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text 2019-02-16 01:31
Alien series from Audible Originals
Alien: Out of the Shadows - Tim Lebbon
Alien: River of Pain - Christopher Golden
Alien - Sea of Sorrows - James A. Moore


Out of the Shadows - 

I really enjoyed this performance; the story, characters, sound effects, and music all came together perfectly. I felt like I was listening to a movie. The atmosphere is amazingly scary and claustrophobic. And as others have said, the woman who voiced Ripley was perfect. I liked how they created a brand new story that took place between Alien and Aliens (the movies) and I liked the explanation for it. Overall a very entertaining listen that will be fun for any fans of the Alien universe.


River of Pain - 

The overall production of this one was great with the same claustrophobic, scary atmosphere as the first. But I didn't love the story or the characters as much.  Still entertaining, but just not as original or interesting. 


Sea of Sorrows - 

This was my least favorite of the three. I just didn't buy the distant descendant of Ripley having a psychic connection to the xenomorphs. I also didn't like any of the characters. I didn't connect with any of them and found myself waiting for them to die.


All that being said, I flew through these books. I found myself always wanting to listen to them, even though they are all basically the same formula:


- Humans go where they shouldn't or mess with things beyond their understanding

- The humans are somehow connected to Weyland-Yutani (which is greedy for money, power, or both, without regard for human life)

- An android works against the humans in service of Weyland-Yutani or in rare cases helps them

- The xenomorphs come and the humans underestimate them

- There is a lone survivor (or maybe a select few)


Anyway, if you are a fan of the Alien movies, these stories are a fun revisit to the universe - and might make you want to watch all the movies again (like I did last weekend).

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review 2019-02-13 22:30
ALIEN: RIVER OF PAIN by Christopher Golden (Audiobook)
Alien: River of Pain - Christopher Golden

I especially liked the last one I listened to ALIEN: OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Tim Lebbon, so I thought I would enjoy this one just as much. I didn't.


I felt that during the first half, not much happened, other than us meeting everyone, which seemed like a bit of a waste due to spoiler-y reasons.


Also, when the action finally started, it was a bit difficult to fathom what was going on-I mean you could figure it out- but it seemed silly to go through all of these performances, screaming and sound effects, only to have to figure out what happened by the actual dialogue before and after the event.


Overall though, this was a free audio and I was entertained- I just didn't get anything new.


*Thanks to Audible for the free download.*

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review 2019-02-13 15:25
Once Upon a Time...
Once Upon a River - Diane Setterfield

Yes! My soul needed a good magical realism book. It was crying out for it you guys. "Once Upon a River" delves into many characters but manages to thread the needle with keeping an eye on the main plot from beginning to end of this book. I absolutely loved "The 13th Tale" so I was looking forward to see what Setterfield did with this. She weaves stories, fairy-tales, and myths together to tie around the Thames River and the people who live alongside it.


"Once Upon a River" starts with an inn called the Swan. Everyone tends to gather there to hear the innkeeper's husband tell stories. And can you imagine it in your head. A cold wintry night. A crowded inn with men and women together in order to beat back the cold. Listening to stories and laughing. And then a half dead men is brought in with what many take to be a puppet. And then everyone starts to realize that the puppet is a dead girl. After calling upon the village nurse/wise woman, the dead girl is somehow alive. And though the girl won't speak, many characters end up being drawn to her and want to lay claim to her. 


The young girl is proposed to be the missing girl of the Vaughans family who disappeared two years earlier. The wife is insisted that the girl is their daughter Amelia. And then a man named Robert Armstrong appears wondering if this girl could be his potential grandchild Alice. And then we have some side characters who wonder about the girl's identity and propose that it could be (whispered) and you wonder on that for the whole story too. 


Your heart bleeds for the Vaughans and for Robert Armstrong who is hell-bent on making sure all of his family are together and well taken care of no matter what. And you feel sad for the village nurse who has taken a shine to the girl though she is adamant she will not marry or birth any children. 

Setterfield's writing is fantastic in this. She manages to make sure every character have their own unique voice, but also everyone is developed so well. I don't know who I liked the best, but have to go with Robert Armstrong and his love for his wife, and their family. I could picture him in my head. Robert could have had his own book when you read about how he came to be, how he became a farmer, and why does he keep loving a song that rejects him every step of the way. Also can I say this, Robert needed to beat Robin's tail, like a lot. That said, I was so sad in the end when you have Robin finally realizing what mistakes he made. 


I will say that the flow of this book is slow and that you have to keep reading to see how things are revealed. Setterfield doesn't rush this book or it's characters at all. I think that readers will be happy with the resolutions of all the story-lines. 


The setting of the area felt full or magic and promise. I loved the idea of stories being carried down long after people pass away and how those stories can turn into myths which hold some truth to them. 

The ending was wonderful. I honestly wouldn't change a thing.

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text 2019-02-12 13:13
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Once Upon a River - Diane Setterfield

Wow. This was so good. Stories within stories following so many families. Setterfield held my interest to the last page. One reason I am so tired this morning is that I stayed up past midnight to finish this. I had to figure out the mystery of the little girl who so many families claimed. 

Loved the Armstrong clan (Robert and Bessie) and the Vaughns and Rita and everyone else too.


The tale of Quietly and his connection to the river held all of the other stories together and made me want to read even more tales of those who lived along the river. 


 Image result for ferryman gif


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text 2019-02-11 19:47
Reading progress update: I've read 9%.
Once Upon a River - Diane Setterfield

So far I like the idea behind how stories are made and told to other people. And how story-telling is a gift. And the characters of Rita and Margot are fascinating. I haven't read Setterfield since The 13th Tale so am glad this one is working for me so far.

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