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text 2019-01-24 06:37
Order Cake Online and Celebrate Occasions in a Grand Style

Hey! Are you looking for a way that can rock your occasion? Do you want your loved ones to miss you because of your special gift? If yes, then go for cakes. Cakes have become the lifeline of occasions. You can't wind up any celebration without a delicious cake. The tempting taste and gorgeous beauty of cake heighten the joy of celebration. A delicious cake can create some unforgettable moments. Every occasion calls for a grand celebration and hence the party must go on. So, add stars to the occasion with palatable cakes that are sure to take your celebration to a new dimension. Your occasion will be rocking when you have a rocking cake. So, order cake online and create wow factor in the celebration.


Amazing Cakes for Amazing Occasions:

Cakes are available in different flavors, sizes as well as shape. Here are some cakes that will tempt the taste buds of everyone and make everyone jump in happiness. Have a look at these cakes and pick the one according to your desire as well as according to the occasion. All these cakes are sure to brighten up your occasion.


  • 3-Tier Chocolate Cake:

Let the celebration begin by cutting a 3-tier chocolate cake. Yes, you can add sparks to the celebration by ordering 3-tier chocolate cake. Everyone loves to have a big bite of chocolate cake so just imagine their happiness and excitement when they will see such a stunning cake in the celebration. So, don’t think too much and bring a 3-tier chocolate cake and let everyone take a ride in the world of chocolates! Just don’t forget to capture those funny pictures when everyone will be licking their fingers. This cake is perfect for those occasions when there is a large number of gathering.


  • Red Velvet Cake:

Fed up with regular flavor and looking for a cake that can satiate the taste buds, then go for red velvet cake. It’s a gorgeous cake that will surely drool your taste buds and please your soul too. This cake will fulfill the craving of eating a unique flavor. You can also amaze your dear ones on their special days by sending red velvet cake as a token of wishes, blessings and love. It would be the best happy anniversary cake because of its gorgeous red color as red color describe love beautifully.


  • Heart-Shape Black Forest Cake:

Fill laughter in the occasion by bringing a mouth-watering heart-shape cake. Yes, you can become the reason of your loved one’s happiness by gifting them a delicious cake. Brighten up the birthday celebration, anniversary celebration etc by bringing a heart-shape black forest cake. You can even create some surprising moments for your loved ones by sending a heart-shape black forest cake to their doorstep on their special occasion at the stroke of midnight. Just choose midnight cake delivery option and let them be stunned on their special occasion be it birthday, anniversary or achievement. Isn’t a great idea to make their occasion grander? Obviously yes! So, don’t think too much and simply buy this tempting delight for your beloved.

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text 2019-01-10 10:59
Make Colorful Memories with Spectacular Birthday Cakes and Gifts

The nearness of flowers is sufficient to make any event or minute really a paramount issue. Flowers can make a conventional room incredibly lovely. Flowers are broadly utilized in beautifications, as blessings, or even as adornments on different dresses. Individuals can investigate an assortment of new dynamic flowers, for example, roses, tulips, orchids, carnations, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and significantly progressively through the assistance of our web based gifting store.  All these wonderful blossoms will be send flowers and cakes to India at your ideal goal in sprouting condition as it were. With an unmatched delight and scent, these dazzling and stunning blossoms can without much of a stretch entrance any person in an easy way.



These sparkling flowers are promptly accessible in different hues, assortments and courses of action, the goal that you can offer the best to your friends and family. We can enable you to convey the excellent pack of new flowers Life is about these glad minutes where you live somewhat more. In this way, settle on these entrancing cakes as birthday presents for your friends and family and upgrade the bank of extraordinary recollections.


Send Sweet to Your Special Ones


Without a doubt, a birthday is the most vital day in anybody's life. All the extraordinary stories, voyage, and experiences began because of this promising day. This is multi day that is set apart with extraordinary energy and blessings frame a noteworthy piece of this event. A cake frames the most essential piece of a birthday festivity. Send flowers and cakes to India.


Along these lines, if you need to send a flawless "Upbeat Birthday" wish to your closest companion or close relative, you can't overlook the brilliant birthday cakes. Release a tasty universe of cream cakes, fondant cakes, semi-fondant cakes, level cakes, planner cakes, and photograph cakes just at Gifts n Flowers. These cakes and sweet are accessible in an assortment of flavors. Send sweets to India online to the special events. You can settle on a midnight conveyance of cake to your sweetheart's doorstep and shower monstrous love, care, and fondness which he/she would recall for eternity.



For more Information about our products, visit our website:






Our Contact Address:
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India - 500003
Phone: +91 9030016667
Email: customerservice@giftsnflowers.in

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text 2018-11-20 10:00
Send Birthday Cakes and Gifts in India at Affordable Price

Birthdays are always special and when your loved ones are far away from you how much you can make them feel special by sending a cake to their doorstep. If your friend lives in India, you will just have to send cakes online India and set the date when you want your cake to get delivered.



Facilities given through online portal

● In the online websites you can find the option of birthday cake delivery and also to the various parts of the world. With technology getting improved day by day distance cannot keep you away from your loved ones.
● Please online services have made it easier to surprise your loved ones by sending a fresh birthday cake and bring a smile on that face. Imagine how much your friend will be surprised to get a birthday cake from you delivered at the doorstep.
● The cake delivery services online also offer a variety of flavours from which you can pick the favourite flavour for your friend and write the best birthday message for him or her. Maybe a black forest or yummy vanilla or even a sweet strawberry flavoured cake will make the birthday very special.
● It is also possible to send birthday cake online, with customised pictures printed on them, which makes the whole thing very special. Soto new album and choose the best photo you have and attach it while you are ordering your cake.
● If you want to do a birthday gift delivery along with the cake comma the there are various options through which you can do that. Your special gift will be delivered with utmost care and you are special person have that in the perfect condition just as you like it.
● You just have to choose the proper shape and flavour and add your special instructions like if you want sugar free cake or even an eggless cake, you can do that also.
● The catalogue available online will show you mind blowing designs and the cake for every age group.

So don’t worry if you can’t be with your friend or your loved ones on their birthday. Send gifts to India and a cute birthday message for your mother who is in India right now former or beautiful birthday present for your father. The picture you will choose to choose to be customised on your friend’s birthday cake, will remind him or her about those fun days which is spent together.



For more Information about our products, visit our website: https://www.giftsnflowers.in

Follow us in Our Social Profiles Links:


Our Contact Address:
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India - 500003
Email: customerservice@giftsnflowers.in
Phone: +91 9030016667


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text 2018-07-20 12:55
Creative ideas to spend rejoice time with the best friends

Life gives us a chance to meet different people from various places. Most of them have no importance in our life. Some people understand us and share a unique bond of friendship. They provide great support in the different challenging situations of life. A real friendship is a dynamic force that helps to maintain this beautiful relationship among people. People are available to support and protect each other in the friendship. They have a unique lifestyle with their best friends. The strong bonding between friends helps to stay them forever in the friendship.


Friends also find time for the enjoyment together on particular occasions. They never miss a single chance to meet the best buddies in life. Friendship day is also a great chance to celebrate the memorable moments with old friends. People plan some parties and trips with their best buddies. Their main purpose is to refresh the best moments of friendship with friends. The memorable day of friendship looks beautiful with the close friends from schools, college, and neighborhood. It is the right time to enjoy some special events with friends.

Here are some creative ideas to spend quality time with loving friends.


Make some unique friendship accessories:

Most of the people have a nice group of friends in life. They also give some modern names to represent their particular groups. You can also make some stylish accessories to resemble your group. You can Design using a group photograph some personalized items like t-shirts, bracelets, caps, and cushions, etc. It will be a great fun with friends to make your group identity using such stylish accessories. Accessories are the best option to choose for all the occasions, even on the birthdays also make a combo of a tempting birthday cake and flowers along with the box of accessories.


Camping out with friends:

Everyone feels comfortable while spending time with friends. Planning a camp out can be a nice way to enjoy the best time with your best buddies.  Choose a beautiful campsite where you can do different fun activities with them. It should be an outdoor sports trekking on the high mountains where you can enjoy the adventure with your best companions. Make sure you carry all the required items for the camping with your friends. You can also take some sports items like volleyball, baseball, rugby and other favorite sports to enjoy at the base camp. It will help to refresh the best memories of your friendship with your old friends on this day.


Organize a grand party:

A party is helpful to make a gathering of concerned people for the celebration. It is the main part of any occasion in life. People find time to enjoy the best moments at the party. You can also arrange a unique friendship day party with your best friends. Try to prepare a delicious cake to cherish your old friendship day. You can make an arrangement of music and dance for the memorable celebration with your friends. It is the best way to have a reunion with your best buddies on this friendship day. Try to organize a party in the suitable and reachable place where you can do fantastic fun together with your friends.


Show gratitude to friends:

Friends are an integral part of everyone’s life. You can see the real friends importance in various phases of life. A friendship day is a right time to show some gratitude feelings to your best friends. You can also give them suitable titles for showing the great fellowship in the worst time. It will help to make a strong bonding in the true friendship. You can also give unique tags to each person of the group. And if you want to make it more unique add a fresh and lovely bouquet of flowers.


All of these creative ideas can help to celebrate the memorable day of friendship day.


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text 2018-07-06 07:24
How to Make Cake Boxes From Cardboard?


As far back as Carrie sank her teeth into a Magnolia bread shop Cake in a 2000 scene of Sex in the City, America has had an affection for an illicit relationship with the Cake. Furthermore, when Cakes are made by the dozen, with affection and awesome care pampered upon them, they should be served in as rich a way as could reasonably be expected.


A Cake stand is a perfect method to hold numerous Cakes on the double, ideal for weddings, supper party dessert, children's gatherings and your working environment morning tea. And keeping in mind that you can get the instant, making your own particular is truly rather a ton of fun!




How To Make A Cake Stand For 60 Cakes:


Note: You will require 2×8″ 2×9″ Styrofoam cake fakers for two more levels.
Silk lace, enough for both cake sheets and the Styrofoam cake fakers
Thick paper

Paste stick or twofold sided tape
Specialty stick
Solid twofold sided cover tape
Metal pins
A couple of scissors
A pencil
Basic single layer stand
For those circumstances when you have about six or so Cakes and don't have to layer it, this stand is simple and snappy.


Bits and pieces stand
This stand is anything but difficult to make from things around the house.



Make a Base


For the base, utilize a level bit of cardboard, plastic, or a thick cutting board. It can be in any shape - square, circle, or heart-molded, gave it's strong and beautiful.

A few stores offer cake bases that could fill in as an appropriate base for the Cake stand. These are generally exceptionally shoddy to purchase and come effectively wrapped in gold or silver thwart.


Cover The Base If Necessary


Cover the base with wrapping paper, thwart or another sort of covering to enhance its appearance. This progression isn't important if the base is as of now in incredible condition and looks decent.


Pick The Layers


Essentially, pick plates and platters that are lightweight and solid. They ought to in a perfect world decrease in examine as they go the stand, so pick something like a supper plate for the primary layer, a side plate for the following layer, a cake plate for the following layer and a saucer for the last layer.

Match the plates or blend them up. On the off chance that you have plates with pretty examples, diverse coordinating won't make any difference. Plain white or silver platters are dependably a sure thing when you need an impartial look.

For the best layer, where you put just a single layer, an undesirable CD is a sharp thing to utilize. You can abandon it unwrapped (yet do wash it first in warm, foamy water), or cover with paper or texture.



Make The Columns To Hold The Layers


Here is the place you get the opportunity to have a lot of aesthetic permits. Pick whatever is solid and liable to look pleasant. In particular, the thing must be alright for use around sustenance, it must not take up excessively room on the plate, it must be adjusted and it must decrease in examine as it goes the layers, much the same as the plates do.

Some extraordinary cases of things to use as columns between the layers include: a glass, container, eggcup, texture secured got out can, vase, sugar bowl, and so on.
A case of layering could be First column vase, second column a glass, third column a sugar bowl and last column an eggcup.


Mastermind The Columns And Layers


Place the base layer down in the territory where it'll remain. This stand won't be moved once made.

Include the primary column. At that point precisely adjust the following layer.

Keep including columns and adjusting layers. Whenever something appears to be unstable or indeterminate, attempt an alternate column or layer protest in its place to perceive whatsits all the more soundly.


Include The Cakes


Painstakingly mastermind the Cakes on each layer of the Cake stand. Sit tight for the oohs and aahs from your gathering visitors.



My Box Printing Offer Individual Cake Package


Present your Cake in a specially designed Cake package by My Box Printing. These boxes have become a necessary element as Cake needed special preservation requirements and they can lose their freshness without such preservation.


Most bakeries always delivered Cakes to their clients in a specially designed custom Cheap Cake boxes to protect the Cake as well as manifest the customers because a mishandled cup can easily get shamed for them.


In this modern age, people had made a new tradition to serve their clients with flavor Cake boxes for making their guest moment memorable. The use of Eco-friendly packaging for Cakes is also increasing rapidly.

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