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review 2018-01-13 16:30
The House - Bentley Little
The House - Bentley Little

So this was my first forray into a Bentley Little tale. I'd heard such good things about him and decided it was time to give it a go. I had a few of his sitting on my shelf staring back at me to choose from. I selected The House and, looking back, that my have been the wrong one to introduce myself to his work. It's not that the house was horrible. Far from it. But it became a mess and the last 100 pages were an absolute chore to get through. The ending was completely "meh" and I found myself disappointed at what seemed like a really good story at the beginning.



Five different people from different parts of the country grew up in a house that gave everyone the heebah jeebahs. These five people "escaped" their childhood houses and had never returned as adults. Most of their recollections were vague and fuzzy about their childhood homes until they all started having strange things happen to them that seemed to be all pointing in the same direction. They needed to return to their homes and take care of some unfinished business. What that business was, they didn't know.



So far, so good? Yes. I was digging Little's writing style and even though the five characters kept having similar things happen to themselves, to the point where it was beginning to feel like he was describing the same scene five different times, I was still chugging along.



Then we find out that the same Victorian house is in five different parts of the country and it's a gateway barrier to some alternate reality. The five people go to their respective houses and then things morph so that they're all together in the same house, which is now holding them prisoner. Without going into too much more detail, things started getting weird. And I can get into weird, but this weird was the same thing told five different times, over and over and over and...well, you get the idea.



Even though this is my first story by Little, I can tell that he has the chops to be considered a very good writer. The prose is not done by an inexperienced hand. The problem is the story itself. It really just goes around and around without much of a payoff, aha moments of explanation, or any points of interest. With a writing style as good as his, I expect more and not the clunker that was The House.




3 Foul Mouthed Urchins out of 5



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review 2018-01-12 00:00
Bentley - Melanie Moreland A Melanie Moreland tale is like walking into a storm. The clouds are abundant, the precipitation is rampant and the end result leaves it's mark. Bentley is the beginning of what looks to be a bumpy ride but an ever greater payoff. Moreland is an expert at complicated men. Bentley is a prime example of that. Always in control whether business or pleasure. Yet when he has to face desires of the heart, he proves that he has staying power there as well. Emmy has the power to bring the beast out in him, but she also has the heart to heal his battered soul. In a world of darkness, Emmy lights up the canvas with her overexuberant personality. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Bentley keeps his close to the vest. Seduction just got complicated.
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text 2018-01-09 17:38
Reading progress update: I've read 30%.
The Store - Bentley Little

I had to look at when this was published because the more I listen, the more I feel like this book is just weird commentary on the changing of independently owned businesses, to corporate run businesses. I don't feel the horror aspect of it yet. It just feels... dated. 


I'm going to give it a bit more time, and then decide whether to DNF or not.

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review 2017-11-20 07:10
The Handyman by Bentley Little
The Handyman - Bentley Little

Typical Bentley. He has a knack for taking a seemingly innocent type of character and turning him into something that gives you the chills and leaves you feeling uneasy. In this case a run of the mill handyman who not only does shoddy work, but throw in some Vietnamese voodoo witchcraft, and you have a handyman from hell.



This one was creepy as heck, but fun read. Recommended for horror fans.


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review 2017-10-27 20:10
The Circle
The Circle - Bentley Little
All three of the short stories in this novel are related. I liked two of the three stories as I thought the third story just was too weird for me. I like weird, I really do, but that story was way out there for me. I wanted to read a novel by Bentley Little for Halloween Bingo this year and time is closing in on me so this novel is what I have choosen. Three short stories, one gross but richly, one greedy and dark and one driven and brutal.
The first short story is about a boy in a loin cloth. Helen is at home alone when this boy runs into her house, runs purposely into her bathroom and shuts the door. She waits and finally he opens the door and runs out. She runs after him. He runs into their garage. Strange? Yes. But, what is even stranger is, what Helen finds in her bathroom when she checks. She cannot let this boy leave now. Helen believes that her future lies within this boy. This tale gets even more twisted as it progresses and I was dying to know what other secrets this boy held. It’s a gross one but rich.
The second short story is about a group of boys who want to visit a shrine which is in the backyard of a woman who is thought to be a witch. It’s the opportunity to have a wish granted but what would that wish be? This could be a fun adventure or it could be a trip they wished they never attempted.
The last story is exciting! There is screaming out on the street and a neighbor goes out to investigate. This neighbor has been watching his horror films as what transpires, tells me that this man is not taking any chances. I enjoyed the depth and breadth of his undertaking as he tries to come to grips with what a young boy tells him he has seen just a few minutes ago. Oh, this neighbor is driven and this story is brutal.
This was a very short novel and one that I enjoyed immensely. Bentley Little, I will be reading you in the future.


I am using this novel for Halloween Bingo, my Terror in a Small Town square. 

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