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review 2018-10-12 07:07
An Insight into Six Sigma Training and How It Works

Is this the first time you heard about Six Sigma training? Well, it is a leading certification in the industry that’s developed to improve business processes. You get trained for implementing the Six Sigma’s principles and methodologies to keep growth graph rising to the top. The Six Sigma professionals identify and thwart any issue that comes in your way to achieve success. You not only improve your quality standards but emerge as a leader in your niche.


The Six Sigma certification is a must if you have ambitions to achieve high success growth using minimal resources. Here’s more about Six Sigma Certification to make you familiar with it:


Waste Management At Its Best


Like all other businesses, your aim might be to achieve ultimate success for your business? If yes, then hiring a professional who has done extensive Six Sigma training will fulfill your needs. Or alternatively, you could arrange for a corporate training program for Six Sigma certification for your employees. These professionals know how to take care of your business process with effective waste management. They will not improve your production process but the product quality too. The Six Sigma certification isn’t that easy you might thinking it to be. The individuals are tested for knowledge before certifying them.


Six Sigma Certification is an Investment


Consider the Six Sigma professionals as an investment in your business which is bound to give you highest returns over time. Hiring a qualified professional is not possible all the time. But you can nurture his ability to perform by offering Six Sigma lessons for him. This might seem like an unwanted expense for you but it’s not. This is because the certified professionals play a major role in identifying issues and making improvements. Eventually, they save operations cost and help you increase the profits.


How to Find a Reputed Institute for Six Sigma Coaching?


Many online organizations offer online Six Sigma learning sessions. Enrolling in their training sessions is just as easy as clicking a mouse button. What’s more? You can learn Six Sigma principles at your pace. Complete the course within a few hours or weeks, it all depends on how much time you devote to learning. Some of these institutes dispatch the supporting reading material to your address for an ease of learning. This makes learning Six Sigma easier for you because you don’t have to spend time searching for the reading material from shop to shop.




Empowering your employees with Six Sigma training and Lean Certification is the best thing that you could do. It is a wise investment that flourishes over time. A Six Sigma certified employee could work wonders to streamline your business process. However, things don’t work overnight. You will need to wait patiently to see your employees making contributions that will exceed your expectations.


When quality coaching for Six Sigma is on your mind, consider Skil Global to deliver the best results for you. We nurture your best investment in people and make it profitable for you. With thousands of teaching hours training experience, we are here to empower your employees with knowledge. Reach us to arrange corporate teaching lessons for Six Sigma, lean six sigma black belt & six sigma green belt.

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review 2018-09-28 16:29
4 Benefits of Lean Management for Your Organization

Why your company should consider Lean management? This kind of questions usually comes to mind when you don’t know the benefits that come along with Lean certification.Also, as a company, you might want to explain these benefits to your managers. If you are the organization that is struggling with the hikes in operations cost and intense competition, then Lean strategies could solve these issues.


If you intend to incorporate Lean techniques into your organization, then you must be aware of its pros which are listed below:


  1. Eliminates Errors in Your Work System

By deploying Lean management into your company system, you could multiply the revenue by many folds. Wondering how? Well, the Lean techniques help eliminate errors in your system that’s the reason behind poor customer satisfaction. It identifies the reason for losses and helps resolve them to make your customers happy with your service. You would be able to address billing errors, clients’ complaints, cost overruns and many other issues.


  1. Improves Business Processes

The Lean certification allows you to differentiate processes and demonstrate your knowledge of process measurement, analysis, control and optimization. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the current practices in your organization and let you know its impact on the quality performance. It helps you to take corrective measures to achieve the sustainable quality in your processes.


  1. Applicability Across Industries

The Lean techniques help not just in one or two industries but a gamut of them. These strategies have been successfully applied in a range of industries, including IT, HR, telecom, aerospace, defense and so on. It’s not that easy to attain but yes, the perks of having your workforce certified with Lean makes you competitive in all spheres. You would not only deploy Lean into your system with the help of Lean certified professionals but a catalyst for change. It would eventually help you streamline business process.


  1. Ensures Consistent Quality

The benefit of following Lean is that it helps maintains the strict quality standards that your customer might be expecting from you. You get zero manufacturing errors that meet or exceed international quality standards. You will be able to bag more contracts if you implement Lean in your organization.




Using Lean, you prepare your workforce for the leadership roles to take your growth level to sky highs. The Lean management certified employees will be able to reduce your business costs, achieve efficiency and identify the bottlenecks in the growth. This certification makes them ready to play a significant role as middle managers or directors’ roles and share your work burden. This nurtures them into a future leader and managerial skills that eventually benefit your organization.


Want to stay ahead in the business? Then don’t be shy to get your employees Lean certified from a leading institute for Lean certification – SkIL. We help your employees recognize their potential and act as a catalyst for change. Just enroll their Lean certification from us and get ready to experience the business growth like never before. Visit us today!

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review 2018-09-27 06:16
Lean Six Sigma and Lean Certification Levels You Should Know

Wondering what the Lean certification is all about? It is a certification that helps professionals and companies to achieve their goals in an efficient manner. Learning Lean Six Sigma makes you more competitive in the market. The certified professionals are huge in demand because they make an active contribution to the company’s growth by reducing the production overheads.


If you want to pursue the Lean Six Sigma certification, here are some of the levels you should know about:


Lean Management Certification Levels


If you want to get Lean certification, you need to have a good knowledge its principles and applications. This certificate is awarded to those professionals who successfully eliminate waste in the operation processes of an organization. The prime focus of the lean system is to provide value to the end customer by improving the development and maintenance processes.


The Lean management certification could be classified into three different levels. You start from the bronze level at first, upgraded to silver level the next and gold levels at the last. The gold is the highest level for in the lean management certification. Every level confirms the increased proficiency in handling tools and applying the strategies of the Lean system to its best.


Six Sigma Certification Levels


The Six Sigma certification could be further classified into four levels. These certification levels are known as belts. The belts are achieved as you move up to the top levels. Starting from the yellow belt certification, the levels go upto master black belt certification level which is the highest level a Six Sigma professional can earn. Let’s discuss the levels one by one:


  • Yellow Belt Certificate

Being the first step in Six Sigma certification, the Yellow Belt Certificate is for the novices. It teaches you the basics of Six Sigma and prepares your foundation for the next levels.In this level; you gain insights into various tools and techniques such as DMAIC methods.


  • Green Belt Certificate

After clearing the Yellow Belt certification, the candidate gets moved onto higher level called Green Belt. In this level, the candidates get taught about the principles of Six Sigma and learn to put into use at the workplace.


  • Black Belt Certificate

Those candidates who earn this certificate usually play the key managerial roles in the organizations. But you need to master the principles and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma to upgrade your certification to Black Belt specialists. Those professionals who have earned Green Belt certifications could opt to appear for the Black Belt certification if they are confident enough to clear the exam.


In this level, candidates are trained to design and apply advanced Six Sigma strategies. Some of them include applying logistic regression analysis and hypothesis testing to reduce the company’s operations cost.


  • Master Black Belt

This is the highest level a professional can achieve in the Six Sigma certification. To be eligible for it, you need to be a certified Black Belt holder.The Master Black Belt professionals usually mentor their fellow black belt professionals.




By getting Six Sigma and Lean certification, you could not only reward your career but also boost your company growth. These certifications teach you everything that could improve an organization’s productivity. You can also train your colleagues and take your company’s success story to all new heights.


Aspiring to get your employees Lean certified? SKIL could help. We have successfully trained employees from the startups to conglomerates. Ask us for Lean Management certification to re-write your success story.

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review 2018-09-26 06:25
3 Tips to Help You Get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Earning a Lean Six Sigma green belt certification is a perk in its own. Being an employer, if you want your managers to be competitive in the workplace, preparing them for certification is the best thing you could do. It will not only fulfill your business interests but also help you develop a competitive workforce that could handle the market competition pretty well. This certification is geared towards those professionals who want to emerge as future leaders. The Green Belt certification will help you keep a tab on the waste, reduce the inventory cost and streamline the business process.


If you are ready to be a Green Belt holder, you need to clear the exam and here are the tips to help you prepare well for the certification:


  1. Prepare Self on Practice Questions

To get Lean Six Sigma green belt certification in the first attempt, practice is the key.Before you face the real question paper, it’s best to get your knowledge tested. You could get your hands tested on practice questions. There are lots of online resources where you could easily find collections of past tests with answers. These practice questions make you familiar with how the practice paper is going to be. Hone your skills to gain a confidence before you actually appear for Green Belt practice exams.


  1. Use Study Guides for Lean Six Sigma

Study guides are a great resource for candidates appearing for green belt certification. You could look online to find a study guide for Green Belt exams. These guides have easy-to-understand content written by experienced Lean Six Sigma certified professionals. These practical guides set you on the right course to make your learning easier.


  1. Take a Green Belt Certification Course

The most viable way to prepare for the Green Belt exam is through proper coaching and applying through an institute that’s experienced in it. These institutes are often run by experienced Six Sigma Professionals with an extensive knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles. They also have the course literature ready to help you prepare for the exam. Their coaching could work wonders for you since they offer guided learning sessions online. You could prepare for the course by just spending a few hours.




There are numerous ways to get you prepared for Lean Six Sigma green belt certification. However, the way that works the best is learning with the help of a Six Sigma certified institute. They usually have extensive experience under the hood to train corporate employees for the green belt certification. Their tips for exam preparation are usually very helpful because they have thousands of hours Six Sigma lessons teaching experience. If your aim is to get the certification without any hit and trial, then these institutes give you the most value to your money and efforts. So don’t hesitate to ask for the one.


Ask SkIL to prepare you for the green belt certification because we have the insight into it. We have the best course study material for you to make your exam preparation easier than ever. Consult us if getting Lean Six Sigma certification is on your mind. SKIL offers Employee skill development programs in Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma Jobs, Six Sigma Black Belt & Green Belt Certification, Project Management Training in Bangalore, India.

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review 2018-09-25 05:39
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - Crucial Information Revealed

Are you gearing to get your employees Lean Six Sigma black belt certification? It’s the best initiative that could boost your business growth. It is a need of the times if your business is struggling with poor customer deliveries, high inventory cost and other issues. The only viable solution here is to get your employees trained for Six Sigma certification. There are levels of Lean Six Sigma that your employees could attain step by step. Starting from the yellow belt certification, they could make their way to a black belt.


This is where you see start seeing growth explosion in your company as your employees are geared to mentor their colleagues. If you want to dig deeper into the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification, below is the crucial information for you:


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Attaining Lean Six Sigma black belt certification puts your workforce in a better position to handle improvements in the business processes like a pro.They will become experts in implementing Lean Six Sigma knowledge to its best. They will be in a better position to share their expert opinions about making improvements in the business processes. Being black belt holders, your employees would indulge in teaching and mentoring colleagues with lower grade belts. These certified Lean Six Sigma certification holders bring a lot of value to the table by sharing their expertise and making improvements that they have learned over time.


Here are the Skills You Need to Get the Black Belt


If you are up for the transition from green belt holder to black belt holder, you will need to have:


  • Good Knowledge of Statistics

Getting certified with Six Sigma black belt isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have an analytical bent of mind and should be comfortable with stats and calculations. This certification is mostly focused on quantitative studies. That means you would be in good position if you are good at quantitative analysis of data. At times, you would need to convert complex data into clear and defined goals. You should also be proficient in handling MS Excel and generating data reports and diagrams for decision-making.


  • Expect More Complicated Things On the Way

It’s not just about statistics, earning a black belt certification in Six Sigma has a pretty bigger curriculum than you can expect. Often times, you will need to prepare large case studies which require in-depth analysis of the data. So be prepared for the things you are going to face while upgrading yourself from green belt to black belt.




Motivating your team is the best thing you could do as an employer while they prepare themselves for Lean Six Sigma black belt certification. The journey from green belt to black belt is not going to be easy. But a mentor could make a difference.This is the reason you should seek the help of an institute who could guide your employees in attaining black belt certification with getting overwhelmed.


At SKIL, we are the mentor you need for achieving black belt certification on the very first attempt. We have most-modern Lean Six Sigma literature for you that can be conveniently dispatched to your place. Getting black belt certification would be a lot easier if you apply with us. Contact us today!

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