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photo 2017-11-09 03:17
Imaginary Friends...
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review 2017-10-26 05:28
This Side of Murder (Verity Kent, #1)
This Side of Murder - Anna Lee Huber

I love Huber's other series, the Lady Darby mysteries, and I was eager to read this one, set later in time, immediately after WWI.  It was slow to hook me, as I remember The Anatomist's Wife was, but it did.  And then I got to page 165.  Oh hell no.


Because for the first 164 pages, she sucked me in and I became invested in Verity.  But not just Verity, but Verity and Max.  Max is awesome.  Max is the OED poster-man for hero. But nooo... we couldn't just enjoy that slow burn, she had to introduce a love triangle:  


By brining Verity's DEAD HUSBAND BACK FROM THE DEAD.  Is she kidding me with this?  GAH!

(spoiler show)


So, while the story was amazing - old crimes never punished, ciphers, secrets, revenge, the whole lot wrapped up in an almost Christie-esque island setting (with the requisite storm, of course), and a VERY strong and capable heroine, Huber seriously knocked the wind out of my sails with page 165's revelations.  My enthusiasm continued to dim as, frankly, my wish for the 'other' man's imminent demise remained unfulfilled.  Some might find this story to be a truly HEA affair, but all things considered, that twist knocked a 5 star read down to a 3 star for me.  Because of all the different love triangles an author can torture her readers with, this one is just the worst kind of crap.


The cover says "A Verity Kent Mystery", implying a series, but I don't know if I can read another one, no matter how damn good the story is.  If another does come out, I'll be reading all the spoilers I can find before deciding.

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review 2017-10-16 23:14
A tale of coming out and self discovery
Strong Side - Alison Hendricks

A light, low angst friends to lovers story, in a US college football setting.


Likeable characters make this an easy, feel-good read.


Well written and (mostly) well edited.


For those who like to know, this is alternate first person written in present tense.

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review 2017-10-09 02:33
good story and characters
Love on the Wild Side - Mariah Ankenman

Maggie was Lizzie’s best friend and she had been shot and almost killed so Lizzie had left LA and hurried to Maggie’s side and was now managing Maggie’s cupcake shop while Maggie recovers. Maggie has just gotten engaged to Colton and of course Lizzie was the maid of honor. Someone had been sabotaging Maggie’s shop and had tried to kill her and Colton. But at least the person had been caught. Maggie’s happiness only showed Lizzie the emptiness in her own life. Maggie and Lizzie had been planning each other’s wedding since Jr. High. Dade was Colton’s brother and co-owner of the ranch. Lizzie felt Dade was hot but amstick in the mud. Dade and Lizzie butted heads since they had met when he tried to keep Lizzie from seeing Maggie when she was in the hospital and she had flown all the way from LA to Peak Town, Colorado. Lizzie thought Dade had the sense of humor of a potato. Lizzie’s parents were Hollywood elite people and Lizzie just wasn’t. Even though Lizzie lived in Hollywood she refused to diet, she loved food , any and all flavors and refused to give any of it up. Luckily for Lizzie she had a high metabolism that let her eat almost anything. Neither Maggie or Lizzie cared cared  for the Hollywood facade. Lizzie’s parents were too wrapped up in their own lives to be concerned for their only child. Even though Lizzie had went to business school and graduated with a 4.0 it wasn’t as great as being the next A List star. Lizzie was thinking about staying in Peak town there was nothing and noone for her in LA. Lizzie was usually attracted to nice men, funny men, men who said more than one word when responding to a question. But for some reason Lizzie was attracted to Dade. Dade wanted Lizzie and it made him mad. Lizzie was not his type. Dade liked sweet women, soft spoken women who enjoyed quiet nights at home or a walk at sunset. Lizzie was high octane energy. She was loud,pushy and outgoing.Everything Dade wasn’t. Lizzie and Dade were like fire and water. Lizzie and Dade are shot together a lot constantly working on the wedding plans. Also they were going to confront Mr. James Carr who lIzzie already had met and confront him trying to be a con artist and his lawyer Mr. Dornes. Dade had already had his heartbroken and didn’t want to repeat the experience. But as time goes on it gets harder and harder to deny their attraction for each other.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun sweet romance. I liked the plot and pace of the book. I chuckled while reading this. I loved the interactions between Lizzie and Dade. I really loved Lizzie and Dade together. I also loved Dae’s and Colton’s relationship as well as Lizzie and Maggie’ I loved the small town atmosphere of this book. I loved how Lizzie and Dade had to get through things to be happy. It didn’t just magically  happen. It wasn’t just an easy given thing. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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review 2017-09-21 18:11
The Bitter Side of Sweet
The Bitter Side of Sweet - Tara Sullivan
Amadou and Seydou are cutting the pods from the cacao trees, for this has been their job for more than two years. They must make their quote for the day or endure their punishment for failing. Amadou takes care of his eight-year-old brother Seydou, the responsibility sometimes overwhelming for the fifteen-year-old. They’re just waiting for the day that their debt is paid off, for Amadou feels that, when that day arrives they will be allowed to return home to their parents. Day in and day out, the boys in this camp collect the pods that will later be sold. Their bosses getting paid for the work that these young children have accomplished. The boys get an interesting addition to their group when Khadija is brought into the camp. A girl, and a wild one at that! Khadija puts up an amazing fight as she doesn’t want to work at this camp and she longs to be free. I enjoyed her determination and spirit. While others watched, she was able to stay strong and fight for what she wanted. While most of the boys in the camp see Khadija as a female, Amadou and Seydou start to see her as something else.
I enjoyed the hostility between Amadou and Khadija as they began to interact with each other and then watched, as their relationship turns into something greater. As the drama begins to intensify, the novel moves along quickly. I enjoyed this novel until the very end. To think that young child must work in these conditions daily upset me, for them to dream of their freedom when in reality their work will never be done.


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