doing that. For the past few years, the only times I've baked anything were when I needed something for a potluck at work. I don't cook much, either.


I'm trying to get back into making stuff in the kitchen again. Last weekend, it was potato soup (I put it in containers and froze it before taking pics - sorry!). This weekend I'm trying cookies. I went with this recipe, which I've never used before. The resulting dough was seriously powdery, to the point that I double and triple checked the recipe to make sure I hadn't don't anything wrong. The last time I dealt with dough this powdery, I was making shortbread cookies. I pressed everything together as best I could and it's sitting in the fridge right now. If they actually result in cookies, no matter how bizarrely shaped, I'll take pictures and show them off.

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review 2017-12-03 17:07
Single Serving
Mug Cake: The Ultimate Vegan Mug Cake Cookbook: Quick, Easy and 100% Vegan - Zoe Hazan

This is not Gluten Free, but it is "animal" free. These recipes are all for one serving and good for one person. There were quite a few interesting little recipes that I would like to try, but I would have to make it 5 times and that is just too much work when I can make something once and cut into servings. This is good for a single person or someone who eats alone frequently (that was me before kids and while husband worked 3rds). 

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