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review 2017-04-16 01:52
Cyborg runs into an old friend
Cyborg (2016-) #11 - John Semper Jr.,Ivan Nunes,Guy Major,Will Conrad,Tony Kordos,Tom Derenick

Well, kinda.   It's a digital version and he starts to uncover the painful memories his father hid from him.   Dr. Stone wasn't trying to be cruel or controlling; his son was having a hard enough time adapting to the alien technology that made Victor Stone Cyborg.   He was afraid the traumatic memories would be too much for Vic and that he'd die from the shock of it all had he kept the memories.  


I think he was still afraid, that the memories could trigger something physically traumatic.  Or maybe he just had grown used to not feeling guilty about some things because Victor didn't know.   It may not have been completely altruistic to keep these things from Cyborg, but it wasn't born of malice, either. 


And this is a heartbreaking story, but one that shows Cyborg's strength and that is is, very much, human.   It's all the feels.  Love, love, love. 


It also helps that DC made this so easy to get on Comixology.   Thank you, DC!

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review 2017-04-16 01:38
Blue Beetle (2016-) #6 - Scott Kolins,Keith Giffen,Scott Kolins,Jr., Romulo Fajardo

Why?   Why so much boring history and not so much fighting?  I just couldn't find it in myself to care much, and I hope this title picks up and soon.   Overall, I'm not a fan of this trend - more serious, more convoluted history.   There was enough with his family and friends trying to deal with this all.  


So basically, not the stuff I like despite it being interesting with Dr. Fate being drawn into this storyline.  I'm hoping for a quick resolution and then this series going back to what it was once before.   

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review 2017-04-16 01:35
Just not into this series right now
Blue Beetle (2016-) #7 - Keith Giffen,Scott Kolins,Scott Kolins

But these DC titles have been doing this to me.   The problem is mostly that it was a convoluted background about the Blue Beetle, and Dr. Fate, that I didn't really care about. So I only paid half of my attention on this, and I ended up being confused and feeling meh about it all.   


It's also super serious, and not as funny as some of the earlier issues, so there's that which I'm not enjoying as well because I'd come to think of this as my lighthearted title in DC. 


I'm finding some hits and some misses in Rebirth, although they're mostly hits.   I'm willing to give this series a little time and see if it picks up for me!

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review 2017-04-16 01:28
This is getting right back on track
Suicide Squad (2016-) #15 - Rob Williams,Dean White,Adriano Lucas,Jeremiah Skipper,John Romita,Danny Miki,Richard Friend,Eber Ferreira,Eddy Barrows

I've been loving this storyline, but this is even better than I expected given what came before: it's twisted, it's in character, and it shows just how determined Waller is to get her way.   She sacrifices herself, and her life, to keep her family safe.   And yeah, the world, too.   


She takes control of the Suicide Squad again, reveals that she's been using one to play against them, under her orders, and discovers that, with Hack dead, they still have someone working against them in Belle Reve.   This wraps up a storyline, sets up the next one, and does so much character work, as well.   Loving this more than I thought I would, and I'm more excited than I have been in a couple months to get the next issue!

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review 2017-04-16 01:04
Day two of Bane
Batman (2016-) #17 - Tom King,Jordie Bellaire,David Finch,Danny Miki,Matt Banning

And I feel the same way: there's enough, and enough that's clever, that it's keeping my interest.   It feels a bit drawn out, even at day two, without any real appearances by villains.   Even the Psycho Pirate is being threatened by Alfred at gunpoint, although I doubt he'd pull the trigger.   (He just needs the Pirate to think he will.)   I get that it's all to save Gotham, and Gotham Girl, and I get it's to save the people Bruce loves - although he may already be late on the last point. 


I do hope this picks up and soon.   

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