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review 2017-10-13 21:06
good read, great characters
One Summer Night (At the Shore Book 1) - Caridad Piñeiro

Tracy was in love with being in love and that worried one of  her best friend and maid of honor Maggie as tracy and her new husband were dancing. Connie and emma were Tracy’s other best friend as well as Maggie’s.   Maggie, Connie,and emma were the last three single females in their circle of college friends and business acquaintances. Maggie hadn’t thought about marriage in a long time as she had too much going on in her life . For years now Maggie had been dealing with her family’s business and it’s money problems. Maggie had mortgaged the property she had inherited to funnel money into the family’s struggling retail stores. Maggie spent way too much time at work which left little time for romance.  Maggie was told by connie Owen had been watching her all night but maggie said Owen had no interest in her. Owen and Maggie’s fathers had been friends until Owen’s father felt Maggie’s family had done him wrong. Now there was a feud between the two families.But owen and maggie didn’t feel that way. A while ago Owen and Maggie had shared a drunken kiss and since then fate has seemed to throw them together a lot both personally and in business. Maggie didn’t feel so alone when owen was around. But Maggie couldn’t get used to that. Owen had left maggie once when she had needed him most right after her mom's death.   Owen’s in and out of Maggie’s life proved she couldn’t count on him. Owen’s younger brother Jonathan was also at the wedding and seen Owen watching Maggie and said to Owen Maggie was just trouble and their father had declared the Sinclairs were off limits a long time ago and would have a stroke if he knew Owen and Maggie were together. Owen felt in a way he had been involved with Maggie forever. Owen had become intrigued with the woman Maggie had grown into as they had know each other since they were young. Owen and Maggie started spending time together which was risky and complicated. Maggie has to make her father understand they have to update the stores even though her father greatly fears changing the store his cherished wife had built. Owen wants to help Maggie with her problems but she doesn’t know if it’s just a ploy to bring her whole family down as Maggie had learned not to trust Owen being there for her.

I enjoyed reading this book. The story was a fun light read. This was well written and I liked the plot and pace of the book. I really enjoyed the build up of Owen’s and Maggie’s relationship. I didn’t like when Maggie didn’t believe Owen and that he really cared for her but understood why she felt that way. I loved how Owen respected and supported Maggie knowing what it may cost him.  I loved Maggie, Connie, Emma, and Tracy’s relationships and how they were there for each other. This was a little predictable but I still really enjoyed and liked this book. It was a modern day romeo and Juliet along with one struggling and one person rich. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2017-09-25 19:38
One Summer Night
One Summer Night (At the Shore Book 1) - Caridad Piñeiro

eARC courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley
Release date: Oct 3rd


There is a lot happening in this one. Maggie partially owns her family business with her dad (and other shareholders of course). The retail division is losing money, due in part, to her dad being rigid and not wanting to change anything. Maggie has mortgaged 2 of the family's properties to keep them afloat and she will lose her home (and vacation home at Sea Kiss) if she can't turn things around. 
Owen is part owner of his family's real estate empire. His father disinherited his brother Jonathon when he wouldn't do what he wanted. His father hates the Sinclairs and wants their retail properties. Owen walks a fine line trying to have both what he wants and his father's approval.
I enjoyed this one, in part, because of the family history. Maggie grew up next door to Owen and his brother in Sea Kiss. Things happen and they run into each other periodically as they grew up, attend college, and then in the city. I liked this for the slow burn romance at first, then it became so much more quickly. Maggie does grow a spine and talks to her dad about his refusal to make changes. I assume Maggie's friends, Connie and Emma get their HEAs in future books. (I'm hoping Connie's is first; I think some of her story was happening concurrently with Maggie's. I also suspect she is 

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review 2016-12-09 00:00
Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Contemporary Romance Boxed Set
Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Contemporary Romance Boxed Set - Caridad Piñeiro,Sophia Knightly,Tawny Weber,Nina Bruhns,Susan Hatler,Virna DePaul,Kristin Miller
ARC Review: Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Anthology

Lucky 7: Hot Heroes is a great blend of spice, action, laughter and tears that entertains and provides a bit of hidden wisdom on the side. A little wicked behavior, leads to a whole lot of fun in Susan Hatler's Truth or Date. Tawny Weber lends an edgier voice to second chances and broken vows. Sophia Knightly and Virna DePaul supply proof that sometimes love can conquer all. Kristin Miller appeals to the heart with her humour, surprises and heat. Authors, romance and Danger are irresistible mix. With this anthology I scored a major hit.
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review 2015-10-14 02:18
You're in for a treat... review unfinished
Edge of Never: A Unique Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Boxed Set - Caridad Pineiro,Rosemary Edghill,Kristine Kathryn Rusch,Brenda Carre,Ann Gimpel,Pauline Baird Jones,Julia Mills,Susan Scott,Melissa Snark

I was gifted an ARC of "Edge of Never", in exchange for an honest review.

I have yet to read ALL the stories within, but if what I have read so far is an idication of what to expect.... I'm in for a treat. I will update, once I have finished another story within this boxset.

Undead Uprising (A Villalobos Legacy, Part 1: A Wolf Alone) by Caridad Pineiro.... This was my introduction to Caridad's writing & what an introduction! An extremely strong warrior she-wolf, born to be the next alpha, alone with her power, in-love with a human.... I want more of this story & will be keeping an eye out for more.

Lizzie Fair & the Dragon of Heart's Desire by Rosemary Edghill....

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review 2015-07-13 13:32
Just One Night
Just One Night: a New Adult Erotic Romance Novella (Take a Chance) (Volume 1) - Caridad Pineiro

Plot summary:  Nicole and Jase have been secretly crushing on each other for *years.*  Nicole, because she was shy and had some confidence issues.  Jase because she's his best friend's sister (the "bro-code").  They both have to grow a pair because Jase is deploying to Afghanistan.  A bit cliché.  Not bad, but not great either.  Just okay.

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