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text 2022-06-29 09:04
How would I talk to a person at British Airways?

British Airways' customer service is effectively reachable using different methods. Travelers can talk to a live person at British Airways, to find support and help with their flight reservations.

Steps to talk with a British Airways live person:

travelers can talk with the customer support group using the underneath referenced advances:


  • Travelers can interface with a live person from the customer service group to find support and help with cancellation, refund, seat choices, etc.
  • Travelers can give call customer service to find support with their flight reservations.
  • Calling the customer service division is one of the most remarkable ways of arriving at the customer service group at British airways.
  • Customers can go to the official site of British Airways to get the contact details to reach out to the customer service team.
  • Customers need to visit the reach our choice page to get to the customer service phone number.
  • Dial the helpline number and select a fitting brief to interface with the customer support representative.
  • Once you dial the number, the representative will interface with you, and you need to hear the IVR options carefully.
  • Travelers can search their questions with the person before the client care to find support with flight-related entanglements.

Alternate ways of associating with live person from the customer assistance group:

Travelers can talk to a British Airways live person by dropping an email on customer care email address. This permits the travelers to contact an assigned office to look for help with their flight reservations.

Besides, the official site offers customers to get 24x7 assistance with flight bookings. Travelers can contact a British Airways live person using the live chat options accessible on the official British Airways site. Select the ideal choice to find support.

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text 2022-04-25 16:37
How Can I upgrade my seat on British Airways?

Hey, trying to upgrade your seat on British airways? Currently, it is not so difficult to upgrade a seat on British Airways. You can enjoy a great flight after upgrading your seats. British Airways provides a complimentary upgrade seat to its customers where passengers can upgrade their seats free of cost. You can also upgrade your seats by using cash or Avios. This article will provide all possible methods to upgrade your seats on British airways. So, follow the below points to know how can I upgrade my seat on British Airways:

  • Open your web browser and search for British Airways
  • Visit Airlines official address
  • Go to sign in tab and enter your user Id and password
  • After sign in, take your cursor at the ‘Manage booking’ section
  • And click on it. 
  • Enter the Booking Number or PNR and surname of the passenger,
  • After that, hit the tab ‘enter’ 
  • On the next screen, flight detail will display.
  • Review the booking and hit the option "Change or Upgrade My Reservation" 
  • Next screen, the airline will display possible seats for upgrades.
  • Find your convenient seat and convert it into another class.
  • Now make the additional payment through a credit card or debit card.


Moreover, you can also pay the fare difference by using Avios to upgrade the same. After payment, the Airline will send a confirmation email or message to the registered email or phone. Additionally, the Airline will also provide some complimentary seats to upgrade the seats. Indeed, the passenger also can upgrade their seats via the British Airways airport counter. If any traveller wants more details about the process of upgrading seats can call the British airways customer service executives.

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review 2022-01-29 21:04
They were all heroes
The Last British Dambuster: One man's extraordinary life and the raid that changed history - George Johnny Johnson

The last surviving member of 617 squadron more commonly known as the dambusters. A great and enjoyable journal that reads like a boys own adventure :)




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text 2021-09-30 08:48
How can I get through to British Airways?

Being a significant airline of Britain, British Airways is a customer-friendly airline providing its services in many destinations worldwide. The airline's customer service is always accessible, which makes British Airways a convenient option to think of while booking a flight ticket. One can easily find assistance and get through to British Airways effectively by following the mentioned steps:


  • Open the official British Airways website from your search engine.
  • On the homepage, you will get the Help section; right-click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears on your screen, locate the Assistance section.
  • Now, you need to click on the Contacts and FAQs option to get effective ways of contacting British Airways customer service.


Follow the steps given above and choose the appropriate contact option that suits you the most. Once you choose a contact option, you can raise your queries to someone at British Airways.


Options to get a live person at British Airways 

British Airways makes your journey even untroubled by leveraging you with 24*7 assistance in your troubling situations. So, if you face any problem anytime throughout your journey, you can choose any of the mentioned contact options to get through to British Airways:


Via Call


  • British Airways provides constant customer service via phone so that you can get perfect resolution on your queries in real-time.


Via Email


  • You can also email your queries by writing detailed information about the problem and some essential documents to get an instant response from BA.


Via Live Chat


  • On the British Airways webpage, you can find a live chat box to type in your query and get a solution from an online British Airways customer representative.


Also, it is now possible to message British Airways on their social media account if you can not get a live person by calling the British Airways phone number. So, if you wish to lead an untroubled and worry-free journey to your destination, consider booking a seat with British Airways!

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review 2020-09-23 21:54
The Hundred Days, in detail
Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815: Volume I: From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras - John Hussey

There are few historical episodes as dramatic as the “Hundred Days” – the label given to Napoleon’s doomed attempt to reclaim the French throne and reestablish his empire. Having driven out the restored Bourbon monarchy of Louis XVIII, Napoleon faced off against the coalition of powers that had exiled him to the Mediterranean island of Elba less than a year before. Though Napoleon struck first and scored some initial victories, his defeat at the battle of Waterloo ended his last bid for power, and led to his imprisonment on the remote island of Saint Helena until his death nearly six years later.


It is an understatement to say that there is no shortage of books on the events of the Hundred Days and the battle of Waterloo, as authors began writing about it almost from the moment the guns stilled and have not let up since. Yet even when weighed against two centuries of accounts of the battle, John Hussey’s book stands out. The first of a two-volume work on the Hundred Days campaign, it is the product of meticulous scholarship and careful reassessment of every significance event and controversy involved. This is evident from the very first chapters, as Hussey looks at Europe’s long history with Napoleon and the events leading up to his decision to escape his exile – a decision born of a mix of boredom, ego, ambition, and frustration with the slights inflicted upon the former emperor by the Allied powers that had defeated him.


With a British officer resident on Elba to supervise him and a British warship patrolling the waters between Elba and France, Bonaparte’s decision was not without risk. His successful arrival in France, followed by his bold journey to Paris, though, defied the odds and achieved his goal. Yet Hussey describes the tenuousness of Napoleon’s hold on power, with many in France still exhausted from his reign and wary of what his return might bring. Aware of the post-exile divisions among the coalition, Napoleon hoped they might provide an opportunity to maintain his throne. Nevertheless, he prepared for war.


And war was coming. Hussey devotes considerable space to describing the coalition facing the returned emperor, with pride of place going to the commands led by Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher and Arthur Wellesley, the duke of Wellington. Hussey spends several chapters dealing their commands, their operations, and their activities, with intelligence operations featured prominently. This is central to his efforts to unpack the events of Napoleon’s 1815 campaign and establish clear chronologies and understandings of what the commanders knew and when they learned it. The issues can often seem trivial, but they serve a clear purpose in serving as the basis for Hussey’s analysis of why decisions were undertaken, and why alternatives were not pursued.


Hussey ends the volume with an account of the battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras on 16 July. Though he details the actions separately, he makes it clear that they need to be regarded as a whole. His explanation is of a piece with the rest of the book, in which Hussey lays out the facts and explains how he reached the conclusions he did. It’s a careful work of often painstaking construction, and is what makes the book such a valuable addition to the already substantial library of works on the events of 1815. Take together with its successor volume, it’s a book that serves as an indispensable history of the battle, one that no serious student of the subject can afford to ignore.

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