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review 2018-10-08 01:56
Heroine wanted to be TSTL
Forged in Desire (The Protectors) - Brenda Jackson

I wish in order to portray heroines as independent and fierce, author's didn't make them fall into the TSTL category.


Our heroine Margo was apart of jury that convicted a guy who announced to the court room that until his conviction was overturned, someone from inside the courtroom would be murdered every 72hrs. 3 people have already been murdered when our hero Striker comes into the picture to guard Margo. Is Margo happy about this and willing to take her personal safety seriously? Of course not, because that would somehow mean she is being bossed around. Ugh. 


The insta-attraction also felt a little out of place as it was mentioned over and over immediately in the beginning, it felt a little off when just jumping into the whole life in danger element. I can let go of realism to a certain extent in rom suspense, but let me settle in a little first. 


I also thought there was some uncomfortable casualness to some issues (rape, domestic violence) incorporated; they were jarringly, abruptly brought up, to seemingly add instant emotion. I'm needing a little more care and thought behind the why and how for the inclusion of these topics right now.

An example: 

Shep, as the other inmates called him, was a lot older than most of them and was serving time for murdering his wife. It didn’t take long for anyone who hung around Shep to know just what sort of man he was: a natural-born leader—a positive one. 

Not knowing at this time if Shep was guilty of the crime, reading about a man killing his wife in one breath and the next saying what a swell guy he is, was hard to read. 


I thought the idea of ex-cons going into the protection business was interesting but the insta-attraction, mesh of romance and suspense not working for me, and jarring moments kept me from getting into the story. I generally liked the character dialogue and interaction writing, the components worked for me but the structure did not. 

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text 2018-10-06 05:48
Reading Update: 10%
Forged in Desire (The Protectors) - Brenda Jackson

He looked her straight in the eye and said, “I was in jail serving time for manslaughter.”


Probably not in the top ten list of things I'd want my new hot bodyguard to say when I ask him what he did before joining a protection agency.  

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review 2018-09-05 00:07
Bachelor Unbound (Bachelors in Demand) by Brenda Jackson
Bachelor Unbound - Brenda Jackson


A closet romantic puts more than his heart at risk for a love he never wanted to find. Bachelor Unbound is as unpredictable as it is romantic. Zion creates beautiful pieces of jewelry that celebrate love, but is haunted by a secret that has tarnished his view of it. When Celine comes into his life, his world shifts. She tests him at every turn. Her beauty is captivating, her spirit irresistible, but her secrets could spell their downfall. Will the last man standing, risk everything for his happily ever after? Jackson makes sexy, sweet and suspenseful, spellbinding.

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text 2018-07-06 00:20
Tonight and Forever (Madaris Family Saga) by Brenda Jackson 99 Cents!
Tonight & Forever - Brenda Jackson

After her marriage ends in bitter divorce, Lorren Jacobs returns to her roots in Texas to escape the trouble and heartbreak men cause, but then she meets physician Justin Madaris. Lorren has vowed never to give her heart to another man, but she can’t stop herself from responding to the handsome widower’s sexy, sensuous seduction… 

Justin thought no woman could ever move him as deeply as his wife had. Until Lorren. She rekindles a desire he never believed he’d feel again. But sharing a life together means letting go of the past. Somehow, Justin and Lorren must fight through the painful memories to fulfill the passionate promise of tomorrow….

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text 2018-05-30 17:54
Locked in Temptation (The Protectors #3) by Brenda Jackson $1.99
Locked in Temptation (The Protectors) - Brenda Jackson

Police detective Joy Ingram’s connection to elite security expert Stonewall Courson is instant. Undeniable. Electric. But her commitment to protect and serve has always come first. Everything else is secondary—especially when she uncovers an underground surrogate baby-making ring. Joy can’t risk a distraction during the most important case of her career, not even one as sexy as reformed ex-con Stonewall.

There are few things Stonewall values more than a strong woman. But when Joy’s investigation draws her into a deadly conspiracy that goes deeper than she ever imagined, he must convince her that he’s the best man to protect her. And while he puts his life on the line to save hers, the insatiable attraction between them becomes the one danger neither of them can escape.

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