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review 2016-12-07 00:00
Boy Nobody
Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff Q:
In most schools teachers are tired, but not here. Here they are passionate.
This teacher enters the room in midlecture, as if he can’t wait to begin, so much so that he started his lecture in the hall outside class. Hell, he probably started in the parking lot this morning.
J’accélère le pas et je sens le vent souffler dans mes cheveux. J’inspire et j’absorbe le mouvement de la ville, du monde, l’incessant tourbillon.
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review 2015-03-25 00:00
Boy Nobody
Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff YA thriller mystery. this is a fast paced book. short chapters. intriguing central character. Can,t decide if he is good or bad. A little biZare that he is such a deadly assassin. it is almost a junior Bourne thing. He is a machine but is beginning to question his assignments. Is his father dead? who are his handlers?
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review 2015-01-13 14:43
Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book!


This book is apparently known by at least three different titles (Boy Nobody, I Am the Weapon, and The Hit), which confused the hell out of me at first. Once I sorted that out, though, I was good to go.

I had an extremely difficult time getting through the beginning of this book. It wasn't boring, it wasn't badly written, none of that stuff, but I still struggled. I must have reread the beginning sections three, four, maybe even five times before I finally got through it for good and read the rest of the book. Before that, I kept putting it down in favor of other things. The beginning of the book made me so nervous because I was afraid it was going to be violent/gory beyond what I could handle at the time, and I couldn't figure the main character out. I didn't know what his motivations were or why he was doing any of this, and I don't like seeing bad things happen to good people, through no real fault of their own, which, of course, happens in books all the time... but seeing it from the POV of the "bad guy" made me kinda go, "Oh no, oh no, oh no," and put the book down... repeatedly. I generally love books that do this kind of thing, but for some reason, in this book, it just made me super nervous and it was really difficult to continue.

Thankfully, the book wasn't too gory or violent, and once I actually got through the beginning and continued on, I found it to be a really enjoyable book. There were still scenes that made me really uncomfortable, but I think that was the point. The main character has a really unique voice, and I liked that a lot. His observations let the reader see things in a different way than if another person were telling this story, and I thought that gave the story a lot of character and let it stand out.

The main character is a type of assassin working for The Program, an organization which appears to work for or be part of the government. This book covers what happens when that assassin starts to question things. It's hard to go into why I found this book so unique compared to similar stories without spoiling anything, though. The premise of the book itself isn't unique by any means, but it still stood out from a lot of books I've read recently, and I'm still thinking about it long after finishing it.

Overall, I found this book pretty enjoyable once I was able to get through the beginning and get a sense of what was going on with the main character, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next installment in the series!

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review 2015-01-03 04:04
Boy Nobody/I am the Weapon
Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff
The Heist - Daniel Silva

I read Boy Nobody as part of the holiday book binge I’ve been on during my time off.  While I was reading, the pages of this YA assassin/thriller tale, they kept turning.  I didn’t want to put the story down. 


While I often have more than one book going, I rarely read more than one in the same genre at a time.  So it was rather odd to be reading Boy Nobody considering that my current audiobook is The Heist, the latest installment in the long running saga of Israeli Master Spy Gabriel Allon by Daniel Silva.    While Gabriel and his team are old, comfortable companions, it was definitely exciting to meet a new spy/assassin at the beginning of his career: self-sufficient and effective.  I like that by the end of the book, our protagonist was beginning to awaken to realizing that he needs to be more than a passive weapon, but needs to figure out more of who is wielding him.  


On an odd side-note, I discovered that Allen Zadoff has written two sequels to Boy Nobody (one available and one expected to be published in June 2015) and along the way has re-titled (and perhaps revised) the first book in the series to I Am The Weapon.  While I am curious about what may have changed in Book 1 of the “Unknown Assassin” series, I am more interested in reading Book 2 than going back and re-reading Book 1.

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review 2014-11-30 23:54
Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff

Overall a good book for fans of spy thrillers. I was a little disappointed by the ending (no spoilers, but it was kinda sad), but other than that, I enjoyed Boy Nobody and recommend.

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