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review 2014-05-27 23:22
My First Blog Post EVER!
Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia
Beautiful Darkness - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia
Beautiful Chaos - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia
Beautiful Redemption - Margaret Stohl,Kami Garcia

I LOVE book series, I feel like you really get to know the characters and I enjoy watching my favorites grow and change throughout the series. I decided that since I just finished the 4th book of The Caster Chronicles, that I would start by reviewing the series as a whole.


The books center around Ethan Wate; mortal, Wayward, high school student and his Caster girlfriend Lena Duchannes.  Poor Ethan, that guy was really put through the ringer in this series, yet he always seems to come out on top. At times I felt he was a little too nice and too sweet for his own good, but he really looked after everyone he loved. I loved his devotion to Lena, his friends and his family. Lena often times bordered on the edge of emo that was just this side of annoying. I really enjoyed this series, it had a great love story and wonderful cast of supporting characters. It was a little PG for my taste, but it's a great series if you are looking for something you can read with your kids. I am really looking forward to reading the spin off series, Dark Creatures which centers around Ethan’s best friend Linc and his “girlfriend”, siren Ridley. I’m hoping for a little more darkness from this series, which I think will be lots of fun.


The thing that I probably love even more than book series, are movies based on books. We tend to have a love/hate relationship, but I can’t help myself even if I know that movie is going to be horrible. I give this movie 3 stars and I give that only for the fact that they did an amazing job casting these characters.


In general, I try to read the book before I watch the movie, however this was one series I did the opposite. I really enjoyed the movie...until I read the book. I find it so unbelievable annoying when Hollywood makes changes that are just so unnecessary. I get that some things in a movie have to edited. It is next to impossible to fit all of the details that an author can include in a novel into a 90 minute feature film. However, when the screen writer just butchers someone's work, it is infuriating to me. Why change things? They completely changed almost half of the book. I would have loved to have this series done all the way through, but not if it's going to be picked apart. Instead of being called Beautiful Creatures, the movie should have been titled, Gatlin, A Movie Loosely Based on the Novel Beautiful Creatures.


And that is just my opinion.

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