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review 2018-06-09 16:19
Robie the killer saved a teenager
The Innocent - David Baldacci

Will Robie was order to kill a woman and her child. 


He refused. This is new for him to not follow order.


Now he is on the run as someone wants to kill him.


He met a girl in a bus. The bus exploded. Someone is trying to kill the girl.


What's going on? 


The story was set up so that Robie the killer became Robie the protector.


Also allow him to meet the Blue Man.


Interesting development, on trying to find out who is the real target of the bomb on the bus. 


Are the people trying to kill Robie because his handler was a traitor and gave him a fake order? Or is the killer who killed the parents of this teenage girl trying to finish the job and kills her too?


The story is fun in some way. The plot twist is there and really unexpected.


Enjoyable read. 



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text 2018-06-04 05:11
Reading progress update: I've read 110 out of 432 pages.
The Innocent - David Baldacci

Reading to Chapter 26. 


Will Robbie was ordered to kill a woman. 


He didn't.


He found that the woman has a little child sleeping next to her. And the child is so small and he Will Robbie even under order would not kill a woman in front of her child. 


So who ordered the kill? 


Robie first encounter with the Blue Man. Robie was read in and found out the order was given by a traitor. 


Robie is order to assist in the investigation. 



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review 2018-06-03 05:55
How Shaw uncovered the man behind fake news (that meant to start war)
The Whole Truth - David Baldacci

Shaw is a reluctant special agent. 


Shaw is tall, big and skilled. He has a contract with a secret service agent because he has wounded a special agent by mistake. The agent Frank became his handler. 


He was on a 5 years contract and he wanted out. 


The reason is sweet. He was in love and wanted to retire from his very dangerous occupation so that he could be a happily married man.


The love of his life is a scholar Anna who is an expert on political science and research analyzing global events and its effects. 


Creel is a rich arm dealers who have hired a perception management PR firms to generate fake news to manipulate the publics and the government in order to start war. For preparation of wars is what he want in gaining new arm contracts. 


Katie is a good journalist and also an alcoholic. She is good when she is not drunk. Her perception is good, so good that she followed Shaw and Shaw saved her life. 


All the major key players are now on board. The plots unfolded and Shaw and Katie was now in danger. 


Anna is also in danger but for the research she is doing on fake news. 


The story move in good speed and it is complex. Like a good spy story. The world is at stake and there is a love story in between chapters. 


I grow to like Shaw. He is a sad and lovable character. Too bad there were only two books on Shaw. 


5 stars read. Highly recommended. 

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text 2018-05-31 02:25
Reading progress update: I've read 131 out of 545 pages.
The Whole Truth - David Baldacci

Shaw is a secret agent who do all the dirty work of black op under a handler named Frank. 


He was being trapped in a contract with this secret government agent for a self defense shot at Frank who didn't show he was a agent at the time.


So he continued to risk his life without much reward.


He falls in love with an academic intellectual Anne. He wants out and get married and settle down.


Frank didn't allow him to retire and probably try to get him kill.


This is getting interesting. 

On the other development, a rich arm dealer Creel decided to stage a fake news to create war.


This part is interesting as it reflect so much of real life. 

With Trump. Now journalist Arkady Babchenko fake his own killing. He might have a good reason and I'm glad he is alive. But that's not good for the credibility for journalism. 


Fake news deliberate made to change perception. That's the good writer who could write books that was years ago and still so relevant. Or is it coincidence? 



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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-05-26 02:38
The Camel Club in action
The Camel Club - David Baldacci

The Camel Club made up more a group of misfits that don't belong to anywhere but with each other.


The Camel Club witnessed placing of a dead body. Two persons were placing the body and they were armed. 


As they don't think anyone would believe them, they didn't go to the police. 


Now the dead body found hit the news. The dead body has a suicide note on it. So it was ruled as a suicide at first. 


But Alex found some inconsistency. As he is also a friend of Oliver Stone, a member of the Camel Club, he talked to Stone. 



The clue lead him to believe it might not be a suicide after all. The dead body belonged to a NIC agent. A very secret part of the government. 


The problem is, the two persons who place the dead is also from the same agency.


While they are investigating, a terrorist group is planning something big. 


Now they found out that more about the dead agent, drug was found in his premise. That throw the investigation off except Alex.



The setup of the story is very complex. How is the dead body linked to the terrorist group activity.


And more surprising who is orchestrate this complex plot. 


The things merge together that brought Alex and Camel Club together. 


The later part is action packed and really good.  I got a bit slow at the setup but the later part of the book makes up for it. 


5 stars read. 



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