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text 2018-10-05 13:00
~The Ritual~

"Do not fear, Anne! We will save you from your demons!"

*whispers* "Lord Demon, we will bring you forth, oh Majestic Master."




"This guide book shoud help us...sweet friend."

*whispers* It will help us Lord Demon..."


"Grady Hendrix is a master of his craft, soon you shall be free...Ma-- Anne!"


"It is DONE!"



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text 2018-10-04 13:00
~The Babysitter~

"Girls, I am not sure it is a great idea to read this book to you while I'm babysitting!"




"Who brought the random head?"



"I guess we can read this, but you sure you don't want to pick another book?"


"What are you whispering about, Belle? Pay attention! You guys asked for this, after all."


"Hope, Alice... this is too scary for you, right? Fine...fine, I'll read it!"



The dolls are:


Aimerai: Belle (1/6 Scale) - Name: Alice

Doll Love: Fuyumi (1/6 Scale) - Name: Annabelle

IslandDoll: Aurora (1/3 Scale) - Name: Lucy

Gem of Doll: Yummy 1 (1/12 Scale) - Name: Hope


Doll Family H: Xiao Xin (1/3 Scale) - Name: Cole [Needs Body]

(spoiler show)




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review 2018-09-28 14:13
Doll Bones - Holly Black
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

I didn't know much about this book before reading it. I had seen the cover before and I like Holly Black's writing so I picked up the audiobook at the library. I am often too lazy to read the back of books (plus I feel like it spoils some of the surprise) so all I knew about this book was what I saw on the cover.

This is a coming-of-age story with the major twist of a creepy doll that may or may not be possessed. The three main characters are slowly growing up, developing new interests, and changing. There was an interesting dynamic within the friend group, which was interesting. It felt very realistic. The group fights a lot, which gets a little dull to read (probably because I'm an adult and their problems don't seem like that big of a deal to me), but the other element of the story was really interesting. 

I really liked Black's fantasy writing such as all of the game play. Very creative and realistic. It really reads like three pre-teens playing. And of course there is the whole doll thing. Great descriptions. I like that it was kind of vague whether or not the story was true or not. There were clues and coincidences, but there is definitely a struggle to figure out if it is all real or not throughout the book. Loved the idea of the quest. 

As with many coming-of-age stories, there were some not-so-good things as well. Lying, bullying, peer pressure, leaving without telling guardians where you're going. Many of the friendship-based issues had some sort of apology/solution, but there was still quite a bit that felt like it was unresolved, especially the whole lying-to-guardians-and-traveling-to-a-different-state-without-telling-them thing. Yes, in the realm of fantasy that flies, but not so much in the real world. 

Overall, a really interesting read. I especially liked the doll's potential backstory. Very creepy and unsettling. Worth the read.
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review 2018-09-20 04:44
Review: The Blackstone Chronicles, Part 1: An Eye For An Eye
An Eye for an Eye: The Doll - John Saul

This is a re-read for me. I read the original serial novels as they were published and felt the need to revisit them.


Creepy. Creepy. Creepy. Ugh I love John Saul's writing so much!


Strange things are afoot in the town of Blackstone. The Blackstone Asylum, which has stood at the top of the tallest hill, overlooking the town of Blackstone for over a century is scheduled for renovation. It will soon become a shopping center with the hope of rejuvenating the slowly dying town. The Asylum is deeply ingrained in the town's history and many are glad to see it go. But after the first ceremonial strike of the wrecking ball, everything starts going to crap. The bank finds itself in trouble and has to halt the project, which means a lot of people are going to be out of work, not to mention all of the loan payments from townspeople that will come due with no possibility for extensions. And all just in time for Christmas.


A dark figure scours through the asylum and finds a hidden treasure trove. A "gift" is sent to the McGuire family. It's an antique porcelain doll. And let me just say, this is one of many reasons why I don't mess with antique dolls *shudder* so creepy! It's an old creepy doll, of course its evil! After the doll is introduced into the household, tragedy hovers of the family like a black cloud. Bad, things happen, things that seem like accidents. Sadly, it's just the beginning of the bad times for this town.

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text 2018-09-20 02:50
Reading progress update: I've read 4 out of 82 pages.
An Eye for an Eye: The Doll - John Saul

This is a re-read for me.  I read each of the serial novels as they were released.  I still have my original copies.  While I remember enjoying the series, that's all I can really remember.  Halloween Bingo was a good excuse to re-read the entire series.

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