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text 2020-05-12 19:41
How to Hire an AI Consultant

So, you know you need some maker learning/AI advancement. Why not simply do it yourself? Well, the short solution is that professionals have much more experience than generalists, as well as can for that reason reduce your threat and effort. The longer response has to do with understanding where the ground mine is concealed, and what excellent demands appear like. I'm a device finding out specialist, and I perform agreement work as a specialist to companies in the UNITED STATE and also Canada. I additionally have substantial experience in establishing organizations. Incorporating the lessons I have actually grabbed by operating in the field, allows speaking about employing an AI specialist.

If your task is not moneyed, your best option is to try as well as deal with a college laboratory to obtain some early results. Allow's presume for this short article that your project is a conventional case of a service taking on AI to boost the core product offering. This is, as a result, a "small R; huge D" R&D job. Some projects, especially startups, are a "big R; large D" affair, and that is a subject for afterward. In the meantime, let's stay with the assumption that you have a group in place and also consumers to web server, and also want to add some reducing side AI capabilities.

You are looking for an AI specialist. Allow's currently obtain even more particular about what to try to find. You desire a specialist that is greater than a data researcher. You need engineering. Artificial intelligence projects seldom entail just the data science component. You need to aggregate information and also massage therapy it right into the best layout for the AI to learn. Often the task involves hardware, cordless, and networking. This is the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). It likewise assists to work with a professional that recognizes the business effects of your needs, kind of like an administration specialist. You desire a source that can talk about budgeting, preparation, and solution architecture, recognizing what a machine finding out implementation at scale looks like. It is additionally a great idea to involve gives any place you can, as the ML area is a very cutting side, and also should qualify your R&D for some government financing programs (In Canada, these are Mitacs, OCE, NSERC, and so on and so on).


Another aspect of hiring a professional to get your AI program off the ground is ability building. You wish to build into your company some generic framework to supply the ability to do future maker learning jobs and to impart the understanding within your DevOps team( s) to keep and extend the code brought in by the professional (as long as possible/practical). Developing an AI ability right into a company can be a program monitoring and team-building procedure as long as it is a software/hardware job. It commonly involves board conferences, connecting these objectives to Trick Efficiency Indicators (KPIs) as well as stakeholder conferences. It is a wise idea to have the officer( s), product manager( s) and also a senior programmer( s) in the very same room when the project is being laid out. I have prepared numerous proposals, interacted with capitalists and also a crucial point of view leaders, and also offered products to huge target markets. No 2 conferences coincide. Which's why it's excellent to have a specialist on your side when you decide to obtain your business right into AI.

Ops and also Big Information

" Fortune favours the prepared mind" (Louis Pasteur).

Ask any type of prospective professional about their recent work background. Despite having NDAs in position, there is some details they can share that is not embargoed. For example, "Describe a recent job you did for a large consumer" can be responded to with "I just recently finished a project entailing the style and release of a big data AI option for a United States client. It was an on-premise service beginning with the barebones facilities web server running Ubuntu server with GPUs, and winding up with a service efficient in sustaining several hundreds of transactions per second. They enjoyed the outcomes. I'll ask if I can share more details with you." This is the type of response to anticipate. In my case, I have openly proven licenses, posts, and a doctorate listed to make sure that customers can recognize the level of my job. My current service machine learning will exist in July 2017 in Nice, France (" Not Being Watched Deep Learning Recommender System for Desktop Computer Users" and also "Visual Deep Learning Recommender System for Personal Computer Users").

In a followup, you might get something like the adhering to from a great specialist. "Returning towards the tie in between big information and cloud, I want to resolve my recent experience with cloud connectivity of information streaming physical possessions. My group helped a recent client to attach equipment systems to a cloud system that logs, analyzes, as well as provides data visualization. We designed the cloud option from the ground up, as well as expected in a succeeding declaration of the job from the client to involve our adding artificial intelligence analytics to their real-time production solution." This tells you that they recognize cloud as well as IoT, and also are comfortable getting into AI at the range.

Most of my work is under really rigorous NDA, and so I have actually supplied instances right here from my academic work or work that remains in the public domain name to show exactly how I work in experiment clients. Yet ... Do not let a specialist hide behind NDAs. Especially if they can not generate for you statements like those over, your professional needs to have a public profile that shows where they are originating from. For example, peer-reviewed magazines, pertinent college levels, licenses, panel discussions, a team, and so on. Utilizing myself as an instance, I have completed a master’s level on the subject of finding which parts of a software application should be increased in hardware provided an equipment restriction. My Ph.D. got on advising actions to individuals without supervision knowing. This all comes together to inform the client of a reputation narrative. Consider the get in touch with's internet site. Is it great, or are they simply an email address and a blank page? It does without saying that the consultant ought to be included. Moreover, their company website is a wonderful way to evaluate exactly how organized the professional really is. Do they generally do anything for cash (e.g. will code for cookies), or are they directly focused? As an example, in our situation, we do IoT as well as AI, which's it.

With demands collecting and also whiteboard sessions expect to dive deep into just how the remedy would be structured prior to creating any code. You need to go over exactly how the system would certainly be used, and also the business instance for how would it would be offered to the consumer. AI consulting company build a strategy with you called a Declaration Of Work (SOW), with milestones and also deliverables, and after that build stakeholder buy-in.


Each specialist takes care of threats in a different way. My technique to remedy architecture is company. Early on in my job, I was functioning directly in operations, as well as data centers and also network procedures are extremely significant places that remain to offer me stop briefly. If someone pulls the incorrect chord in ops or deploys one pest right into those servers, then every customer might be calling assistance. It is a high-stress setting. In response to that pressure, I comply with the typical system architecture strategy to dev teams, beginning with dev, integration, as well as manufacturing, and including rollback choices, implementation verification with QA, as well as routine VPS back-ups at each circulation center for threat mitigation. Wherever feasible I recommend clients make use of the cloud to prevent this kind of ops danger.


I am a huge follower of cloud remedies. Artificial intelligence code runs on GPUs that are occasionally cheaper to get and run than to run on AWS. The essential worth I give the table is the ability to understand and also design the software program style as well as the hardware required. The guidance you desire is when to visit the cloud. Not all clients listen, however, all specialists must have the ability to assist you to make a decision where to construct your system (cloud or on-prem). I routinely stipulate GPU hardware right into customer infrastructure, be it shadow based in AWS, in a committed shelf in the information facility, or on-premise in the client's exclusive facility. GPU equipment configuration and deployment into a manufacturing setting is something I understand. Certain innovations that are excellent to discuss below are Nginx for serving and load balancing, memoization for caching results to decrease both latency and also unnecessary calculate, replication and indexing to take the pressure off of high-traffic data source tables, and likewise dispersed query systems such as NoSQL. My individual preference is for Postgres, although I have collaborated with t-SQL (SQL server), MySQL, as well as Sqlite. Experience has taught me to stabilize tables and listen to the DBA, because he is smarter than every person else when it pertains to databases, and also to press efficiency from information outside of the database with preprocessing wherever possible. Any type of good expert will make restricting declarations such as this, declaring that they are not a specialist on every little thing. If a specialist always asserts knowledge, regardless of the topic, then you should worry.


Any AI expert you work with must recognize safety and security. They are often touching your most sensitive data. Via my engaging in a number of huge information jobs, I have actually created an instinctive feel for cloud automation that jives with safety and security demands. I view the cloud, be it private or public, as a VPS administration system. Many base innovations from authentication (e.g. Oauth2) and also consent (e.g. role centered accessibility control pattern) to SSL and also firewall programs are called for in order to stand up a production system for a business. I do this frequently, from square one, and also I am familiar with safety and security systems including software and hardware (See Authorized Patents) as well as the danger models and also safety policies that accompany securely establishing a job as the one explained in the uploading for this placement. For example, whitelisting and blacklisting IPs, PPK verification, RSA token-based authentication, and so on. Naturally, any type of system is only as strong as the people that utilize it. Educating the team to comply with safety policies is necessary to preserving the protection framework.


Machine Learning


Let us now explore the essential subject of this conversation. Particularly, can the professional style and implement an artificial intelligence development company to satisfy your needs? Just how can you tell?


As I explained in a recent article, machine learning proficiency is difficult to discover. General expertise is quickly reaching programmers, which is excellent, yet deeper expert understanding is tougher to obtain from a short online program or online video. Do not get me incorrect, I love those sources as well as extremely recommend them, yet they are insufficient to give your dev group the abilities they need. Looking back at my files, I took my very first artificial intelligence college program in the last year of my undergraduate degree in 2006, before it was popular. In parallel with the initiative called for to finish a Ph.D. on artificial intelligence on a part-time basis from 2009 to 2017, I have been working a series of extremely interesting work connected to machine learning, going all the way back to my operate at Zip.ca (Momentous Corp) where I created recommender systems and also performed procedures research study (e.g. integer straight programs, combinatorial optimizations, knapsack issue, transshipment issue, and others). My task at Zip, ca be to discover an "excellent" task of DVDs to clients, offered a listing of customer desires and also DVD accessibility at each distribution center. This work was completed head to head with Netflix in Canada.

With a consultant you don't know, always seek to start with small evidence of concept deliverable to show to yourself that this expert understands their stuff. Work with the professional ahead up with a task that is a low dangling fruit. Something that they can deliver on rapidly without much growth effort (e.g. based upon existing code they already have, and also data you have actually currently gathered). If this first step works out, then you can confidently move to a bigger task scope.


Don't believe excessive about what tools the consultant is utilizing, as long as they are market standard. I do the majority of my machine discovering operate in python, as well as my frameworks of option are Tensorflow 1.0, and sci-kit-learn. I often make use of Keras. Generally, my code runs in a GPU. Wherever feasible I reuse existing machine learning versions instead of building them from square one. Anticipate the expert to show you how to save every person’s time and money by recycling existing AI code.


Ask the consultant to explain a deployment, in general terms. The instance I would certainly provide for an image processing task goes something like this: "I have employed Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) as well as supervised learning for differentiating between classes of photos based upon identified data. As an example, discriminating between wounds on a client, discovering distinctions between products based upon appearance, and various other such picture classification jobs. In production, I would certainly utilize a GPU-capable VPS as well as a web server such as Flask and also a lots balancer (Nginx) to make these models high-throughput. Training a complete CNN can be time extensive, therefore as a first step to be familiar with the observed features, I have made use of transfer gaining from an existing CNN to see how well the attributes of passion in the labeled data gather right into the wanted classifications. Beyond supervised learning, I have released without supervision understanding models when there want to identify data for supervised knowing. In some cases, dimensionality decrease is suitable for unsupervised discovering (e.g. for clustering I use t-SNE as well as often PCA or K-means).".


Whereas, for a text processing project, I would certainly respond with something extra similar to this: "I am a large follower of word embedding designs. For this sort of job, I make use of word2vec and/or GloVe, either with Tensorflow or directly in python, and also leverage existing designs such as google news vectors as well as Wikipedia, or build my own design based upon a message corpa or the customer's dataset. There are lots of other maker finding out designs that we can enter into in greater detail, including generative models such as RNN as well as LSTM, and also newer knowing models such as view evaluation, and also more.".


Final thought


With any luck, this write-up will aid you to determine who to work with as a device discovering consultant. The takeaway message is that you work with an AI specialist to be more than a data scientist. You want them to offer assistance in making a total system from requirements to implementation, as well as help with capability structure so that your inner sources in the DevOps group( s) can support the AI facilities and also code. Expect the specialist to have some procedure for dealing with you, consisting of a Declaration of Work that sets clear assumptions. Ask prospective professional tough inquiries, and also make sure you obtain some sort of current work background and also top-level recognition that they recognize the risks, protection, as well as cloud parts of your task. Ask to describe a deployment generally terms, and attempt to get them to reuse existing AI code any place possible, saving you both cash as well as time. Look into federal government grants and how they relate to your project. Lastly, also if the specialist seems outstanding, start with tiny evidence of principle, to ensure they can deliver on your expectations.

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text 2020-04-24 08:52
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review 2020-04-22 08:10
New Release Blitz - Dragon Consultant
Title: Dragon Consultant
Series: Supernatural Consultant, Book One
Author: Mell Eight
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: April 20, 2020
Heat Level: 1 - No Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 33300
Genre: Paranormal YA, LGBTQIA+, YA, dragon shifter, mage, men with children, magical detective agency

Add to Goodreads





Dane, a supernatural consultant, is hired by the FAA to look into a series of reported dragon attacks on their planes. What Dane finds in the wooded area where the attacks took place is not quite the problem he expected: a group of dragon kits and their sick father hiding from the authorities.

When he learns the real reason the family was in the woods, his case grows more dangerous, and though Dane is experienced at both crime solving and watching his own back, taking care of baby dragons and their ill father makes everything else look easy.




Dragon Consultant
Mell Eight © 2020
All Rights Reserved
The phone started ringing out in the main office just as Dane was finishing up with his last client of the day. He had to suppress an eager smile—Dane could only think of one reason for the phone to ring so late—and refocused his attention on his current client. Dane had been expecting the client on the phone to call a week ago; he could wait ten more minutes.
“Mrs. Hempstead, I assure you the pixies are not the ones harming your prized roses. In fact, I’m fairly certain that the pixies are the only reason your roses are still alive, given the extensive damage in your garden.” Dane tried to speak slowly and calmly so the elderly Mrs. Hempstead would understand and hopefully not get angry. It was probably a lost cause, though. She screamed pretentious and arrogant from the large pearl necklace around her wrinkled neck to the expensive mink coat she was wearing on a warm spring evening. She was used to hearing yes to everything she asked, so Dane telling her she was wrong would probably not go over well.
“If it isn’t those disgusting pixies, then what is destroying my roses?” she snapped, her back regally straight and her eyes flashing with anger. Dane was shivering with fear in his chair…not. “You are supposed to be the premier consultant on everything supernatural. I expect results!”
Dane kept his face pleasant through sheer force of will. He had known this reaction was coming, but that didn’t make it any more fun.
“The teeth marks on the bushes were quite distinctive,” Dane continued gamely. “I would suggest that you keep your dog away from that part of your garden if you want your rosebushes to bloom at all this year.”
She gasped, one silk-gloved hand flying to her chest as if Dane had uttered the most offensive thing she had ever heard. “Diamond would never do something like that!” The Chihuahua in question chose that moment to fart loudly in its carry-purse on the floor next to her chair, an action Mrs. Hempstead completely ignored.
“I have found the pixie family from your garden a new home where their abilities will be properly appreciated. You shouldn’t be bothered by their presence any longer.”
She sniffed in disdain. “Well, at least you’ve done as I asked. I’m sure my rosebushes will recover now that they’re gone. Contact my solicitor for payment.” She got to her feet smoothly, turned, and walked out of his office without a single word of thanks. Her roses would be dead by the end of the week; he’d bet that damned ankle-biter currently destroying her designer purse would ensure that.
Mrs. Hempstead didn’t dawdle on her way out of the office. Barely thirty seconds later, Dane heard the outer door shut with a click. The phone on his desk lit up, and his secretary’s voice sounded through the speaker.
“You have a call on line two. It seems important; he insisted on holding until you were done with your meeting.”
“Thanks, Becky,” Dane replied into the speakerphone. The lights on the phone all vanished as Becky hung up, except for the button blinking for line two. Each line belonged to a different type of client thanks to a nifty spell that made his life so much easier. Mrs. Hempstead would have gone to line three, as an ordinary human. Supernatural creatures lit up line one. Line two was for anything remotely associated with the government.
Dane picked up the phone, hit the button, and held the handset to his ear. He already knew who would be calling and why, but a touch of professionalism never hurt.
“This is Dane, your local supernatural consultant,” Dane said, his voice stiff with formality. “How may I help you today?”
“Why aren’t you already traveling to the mountain in question?” the voice on the other end snapped.
“Why, hello, Jacobson. So nice to hear from you!” If he was going to give Dane flack, Dane would give it right back. Jacobson was the ignorant fool in charge of the local division of the SupFeds, or the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, the branch of the federal government that oversaw all supernatural issues that had to do with the police or military. Jacobson was a human without the slightest magical ability. He relied on those who had power, like Dane, with far too little foresight. He simply didn’t understand just what he was dealing with whenever he called Dane.
If he did, he would be a whole heck of a lot politer.
“You know exactly why I’m calling. The FAA is talking about calling up the Air Force for a strike.”
“All for a dragon harassing a couple of airplanes?” Dane asked, skeptical that things would be so bad for such a little problem.
“How about multiple dragons? We’ve had sightings of at least one red and one blue dragon in the area.” Now that was an interesting fact that hadn’t made the news. “They’ve attacked three planes and forced an additional dozen to turn back. We’re diverting flights right now, but it’s not sustainable. We need those dragons contained as soon as possible. If you don’t step in, we’re going to have to take drastic action. I’ve sent all the information we’ve been able to gather to your email.”
The phone clicked and Jacobson was gone. He had hung up on Dane. What a bastard. One of these days someone was going to eat him, and Dane would get a nasty phone call from his successor asking Dane to figure out how, who, and why. Dane occasionally wondered how he would explain that Jacobson was an ignorant dick while still maintaining his professionalism. It really wasn’t a phone call he was looking forward to.




NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo




Dragon Consultant (Supernatural Consultant #1)Dragon Consultant by Mell Eight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dane is the local Supernatural Consultant. Whenever a being that is not human may be causing trouble, he is the one everyone calls. Then he gets a request to control some dragons.

Mercury is a precious and rare dragon. He starts a family with his helping other dragons who were trapped and experimented on by human scientists. While he is ill, the kits meet Dane and soon he sees they look like a family.

I was absolutely surprised by this story. I loved reading about the dragons, and different features they each had. Such an imaginative and colorful book. The story is weaved with a mystery that has captivated me and now I want to read the next installment to this series. I was eagerly turning the pages and recommend this lovely read.

***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

View all my reviews




Meet the Author


When Mell Eight was in high school, she discovered dragons. Beautiful, wondrous creatures that took her on epic adventures both to faraway lands and on journeys of the heart. Mell wanted to create dragons of her own, so she put pen to paper. Mell Eight is now known for her own soaring dragons, as well as for other wonderful characters dancing across the pages of her books. While she mostly writes paranormal or fantasy stories, she has been seen exploring the real world once or twice.


Website | Facebook | Twitter




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review 2020-04-21 00:21
Dragon Consultant (Supernatural Consultant Book 1) - Mell Eight

Dane is the local Supernatural Consultant.  Whenever a being that is not human may be causing trouble, he is the one everyone calls.  Then he gets a request to control some dragons.  


Mercury is a precious and rare dragon.  He starts a family with his helping other dragons who were trapped and experimented on by human scientists.  While he is ill, the kits meet Dane and soon he sees they look like a family.


I was absolutely surprised by this story.  I loved reading about the dragons, and different features they each had.  Such an imaginative and colorful book.  The story is weaved with a mystery that has captivated me and now I want to read the next installment to this series. I was eagerly turning the pages and recommend this lovely read.  I give this read a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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text 2020-04-10 14:17
Holistic Executive Coaching From STC

Experience and proper practices make everyone perfect and professional and business needs both practice and experience. Every manager needs proper skills to tackle the current business trend and requirements. Our executive coaching will enhance your leadership capacity and will make your personality so vibrant which will help you to tackle the needs of your team and your organization.



Today business is moving at a very faster pace than ever before and in this fast pace trend, every executive needs proper coaching. Some leaders are born; others are coached. But there are thousands of options and finding the right coach is a bit tricky. Its senior management's responsibility to derive the company's business forward to create opportunities, foresee threats and set new horizons. This requires thinking creatively to generate new ideas and thinking with depth to consider all the consequences.


You want a coach with proven work record track and real-world executive-level experience, you always look at people you can trust and that's where we come in. STC executive coaching is a highly effective and personal service. It is our role to challenge your leaders positively and encourage them to achieve their business goals, targets and fulfill their ambitions through creating a series of skilfully designed thought-provoking interactions. When you strengthen your executives through coaching you will see the outstanding results in performance, it will provide master work-life balance. STC offers holistic executives coaching services and these coaching services will transform a leader’s perspective, performance, and bottom-line results. Despite this STC is a leading business consultant based in London. Sometimes organizations lack small but impactful strategies  and there we guide business executives with our training.



If you want to run your organization smoothly and efficiently then get in touch with us, we are confident that you will get the best training due to which your organization grows on another level.

Source: stirlingtraining.co.uk
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