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text 2018-06-28 10:00
InventureX Review Crowdfund Marketing Strategy

Since 2012, InventureX has been at the forefront of helping startups and entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. The team at InventureX comes from the fast paced work of tech startups in LA and Silicon Valley. They combine their experiences with product launch and crowdfunding marketing to create one of the leading crowdfunding firms.



InventureX has helped raise over 20 million dollars for crowdfunders on platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others. They specialize in product launches of all kinds, both physical products and web based services such as mobile app ideas. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles in their business and transform it into a profitable venture with the help of crowdfunding. Visit,  InventureX crowdfunding for more details.



Working with InventureX allows you to get expert help with the crowdfund marketing, branding, and promotion to get funded. Not every project will qualify for their services. InventureX works with entrepreneurs by creating a partnership and sharing in the success of the crowdfunding raise. This allows entrepreneurs to get the help they need now and help cover some of the startup costs.



InventureX reviews hundreds of product ideas each month and works with a select few. If your product is selected by InventureX then they will partner and begin work right away to build interest for your product, create a crowdfunding page, and manage all the launch and promotion to be successful.



Preparing to crowdfund is just as important as the crowdfund promotions itself. The InventureX crowdfunding team says that you need an idea, a plan, and a passion to get anything funded. Many InventureX clients have raised 50k, 100k, and even one million dollars or more with their help. You own success depends on your product idea, but rest assured that InventureX crowdfunding services can help you reach your full potential.



Submit your idea for an InventureX review and see if crowdfunding is right for you. Due to the high number of crowdfunding ideas pitched to InventureX each week, not every idea will qualify for their crowdfunding program. Bring your idea and your passion to see if it makes since to partner with InventureX today. Submit your idea online at www.InventureX.com.




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text 2018-03-20 22:55
Beyond Buzz, Inc. Crowdfunding Reviews New Ideas

Beyond Buzz, Inc. is a unique digital marketing agency that has earned its reputation in the crowdfunding industry by helping entrepreneurs launch new products. Take one step into the office and you’ll notice that most of their employees traded their suits and ties for T-shirts and jeans.


Beyond Buzz, Inc is part of the growing tech startup scene in Los Angeles. Their team makes no reservations about bucking the status quo, whether its their new crowdfunding business model or their millennial-friendly office culture. Please visit  beyond buzz crowdfunding for more details.


Beyond Buzz Inc allows entrepreneurs to fund their business ventures by helping them setup, launch, and promote a crowdfunding campaign. You may have heard of crowdfunding before if you have a friend who has tried to launch something on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Beyond Buzz, Inc. reviews new ideas and partners with the inventor, if they think it can a winner. What started out as just a few colleagues promoting Kickstarter projects quickly grew into a full service digital marketing agency.


Since 2008 Beyond Buzz Inc grew from a small 3 person team to over 13 full time employees and counting. The agency acquired new talent from other agencies around Los Angeles, San Diego, and even Silicon Valley. Now Beyond Buzz, Inc. is able to offer top notch marketing in all specialized areas, such as Facebook ads, PR outreach, social media marketing, and video production. They also host a popular crowdfunding podcast called Crowdfunding 20/20 with the Beyond Buzz team.


Beyond Buzz, Inc. Crowdfunding Review


Today there are only a handful of digital marketing agencies with the experience and expertise to do full service crowdfund marketing. Beyond Buzz, Inc. reviews are consistently ranked the highest among the top crowdfund marketing agencies in terms of funding raised, reputation among the crowdfunding community, and range of services they offer. Whether you need them to promote your Kickstarter project to go viral, or you need help making the perfect Kickstarter video, Beyond Buzz Inc can likely help make it happen.


First time crowdfunders stand to benefit the most from using a full service crowdfund marketing agency. Investing just a little more in the preparation and marketing before you launch your campaign can end up paying off bigly in the end. The one crucial mistake that most first time crowdfunders make is that they try to do everything on their own. Rather than suffer from some embarrassing setbacks, its best to segment what you’re strengths are and use a crowdfund agency to fill in the gaps.


The crowdfunding trend amongst entrepreneurs shows no signs of slowing down, and neither does Beyond Buzz. Based on our Beyond Buzz, Inc. reviews, they have earned their spot as a top crowdfund marketing agency. If you’re launching a crowdfunding project in the near future then we recommend reaching out to this service for help. You can find information about them on their website at www.BeyondBuzz.com.




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text 2018-01-23 07:55
How To Improve As A Software Developer

When it comes to custom software development, KDG has a team of technology experts you can rely on to deliver. We offer mobile reliability, integration, simplified UI, data encryption and technology research and advising. Mobile reliability ensures that all of the custom software developed by our team will be suitable for mobile to make sure access is possible for both clients and the staff regardless of the device they are using. Integration is accomplished through existing projects of KDG and the new program for better data exchange. When employing simplified UI, there is efficiency the onboarding process and improved user experience. Data encryption is important in cybersecurity to make sure that data is safe at all times with the help of encryption.

There are many ways by which a developer can improve their game when it comes to custom software development especially when dealing with design, domains and architecture.

A skilled programmer is one who can tackle a complex problem by breaking it into smaller ones. Each small piece will then be solved before the entire thing is put back in order thus solving the original problem.

Domain problems are solved with the help of a tool – software. It is necessary in majority of domains thus it is recommended to create one that is interesting for you. A developer’s motivation is a result of domain knowledge. Companies will appreciate and value a developer who understands a domain very well.

Do not tie yourself into a single way of coding because of one domain. Make sure you have more than one trick up your sleeves.

When planning a code, do not stay in front of the computer. This can aid you in creating a clear model in your mind before you start the actual coding. The same goes when writing because the absence of an outline can lead to a complicated content.

If you find yourself stuck, the best way to go on is to use pen and paper in writing the program. This practice is often seen in programming competitions.

When performing custom software development, you are considered an architect thus you must cover all blind spots and you have to know everything from the front end, back end, the OS, network, data store, hardware as well as the data center.


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text 2017-12-28 00:39
10X Crowdfunding Reviews And Marketing Services


10X Crowdfunding reviews show that the program is effective in helping crowdfunders get more exposure on Indiegogo. The 10XCrowdfunding.com system is useful if you are trying to connect with more crowdfunders and reach the Indiegogo audiences. Most crowdfund marketing services only focus on wide promotion to the general public or social media community. 10X Crowdfunding is the only service that actually connects you with real crowdfunders and instantly gets your project more recognition with the Indiegogo community. Visit, 10X Crowdfunding reviews for information.


10Xcrowdfunding as helped over a thousand projects get funded on Indiegogo. Many Indiegogo campaigns have been featured on the top pages of Indiegogo because of the amount of support and engagement they receive from the 10X program. Before joining 10X Crowdfunding, most crowdfunders have trouble reaching the Indiegogo audience. Even if you’re project is posted on the Indiegogo platform it can still receive little attention if not properly promoted.


10X Crowdfunding reviews your Indiegogo campaign and helps you boost it to the top pages. The program boasts one of the highest success rates for Indiegogo projects specifically. They currently do not have a 10X program for Kickstarter, only Indiegogo. That’s because of the unique ranking system that Indiegogo uses called the “gogo factor”. The 10X Crowdfunding team knows how to boost your project by manipulating its gogo factor score. This is a sure way to send any project shooting to the front pages and getting more funding from the indiegogo users.


The 10XCrowdfunding.com is especially useful for crowdfunders who are on a tight budget. The marketing is extremely cost effective compared to other marketing channels. Its also a great way to complement other marketing activities. As mentioned previously in this 10X Crowdfunding review, most crowdfunding services do not focus on reaching more Indiegogo users. Without 10X Crowdfunding you can miss out on the lucrative Indiegogo community and lose the funding that you deserve.


Why not make the most of your time on Indiegogo by joining the 10X Crowdfunding program? If you have an active project on Indiegogo then you know how frustrating it can be if you’re not getting new backers each day from Indiegogo.com. Every week 10X Crowdfunding reviews new projects and boosts them on Indiegogo. Learn more on their website 10XCrowdfunding.com and enter your project into their 10X program to see the results first hand. Good luck!




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text 2016-10-26 07:53
Crowdfund King Review: My Journey to $25K

Hi Mike Lauchlan here, I wanted to review my Crowdfund King program with you. In case you haven’t been to any of my Live Crowdfunding Bootcamp events, I’m going to take you through my program from start to finish.


First off, what is crowdfunding and how can it change your life? Let me tell you a story about how I launched my first business and changed my life forever. I was a broke college student about to graduate from UC Riverside. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after graduating, I just knew one thing: I didn’t want to get stuck working some crappy job. You may click crowdfunding king to learn more.


I knew entrepreneurism was the ticket to getting everything I wanted in life: financial freedom, freedom to travel, independence, and a quality lifestyle. I had a lot of drive and vision, but what I needed was a path to success. I was grinding and grinding trying to make my first venture work: a brand of sustainable bamboo sunglasses called Waybu. But it just wasn’t working.


I knew that I couldn’t make a living with a business that hadn’t fully launched yet. But I also knew that if I started working a day job that I’d probably just keep putting it off. Then I discovered crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allowed me to go all in, and focus 100% in an all or nothing type of business launch. I saw other entrepreneurs doing very well with this little known method. So I dove in and learned everything I could. I even interviewed and met other successful crowdfunders and internet marketers to learn their secrets.


My research paid off. I launched my crowdfunding project and raised nearly $25,000 in just 3 weeks on Indiegogo. It was a huge success for me. I finally didn’t have to worry about my business going under. I could focus on growth and actually start thriving. I finally had the money to spend on real marketing and the proper equipment to start making some real money.


Since launching my first crowdfunding project for Waybu sunglasses, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs create, launch, and promote their own crowdfunding projects. I believe crowdfunding solves the #1 obstacle for new entrepreneurs: money! In my experience as a successful entrepreneur, money solves all problems. In my crowdfund king program I show you my exact methods that to raising tens of thousands of dollars quickly to help launch your business ideas.


I’m on the lookout for new crowdfunding ideas to launch. If you’re interested in launching a business with crowdfunding then you should apply for my program. I’m looking to work with a select number of motivated entrepreneurs who want to take their business ideas to the next level. Apply online at Michael Lauchlan.




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