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text 2020-05-15 08:03
How to Work on Your Computer with Good Posture

If you are seeking a great way to avoid chronic back pain, your posture is something you should conscious of. Especially if you are somebody who works on a computer. The folks at Performance Pain Houston have prepared some tips for you below to help you fix your posture.


1. Put Your Monitor at Eye Level


If you want to look out for your back’s health you will need to also make sure your neck stays straight. To help facilitate this process, try putting your monitor at eye level. To protect your eyes, consider using blue light filters and keeping it at least 12 inches away.


2. Stand Up and Walk Around Every 15 – 30 Minutes


One of the worst things you can do is develop a habit of sitting at home all day every day. This alone can contribute to a decline in your muscle and spine health over the long-term. To avoid this sort of problem, just stand up and stretch, walk, and so on.


3. Keep Your Back Straight


While sitting down in your office, try to keep your back straight and shoulders back. If you consciously practice sitting up straight and not slouching, you can develop a good posture habit. It may be hard for some people, but doing this alone can help correct your posture in the long-term.


4. Use a Posture Corrector


If you want to take action on chronic back pain, one of the easiest remedies to consider if having posture correctors in places like your office, your car, and so on. These force you to sit in a position that helps keep your back as straight as possible.


5. Have a Professional Office Chair


If you use a professional office chair, you will naturally be able to sit down in a correct posture with minimal conscious effort. Therefore, consider getting a new office chair that helps you sit comfortably for long periods.


Ready to See a Professional Back Pain Doctor? 


Finding great back pain doctors Houston is easy if you know where to go. Here at Performance Pain Houston, we offer solutions for all sorts of chronic back pain. If you are interested in pursuing our services and seeing what we have to offer, click over here to learn more!


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2Wum7D4

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text 2020-05-15 07:31
How Many Visits to the Pain Clinic are in a Full Pain Intervention?

One of the burdens of receiving medical care is the effort of actually doing the treatment and going through the necessary steps. Especially if it will take a long road to reach recovery. The folks from Performance Pain Houston have some advice for you to consider if you are worried about the time commitment involved in a pain intervention.

It Depends on the Case!


There are no two cases of chronic pain that are entirely the same. Therefore, it is difficult to even estimate how many visits it takes to reach a full recovery. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on your exact condition and view the results of similar cases.


Long-Standing Conditions are Often Harder


If you have a long-standing chronic pain condition like scoliosis, you might not ever reach full recovery. However, if you have something like sciatica pain, which is a common symptom of pain, you might be able to get quick and fast results!


Traumatic Injury Recoveries Can Also be Difficult


If you have gone through a traumatic injury, know that you might need a lot of visits to the pain clinic. This is because physical therapy often takes weeks and months before the full results are noticed and you are back to your full health.


No Case is the Same


Since no two cases of chronic pain are entirely the same, it’s important to know that you cannot simply feed off the success of others and expect theirs’ to mimic your own. In all reality, you might even heal quicker than others with your condition of chronic pain!


You Will Need a Consultation for a Full Answer!


In order to get the full answer that you deserve, you should find a pain clinic like Performance Pain Houston that does free consultations. This will give you a more precise answer and get you right on track for taking action, and eventually, recovery.


Want to learn How Many Visits Your Recovery Will Require?


If you are seeking out Houston pain management doctors that will sit down with you for a free consultation and help you know what kind of treatment you need upfront, consider coming to see us here at Performance Pain Houston. Click here to find out more about our services and how we will help you with chronic pain.


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2zDTB94

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text 2020-05-13 09:18
What Conditions Do Pain Doctors Handle the Most?

While searching for a great low back pain doctor near you, you might be first and foremost concerned with finding one that can fully handle your needs. Below, we will cover some of the common conditions that just about any professional pain clinic will handle.

1. Chronic Back Pain


There are many types of chronic back pain conditions. In reality, this is one of the most troubling types of chronic pain that you can suffer from. Your spine is of the utmost importance for your entire body’s sake. The spine and the spinal cord are extremely important to keep healthy.


2. Migraines


If you struggle from constant migraines, you might benefit from receiving the help of a professional. Migraines are not supposed to happen all the time. If they do, then you are a great candidate for pain intervention. A pain doctor will be able to help you determine the cause of your migraines and help correct it.


3. Injury/Trauma


When you suffer from some sort of serious injury, it can have longstanding impacts on your body. If you are still experiencing pain after 12 weeks after the injury, it now qualifies as chronic pain. This is usually a good milestone to go ahead and start seeking out professional help.


4. Arthritis 


As our bodies get older and start to age, one of the common issues that you can run into is arthritis. This is a chronic pain condition where your bones grind against each other to the point where it causes your body pain. It can occur in areas like your fingers, elbows, and even your back.


5. Post-Op Complications


If you go through a heavy surgery, it is possible to run into complications. Depending on the total skill of the surgeon, you may or may not receive the results that you were expecting. Sadly, post-op complications are another common cause of chronic pain that a pain clinic can handle.


Ready to Come in for a Pain Intervention with a Professional Pain Clinic?


When you are searching for pain management doctors near me that can help you with chronic pain in the state of New Jersey, one of the best options to consider is Performance Pain. Located right in Raritan, and other locations across the USA, we are a trusted pain clinic to many people.


Original Source: https://bit.ly/3fHT3Qd

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text 2020-05-11 10:36
Healthcare Mailing Dentist Email List

The dentist is the healthcare professionals who treat diagnosis and dental issues. Also, they are one of the biggest targets for the medical device manufacturing industry and healthcare business. But, according to recent research, marketers found it hard in reaching them to market their product and medical service.


Healthcare Mailing founded its opportunity to help marketers and small healthcare businesses by providing the required database of the dentist across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Most of the marketing professionals are depend on the Healthcare Mailing dentist email list to boost their campaign with the comprehensive database. By purchasing there database businesses can cut through the highly competitive healthcare market and place their product ahead of competitors. Also, Healthcare mailing detailed database gives valuable information of dentist that helps to build a good business relationship and sales pipeline. 


Also, the Healthcare Mailing database helps the marketers and sales team to communicate with the profitable dentist, lead generation, drive sales, reduce sales cycle time, Increase business growth with multiple marketing campaigns and improved revenue, high market presence, and more.  Healthcare Mailing database provides integrated data with the best business strategies that help businesses to deliver effective lead generation process. From converting key prospects to sales, the Healthcare Mailing Dentist Email list helps marketers in delivering high returns.


About Healthcare Mailing:-


Healthcare Mailing is one of the leading providers and industry experts in the database industry. We provide a comprehensive database of healthcare professionals to help marketers and businesses in reaping more sales. Get quotes now - info@healthcaremailing.com


Source: www.healthcaremailing.com/mailing-lists/dentists-email-list.html
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review 2020-05-07 12:25
A feel-good, heart-warming, and moving read
Season of Second Chances - Aimee Alexander

I write this review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team (authors, if you are looking for reviews, check here), and I freely chose to review an ARC copy of this novel.

This is another great find by Rosie and although I wasn’t familiar with the author (who also publishes under her real name, Denise Deegan), I’m convinced this won’t be the last time I read one of her books.

The description of the book does a good job of highlighting the main aspects of the plot: we have Grace, a woman escaping a difficult and dangerous marriage, with her teenage children, Jack and Holly, hopeful that returning back to the village where she grew up will offer them all a second chance. There awaits her father, Des, who is going through a major change in his life (he’s a recently retired family doctor suffering from early stages of Parkinson’s disease) and doesn’t know the ins and outs of Grace’s decision. Moving from Dublin to a small and sleepy village comes as a shock to Grace’s children, and she finds it difficult to confront the gossip and the expectations of having to step into her father’s shoes. But, this novel about second chances builds up slowly and we see that although not everything is ideal and there are misunderstandings and difficulties to be ironed out, Killrowan, the place and its community, is a place worth sticking with.

The novel touches on a variety of themes: abusive marriages and family relationships (and how difficult it is to walk out); starting over in a different place, picking up friendships and relationships, and rebuilding one’s life; the struggles of dealing with a chronic and debilitating illness; how much one’s self-identity can be enmeshed with our profession and our job; the differences between a big city and a small village; being a family doctor in a rural/village location; how teenagers feel when they have to move and be uprooted from school, friends…; the role animals play in helping us fit in a place and feel rooted; small community life, with hits highs and lows; and even a hint of possible romance(s). There are funny moments, plenty of heart-warming episodes, some scary and nasty shocks as well, some sad and touching stories, and even medical emergencies and action scenes thrown in. In her acknowledgements, the author highlights the process of her creation and her research and having read the novel, I can confirm that it has paid off. She manages to weave all the topics into a novel that brings the characters and the village to life, and I was delighted to read that she is thinking about a sequel. I’d love to go back to Killrowan and revisit the places and the characters that have also become my friends.

Alexander creates multi-dimensional characters easy to relate with. Grace doubts herself and is forever questioning her actions and doubting other people’s motive. Her self-confidence has suffered after years of being undermined and abused by her husband, and she feels guilty for uprooting her family, while at the same time experiencing the thrill of freedom. The novel is written in deep third person and allows us to see the action from different points of view. Grace’s point of view dominates the book, although we also see what her father, Des —another fantastic character who treads carefully and whose life suddenly regains a meaning when his daughter and grandchildren come to live with him— thinks and does, how both of Grace’s children, Jack and Holly, feel, faced with a completely different environment (Jack was the popular sporty type, while Holly had a hard time fitting in and had no friends other than her dog). We meet some fantastic characters in the community, like the scary (at least at first) receptionist at the doctor’s surgery; the butcher’s wife (a gossip with a big heart); Grace’s old pals, Alan (with some secrets of his own) and Ivonne; Benji, a wonderful dog that adopts the family; a handsome American writer; the wife of a local magnate (who reminds Grace of herself); Des’s old love; the local policeman; Grace’s partner at the doctor’s surgery and some of her patients, although not everybody is nice, don’t worry. We also get brief snippets of the events from some of the other character’s perspectives, not only the Sullivans, and that gives us access to privileged information at times. Although the different characters’ points of view aren’t separated by chapters, they are clearly differentiated, and I experienced no confusion while reading, quite the opposite. I enjoyed the opportunity to share in the bigger picture.  

The writing style is fluid and flows well, without rushing us through the events, allowing us time to reflect upon events, enjoy the wonderful settings (the sea, the beach, the island, the pub…) and become acquainted with the location, the emotions, and the characters. The author knows well the area, and although Killrowan doesn’t exist (or, at least I couldn’t find it), it feels real (and some of the comments and attitudes Grace and her family experience reminded me of similar events I had witnessed in a small village I used to visit when I was younger) and it leaps from the pages. I confess to enjoying the style of the writing and feeling emotionally engaged with the story (I’d recommend having tissues handy). I’ve selected a couple of quotes to share, but as usual, readers might want to check a sample of the book to see if it suits their taste before purchasing it.

Here Grace is thinking about the family dog and how his death gave her the strength to finally leave her husband.

Benji was more than a dog. He was family. And her defender. Tiny little ball of fur rushing to the rescue. Or trying. Tiny little ball of fur that brought so much comfort to all three of them, Holly especially. Benji knew when they needed love and he gave it in spades.

Here Des is thinking about retirement.

What fool started the tradition of watches as retirement presents? Any thinking person would know that the last thing a man would want is to count all the time he now has on his hands.

Holly had just told her brother that their mother wanted to start over, and Grace realises her daughter is right.

Minutes ago, it had been to escape Simon, shake him off. But escaping Simon is still all about Simon. Grace sees that now. What she must do is start over. Because that is about Grace.

The ending is more than satisfying as well. Yes, not everything is settled and sorted in the end, but this is a book about new beginnings, and we leave the Sullivans and Killrowan to carry on merrily, getting to know each other and discovering what new changes and challenges life will bring. As I mentioned above, the author hints at a possible sequel, and I hope it comes to be.

This is a novel full of heart, friendship, a strong sense of community, and also heartache and personal growth. It is inspiring and comforting in these times when we have been obliged to live pretty enclosed lives. I agree with the TV series mentioned in the description (Call the Midwife one of my favourites), and I’m sure fans of any of those will enjoy this novel, which fits perfectly in the feel-good category, although that does not mean it hides from the most unsavoury aspects of life. There are menacing and dark moments, none too explicit, and I’d recommend it to anybody who enjoys stories with a heart, fond of Ireland and stories with an Irish background, and those who want a gentle read full of wonderful characters and a memorable community we’d all be happy to join.

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