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review 2017-04-24 21:55
Sit...Stay...Beg - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire has started a new series and this is book 1. The entire series will revolve around the Kilcannon family. Daniel Kilcannon is morning the loss of his wife Annie and wishing that his 6 adult children could find the same type of perfect love he did. While he is enjoying everyone being home for the funeral, he wishes they all lived back in Bitter Bark, North Carolina. Daniel's 83 year old mother, Gramma Finnie, tells her son to give the kids a reason to "come home". Daniel is a veterinarian and has always loved dogs. Even his family and friends call him The Dogfather! Then an idea hits him...what if he turned part of his 100 acres of Waterford Farm into a world class dog training and rescue facility and have each of his kids own a part of the company and help run the facility! Of course all the kids love the idea and finally come back home.

Garrett used to be on the west coast where he developed an app for posting pictures of your animals that caught on very fast. After selling his company and their app, Garrett is more than set for life and he jumps at the chance to come back to Bitter Bark where he can get away from the media that have made his life a nightmare. Garrett refuses to discuss what happened so imagine his surprise when little Jessie Curtis shows up at the farm wanting to interview him for her job at Inside the A List and his father is encouraging it! Jessie was best friends with Garrett's younger sister, Molly, and always had a huge crush on Garrett. She even let him feel her up in the barn when she was 15!

After Garrett reluctantly agrees that's when things get fun! Jessie gets to spend time with Garrett and is slowly getting him to open up even against his own plans! I just adored their time together. The chemistry these two had was sizzling...guess things do get better with age! ;) Throw in Garrett's big and crazy family, a certain dog named Lola (who actually stole the show and made me cry for her) and these two reluctant characters who have both been searching for something permanent in their lives and you have one awesome story! I just loved their happy ending....so perfect!

Great start to such a fun family! I can't wait to read each of the Kilcannon's stories!

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review 2017-04-24 14:13
Sit...Stay...Beg - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire introduces us to the Kilcannon clan in The Dogfather series. I absolutely fell in love with the members of the Kilcannon clan we met in Sit...Stay...Beg and have a special love for the patriarch Daniel and his plans for his family. Sit...Stay...Beg is Garrett Kilcannon's book and I quickly fell for this amazing man.


I loved that the Kilcannon clan ran a dog rescue and training facility at their home on Waterford Farm. I loved that each member of the family had their own special skills when working with the rescue dogs. Garrett Kilcannon is pretty much a dog whisperer when it comes to rescues. However, it seems the only person their latest rescue Lola connects with is journalist Jessica Jane Curtis. Jessie grew up as Garrett's little sister's best friend and loved being at Waterford Farm and with the Kilcannon family when she was growing up. She now has the chance of a lifetime to job waiting if she can only get an in depth expose on Garrett Kilcannon, who hates the media with a passion. 


Jessie and Garrett also have a bit of history and the attraction they had a teenagers has only intensified as adults. I especially loved that Garrett needed Jessie's help with their new rescue Lola. Lola was the sweetest dog on the face of the planet and instantly fell in love with Jessie and the feeling was completely mutual. I felt like Lola was an important part of Garrett and Jessie's relationship. She was the reason they initial reason they spent more time together, as Jessie was the only one to get Lola to eat at first. I loved the more time Garrett spent with Jessie, the easier it was for him to open up about the secrets from his past. While Garrett and Jessie's romance had some bumps along the way, I loved watching them find happiness together.


Sit...Stay...Beg was an amazing start to a new series from Roxanne St. Claire. I loved the fact the Kilcannon clan is so large and honestly fell in love with each and every member of the family we met. I'm a big fan of big families and add in the rescue dog element, and I was in heaven while I read. I'm so excited that each member of the Kilcannon family will get their own book in The Dogfather series. Ms. St. Claire has once again delivered an amazing series for her readers and old fans and new fans will be completely enchanted by the family. 



Rating: 5 Stars (A)

Review copy provided by publisher

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review 2017-04-21 00:00
Sit...Stay...Beg - Roxanne St. Claire Ms. St. Claire combines two of my subjects in Sit...Stay...Beg. Furry friends of the adorable persuasion and irresistible romance that has insatiable written all over it. Garrett and Jessie, should carry the label "handle with care." Garrett has a troubled soul but a caring heart. His devotion to animals in need is inspiring and sexy as hell. A mystery with a heart of gold and secrets yet to be told. Jessie is his worst nightmare. A beautiful woman with an agenda. Their history and her curiosity are conflict on interest, just waiting to be explored. Garrett, Jessie and Lola are a triad of temptation that cannot be denied. Heart, hope and redemption await.
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review 2017-03-23 05:01
Good Story and Characters
Make Me Beg - Rebecca Brooks

Mack was looking through the portfolio of someone to date in her town on a dating app and found Connor who she worked side by side with at the Dipper in Gold Mountain. He was the chef and she tended bar.  He was so   not her type: arrogant. A player, and he still talked like he was going to pack  and leave  town any second for something better. Connor told Mack they would find her someone. Her best friend Abbi had talked her into the dating app. Connor caught her checking out his profile and took her phone. Sam owned Kane Enterprises and had bought most of Gold Mountain including the Dipper.  Sam told Connor and Mack that they were being offered the chance to design a new bar and restaurant and become co owners with each other and Sam. but they had to put up quite a bit of money. Connor could go to his parents but Mack had no parents . Connor met with his best friend Austin at a dive on the outskirt of town when in walked Mack with two of her friends.  Connor found he cared whether other guys were checking out Mack and he noticed what she was wearing and how well it fit her body. When did that happen? But would ideas ever match for the bar/restaurant?  A couple days later Connor had a date and was driving to the hotel when he noticed Mack’s car was parked at the bar.he didn’t know if Mack was aware of the storm warnings so he stopped.  Mack was making different types of shots and he had some and then the storm knocked the lights out and a tree came  down and blocked them from being able to leave until the tree was moved. They had sex but then Mack felt she had just been stupid Connor didn’t even like her. But for some reason every time they were alone Connor and Mack had some form of sex yet still couldn’t agree about the business they were suppose to be designing. Then Mack told Abbi she would come and they could go out to dinner and then a have a drink. Abbi talked to a motorcycle guy and in the end tanked. Mack had the number of Adam who wanted  to take her out but he didn’t really interest Mack. also mack thought of Connor the whole evening.

This was  a great story. I didn’t want to put it down with the give and take of this story. One minute Mack and Connor couldn’t keep their hands off each other the next arguing over what the name of the bar restaurant was going to  be or the type of food to be offered.. It did make me snicker at times. I felt for Mack and the life she had lead when she was younger. I liked how Mack didn’t back down from Connor but couldn’t resist him either. I loved how Connor stopped seeing other woman as soon as he and Mack had sex. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend. I would rate this a 4.5 if I could.

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review 2017-03-21 04:04
Review: Make Me Beg by Rebecca Brooks
Make Me Beg - Rebecca Brooks



Rebecca Brooks proves that frenemies-to-lovers can be hot as hell in Make Me Beg. Connor and Mackenzie are two interesting, flawed characters with chemistry so appealing I devoured their story in one sitting.

Connor is a chef, a playboy, and a man who hasn’t ever committed to putting down roots. Gold Mountain was just supposed to be his stop onto bigger and better things, but there’s something about the town – and about Mack – that keeps him rooted to the spot. Connor is easy to like. Despite his love ’em and leave ’em ways and the way he frustrates Mack, he’s got a good heart and his character develops wonderfully. I loved watching him come into his own as he fell for Mack. And speaking of the woman who can bring Connor to his knees, Mack is equally stubborn and can be a bit combative, but she’s got a good heart, and a past that has scarred her and left her with mile-high walls to hide her vulnerability. It’s clear that she and Connor would make an excellent pair, but the way they make assumptions and don’t communicate threatens to derail them. Normally the lack of communication would be incredibly frustrating to me, but Ms. Brooks does an excellent job of making me see why Mack and Connor are the way they are. Sex both clarifies and complicates things for them, and the road to happily ever after definitely isn’t an easy one for these two. Surprisingly, what made Make Me Beg stand out for me was the downs rather than the ups. Mack in particular makes mistakes that hurt Connor, but he actually calls her on it – something that rarely happens in the books I’ve read lately – and I appreciated that both of them not only wholly accepted one another, but were willing to stand up for themselves when needed.

While it’s a rocky road for Mack and Connor, that doesn’t mean the story is missing out on red-hot moments. Make Me Beg is insanely sexy and when Mack and Connor are on the same page they make an incredible couple. I finished Make Me Beg wanting to explore the world of Gold Mountain more. While Mack and Connor’s story can be read as a standalone, I will definitely be picking up the first Men of Gold Mountain book, Make Me Stay!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/03/review-make-me-beg-by-rebecca-brooks.html
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