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review 2017-11-14 17:23
Romance and a bit of suspense
Seducing the Defendant (The Conflict of Interest Series) - Chantal Fernando

After reading the blurb on this one, I expected more on Scarlett's case and Jaxon fighting the attraction, but this one is more about the romance and Scarlett's transformation. This is an emotional read with both, Jaxon and Scarlett, having their own things to deal with. We also have the added suspense of who actually killed Scarlett's husband and the connections to the Wind Dragons MC. Having not read the Wind Dragons series, I'm not sure if the characters mentioned were an integral part of that series, but I had no problem following the story. 

Jaxon and Scarlett didn't have that same fiery chemistry as I found in Tristan and Kat's book, but their story is just as good. Jaxon is tender and patient with Scarlett as she finds herself again and they do have good chemistry. 

Overall, Jaxon and Scarlett's story is a well-written, emotional tale that kept me turning pages.

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review 2017-09-18 19:06
Light-hearted read
Breaching the Contract (The Conflict of Interest Series Book 1) - Chantal Fernando

Breaching the Contract is feel-good office romance with fun characters and wit. Kat's inner dialogue kept me chuckling through most of the story and I really like that this isn't an instalove romance. The fact that Tristan and Kat don't fall into bed immediately and spend a big portion of the story avoiding that very thing is one of the things that adds to the story. There is a rather unnecessary plot twist toward the end that almost seems to be thrown in for the sake of a bit of angst to this otherwise light-hearted tale, leaving the ending feeling a bit rushed to resolve the issue. Other than that, the book is well-written and entertaining, with a charismatic pair and a couple of sweet kids, making this perfect for a fun afternoon read. 

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review 2017-08-13 22:59
Breaching the Contract
Breaching the Contract (The Conflict of Interest Series Book 1) - Chantal Fernando

I was invited by the publisher (through Netgalley) to read this book. I was a fan of some of Chantal Fernando's previous books so I was excited to read the start of this new series. While the book had some great steamy scenes I feel like this was way too short and because of that the characters felt underdeveloped. I don't feel like we even learned all that much about Kat and Tristan and I didn't read enough about them to feel compelled to keep reading. I would consider continuing this series if the characters are more developed and the plot is not rushed. 


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.

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review 2017-03-12 13:30
Crossroads (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club) - Chantal Fernando

I think this is going to be the last book of this series that I read (if it's not already the last book of the series). I started off with high hopes for this book but the more that I read the more disappointed in it I became. 


This book very much follows the formula of the previous books in the series. There starts off with some big dangerous thing or event that draws the characters together. Once that gets resolved, fairly too quickly, our couple spends some happy time together until something stupid years then apart again. In the beginning of the series this worked for me but now I kinda hoped for something different.


This book is for you if you don't mind instalove. I, however, find it unrealistic and annoying. Both characters experienced instalove but I do have to say that Jo was a little bit less annoying about it than Ranger.


I was hoping for more from this and was disappointed to find just the same old story. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley. 

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text 2017-03-09 01:24
Rake's Redemption by Chantal Fernando $1.99
Rake's Redemption - Chantal Fernando

Rake is known for being up for anything, in and out of the bedroom. He’s wild, he’s deadly, yet quick with a joke or a stolen kiss. Known as the player of the WDMC, he loves women, the more the merrier. However, behind his womanizing façade, Rake hides the pain of losing his first love, Bailey. He hasn’t loved anyone since, and doesn’t think he ever will.

Seven years after their split, Rake and Bailey run into each other at the MC’s favorite club. Old wounds resurface, secrets are spilled...and passionate feelings are awakened. But they’ve each done things to hurt the other, hurt them too badly to get over it—haven’t they? Only when Bailey’s connection to Rake puts her in danger from another Club member does he realize that there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her—and claim her as his once again.

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