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review 2018-03-19 04:01
Carry the Ocean (The Roosevelt #1) (Audiobook)
Carry the Ocean - Heidi Cullinan

This was amazing and I'm kicking myself for taking so long to get to it. Except by waiting, I got to listen to Iggy Toma's brilliant narration which made the book that much more special. He really studied and got lots of advice from people with autism on how to portray Emmitt and it really shows. He voices Emmitt and Jeremey perfectly. Toma and Cullinan are proving to be a match made in audiobook heaven.


Emmitt has autism and Jeremy has major depressive disorder with extreme anxiety disorder. This isn't a book about "love cures all" because there are no cures. Instead, this is a book that respects both the struggles and the accomplishments of these two amazing young men, and how they have learned to manage the world around them and navigate a new relationship with each other at the same time. They're oddly perfect for each other, because Emmitt is calm and controlled when Jeremey is not, and Jeremey can understand the emotions that Emmitt has a hard time expressing. But their disabilities can also aggravate each other as well, so they have to learn how to talk to each other and when to give each other space. 


I really liked Emmitt's family. His parents and aunt were a great support system for Emmitt and later for Jeremey. Jeremey's family were not understanding about his issues at all, but they're allowed their time to be humanized as well. They're not bad parents because they don't love their son. It's clear they want the best for him. But they're misinformed, sometimes purposely so, but there's more to it than just that.


Then there's Derek, who we meet later in the book and really shines instantly as a great friend to Jeremey, even if he's something of a foil for Emmitt, at least at first. 


I can tell that an amazing amount of research went into this book, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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text 2018-03-08 04:54
Paper Carry Bags: The Creative Activity That Pays Off

Everyone needs something to get busy with, relieve the stress, bring their creative self out and, if possible, make some money out of it. The classic example of this is those artists who play violin in public or simply make portraits of the people passing by them and make money out of it.

You have to find something to possess you unless you want to let negativity to do this to you. This blog post is all about getting busy with something artistic as well as of real value in the real world.

Let us talk about paper carry bags for example. People love to buy handmade paper items e.g. greeting cards, gift boxes, and other stuff. This other stuff includes the handmade paper bags that people pay money to get and you can start learning to make those bags and make a fortune out of it.

This is a step by step process of making awesome paper carry bags out of paper stock and you will learn to use the given materials in a precise and guided way.

Let us discover:


1. Materials


Here is the list of materials which are used in making of those wholesale paper carry bags that you have been watching in stores and wondering how they are made:

  • A paper stock sheet of your favorite base color for paper carry bags
  • Some other paper stock sheets of different colors
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Bone folder

2. Process


Here is the step by step process to make the first perfect paper carry bag. If you perfect this art, you can add a lot of other details to your work, that I will discuss at the end of this blog post:

  • Use the scale to take the measurements and decide as to what is going to be the size of your paper bag
  • Cut out one big piece of paper stock (one that you intend to use for the base of the paper bag)
  • Use the bone folder to score the paper sheet on one of the long sides – it should be scored at half an inch
  • Bend the paper from one short side to the other, making sure that you leave a half inch margin
  • Press along the curved side to make it look like one piece of cardstock
  • Now open the cardstock/paper and apply glue to the half inch scored length (not the margin that you left)
  • After the glue is applied, bend that half inch scored length and paste it to the base of the paper stock
  • Once glued and pasted perfectly, bend paper stock again to make it half the length of the actual sheet; this you do to turn it from paper stock to paper bag
  • Now you will deal with the marine that you left; apply glue to it and bend it over to paste it with the rest of the stock
  • Take one open side, bend it for 1 ½ inch and press the sides of the bend to make a boat like a feature
  • Apply to the other side as well, and then bring both vertical edges together and glue them together
  • This will form the bottom of your paper bag
  • Wait for the glue to dry, then turn both sides vertical sides of the paper bag roughly an inch inward, reinforce with the bone folder and then bend them inch outward and repeat the process of reinforcing
  • Now slide your hand through the opening of the bag and move sideways to see that the bag is a bit fluffy and open to let any item packed inside it
  • Now, go to the bottom, and play with it to turn it into a flat paper bag bottom
  • Now get a colored paper sheet to make the handles of your bag
  • Cut two half-inch thin and 6 inch long lengths
  • Apply glue to both sides of both handles and paste both sides of both handles to the inside of the box on both opening ends
  • Press with hand and wait for a few seconds to let the handles have the good grip on the paper stock

Job did! You have made the first paper bag of your life and that too without any mistake, and I bet it looks good. Now let us decorate it:

  • Get the colored paper sheets that you chose for the decoration
  • Cut out some shapes e.g. heart, star, moon, sunflower or any other flower etc.
  • Apply glue to the shapes and paste them proportionately on both sides of the bag
  • You can also use colors in contrast; choose two sheets of light and dark colors, cut out the shapes, the dark shape will be small and glued to the big light-colored shape and the big light-colored shape will be glued to the bag

This is it. However, you can easily modify this process. You can also choose to add embellishments like ribbons, laces, and motifs etc. As much expensive as your bag will be, you will be capitalizing on it and the price will go high. This means more income with little-added impact.

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review 2017-11-07 06:24
CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell (Spoiler)
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

I love this book, Rainbow Rowell is my favorite author, but i give this book 4 star because:

    The first 200 pages is soooooooo boring, it’s seem like didn’t even started the story, it’s just talk about how Simon fell about Baz is missing, Penelope, Athena, and Mage, and how normal the school are.

     It’s started to get interesting when Baz’s mom go back and find him, to tell Baz that find the one who kill her, but at that point Baz was missing, so Simon is the one that know everything about Baz’s mom, the powerful woman that own their school when she still alive.

     Baz knew he loved Simon for a very ling time, but he just want to do some awkward things that might hurt Simon, ans Simon thinks that Baz want to kill him, so they stayed enemies like forever until Baz mom appear in the story. Somtime Baz really want to kill Simon just because he lives Simon.

     They started to get closer, a swear to not heparm or kill each other in the time that they find out who was kill Baz’s mom, so they got really near, and Simon came to Baz house for Christmas 

     And at the moment when Baz want to revenge and kill himself in that moment, Simon kiss Baz, to tell him to shut up, and he need to alive. They started to kiss, just kiss, they’re not lover, Simon doesn’t think that he likes boy or he’s gay, but they just kiss.

     At the end when Simon is the monster that everyone want to kill, and Baz realize they are all the same monster, so they live happily together in a normal world, Penelope know they are gay, she still Simon best friend after all.

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text 2017-11-07 05:39
CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell ( Spoiler Free)
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

I’ve read Carry on after Fangirl, and I highly recommend to community of book lovers, or student who need to find something easy, understandable, and drag readers into the book. I can’t be able to stop readjng it, even in class. I live the scene that Baz and Simon just kiss, and know that they like each other, even though they was enemies.

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review 2017-09-15 02:07
Carry Me Home - Jessica Therrien

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Acorn Publishing. All opinions are my own.

Carry Me Home is a beautifully written novel that follows a family of three women, each trying to escape their own reality in different ways. I found myself able to identify with all three women at different times throughout the novel.These three characters became so real to me throughout reading that I felt as if I could touch them. Jessica Therrien breathes life into these women with her artfully crafted prose.

Although there were times where this novel was filled with action and edge-of-your-seat scenes, I would not refer to the pacing as fast. The point of view switches made it easy to set down in this case. Which is actually okay because this is a novel that invoked so much thought that I don't think it should be devoured in one sitting. But with such beautiful writing and thought provoking prose I did not find that it invoked much emotion within me. With the subject matter it certainly could have, so I kind of felt like that was a missing piece of this puzzle. I just felt a bit of an emotional disconnect, especially with Ruth. Probably because she was the character I related to the least.

This book has so much packed into it that I feel like it might have been better split into several books. Gangs, violence, drugs, alcoholic home, love, grief and family dynamics. It is a realistic story though. It shows you how a person could find themselves addicted to drugs and makes you understand why someone would wind up there. This story is full of ugly truths, and it feels 100% real.

I found myself wondering if this novel is based on personal experience or not. At times I feel as if it could be my story about my years of teenage rebellion. (I wasn't quite as wild as Lucy, but I did sneak out my bedroom window.) It just feels extremely authentic and I wouldn't be surprised if the author had lived through some of this herself.

I would suggest this book to lovers of dark, realistic fiction. At times it might not be entirely appropriate for all young adult readers, probably best for 15 and up.

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