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review 2018-03-23 02:06
Friends and Frauds
Friends and Frauds - Diana Xarissa

While this is a great cozy series this one was just.....okay.  I struggled to get through the first half of the book (between Shelly's uncharacteristic insecurity and Fenella's man problems, I was a bit bored) but once the action picked up, I enjoyed it a lot more. I loved the little clue that solved the murder and Aunt Mona is always good for a hoot. 

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review 2018-03-20 23:48
Dear Martin -- my best YA read in recent memory
Dear Martin - Nic Stone





This is what I imagine Justyce, the MC, would do if asked to hold a sign about race early on.


There has been a stream of books about race and police brutality in the last few years. One could read nothing but books on the topic and still not keep up with the books available. What a great problem to have: too many books on important topics. Now if only these books were useless because the problem had been solved.


If one can "enjoy" a book like this, then I enjoyed Nic Stone's telling of tragedy story more than I've enjoyed almost any other. There are obvious comparisons both in other recent books but also to real cases in real America. Nic Stone writes for the young reader in a simple way that never is dumbed down or too basic. She has all the nuances and difficulties of her subject matter under command as she writes the story of Justyce and his friend Manny, two black kids at a liberal, elite school and the ways they handle casual, subtle, daily racialization, microaggressions, as well as the more obvious and deadly type.


The POV shifts between third person storytelling to Justyce's interior life to second-person letters/journaling to "Dear Martin" (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Nic Stone makes excellent use of the "safe place" classroom, where the white students do all the talking on race while the black students sit uncomfortably or angrily by, but certainly don't feel "safe" on the topic of race, despite having a black teacher. There is confusion by the bundle for our protagonist, in the way his friends behave, the racial issues involved in dating, the always-difficult world of being a teenager. He takes refuge in writing honest letters to MLK, and it's here that he feels safe enough to say what he thinks. But can even Dr. King help Justyce when the world caves in?


This is, ultimately, an uplifting story with characters who grow in the face of extreme circumstances and stereotypes that threaten to keep them stuck. Well worth anyone's time.


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review 2018-03-17 04:41
Best Friends Forever - Margot Hunt Best Friends Forever - Margot Hunt

Three and a half star rating.
A chance meeting throws the serious, plodding Alice with rich, enigmatic Kat and they are soon best of friends or are they? This book kept me gripped from start to finish, but the ending was a huge disappointment and had expected something better after that build up. The women weren't exactly nice and neither were their husbands - huge streaks of selfishness running through all four of them. What lively Kat actually saw in mundane Alice is a mystery in itself! An easy read, great for holidays.

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review 2018-03-14 02:11
Sometimes I Lie - The movie should be OK
Sometimes I Lie - Alice Feeney

My opinion of SOMETIMES I LIE changed constantly. Honestly, it's a one or two star book for most of it that moves into the four-star area in plot only at the very end. I nearly stopped a few times, but I got it after a wait list, and I couldn't just get it back, so I plodded on. Plus it was audio (a well-done audio!) and that made it easier to just keep listening while I worked.


Yet another present-past-present-past formula. It's about a woman in a coma. Exciting! Also, do they not have catheters in the UK?


Once I got past the irritation of some incorrect medical possibilities, the silly format, play-by-play of every single moment of the coma, and multiple long slow sections of childhood diaries, there was a decent book hiding somewhere inside. Actually, I think there's a decent *movie* hiding inside. I don't know that this could be a great book without a whole new writer. It felt very much like a screenplay to me.


I did get to a point where I wanted to know what happened. We go a very long time with nothing happening. It's all foreshadowing. Then in the final fifth(?) of the book, about a thousand twists all just start coming one after the other. I knew a few things would happen. I'd also guessed one of the biggest in a way. I wasn't exactly correct, but I was not entirely off. I just had the reason for the "reveal" down to something slightly different than it was. Outcome was the same.


So this book felt to me like a screenplay for a rollercoaster that starts off going straight for about four painstaking miles, then in the last mile it not only has steep drops, but also loops and upside-down twirls and adds water and some poodles and there's a clown under your seat. It was a lot. It was overkill. It will be a fun movie though.

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text 2018-03-13 17:43
Today I am thankful for friendship and the love of a true friend.
There is so much I could say, but I don't want to get too personal on this one. I could get pretty mushy. We don't talk that often, and that is okay. I have my reasons. You have yours. We understand that. We've come a long way and have had our ups and downs, we are 100% truly best friends. I am thankful and I love you.
A true friend can go years without talking and start back up as if no time has passed.
Meow... >^.^<
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