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review 2016-07-29 10:11
Cute vampire
The Sanguine Engine - Domashita Romero

Amusing. Lovely. Cute.

Nicholas finds a vampire in his basement. The vampire needs blood. So he invents a blood machine with the help of a witch.

"Looking better, Bill! Glad to see you've chosen to stay with us. This is Violet, and she might be able to help you."

He pushed himself back in his seat, sprawling a little. "How can she help me? Make a donation, perhaps?" He looked at her hungrily with a smirk on his lips, and Nicholas was highly dismayed to hear Violet giggle next to him.

Quirky and funny.

Violet rested her hand on Nicholas' arm. "We're going to make something that makes blood for you!"

Bill huffed a breath. "I'd say the two of you are a good pair of somethings making blood already."


You can read/download the book for free here

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review 2016-07-01 10:49
El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Romero,地下ロメロ,neomeruru

This one is funny and awesome, as any other book written by Domashita Romero. It's like gay Zombieland with a hardened and mad guy (who speaks Spanish) and a twink (the last twink in the world, probably).

"This is totally a fluke, I swear. You've just really inspired me to grow some balls. What is that in Spanish? Conejos?"

Mercury laughed and I heard him start to get dressed. "That's close enough for me, bunny."

I don't know who I liked the most. Mercury left his brains somewhere in the way because he is insane. But he is smart in a way that has me charmed. But Gaga is adorable, I mean, he has a romantic and pure idea of love, and even in the midst of the apocalypse, this has not changed. This only made my like him even more. And apparently, Mercury too.

These two find each other by chance and decide to go together to Canada in El Presidio, a monstrosity of a car. Along the way, they find in each other the last thing they expected to find. None of them would have looked twice before that day when all hell broke loose with zombies. And even after, they wouldn't have, either. Mercury is not Gaga's type and... everybody is Mercury's type. Which shouldn't have come as a surprise to me because he's a species of his own. Almost literally. And he's non-shamelessly hot.

I know this may sound awful coming from me, but the Spanish in English books is usually... distracting if not childish and/or ridiculous. Mostly there are lots of mistakes, but in other cases the content is plainly hilarious (in a bad sense).

But here, I honestly don't know what has changed, here the Spanish fit, it being said out loud or it being written words in tattoos, it was hilarious (in a good sense) and it was cool. Sometimes it was hot. Maybe it's because Mercury is crazy as hell, or maybe Domashita Romero indeed knows how to write. Anyway, I can comfortably say this is the first time in a long time where my own language sounded "right". That's a lot for me. And I had fun in the process.

"Twenty questions?" Mercury said, after a while.

"Okay," I said. "Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?"

Mercury made a thoughtful sound. "Kind of all three?"

"Is it a zombie?"

"Fuck!" he said, and laughed. I smiled up a the sky and closed my eyes. "Maybe that one's not so good."

I put my hands behind my head. "What's a vegetarian zombie's favorite food?"


"Graaaaaaaaaiiins," I groaned. Mercury groaned, too, in a different way. "What's a zombie's favorite method of transportation?"

"Go on," he said.

"Traaaaaaaaaiiins." Mercury threw his shirt at me, and I laughed as it landed on my face. I didn't take it off right away; I was getting to like that smell.

"You do one more of those and I'm throwing you off the top of this thing."

I bit my lip and stayed quiet for a while, but I couldn't resist. "What's a zombie's favorite country to go to?" Mercury didn't respond, but I'd waited long enough. "Spaaaaiiiii--agh!!"

An of course, when they finally are together! Gaga!

All you need is Domashita Romero.

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review 2016-07-01 10:28
The Black River Rises - Domashita Romero,quaedam,pseudonymeter

This short is very Game of Thrones-ish. Imagine Jon Snow next to the "North" falling in love with a "brother" there and a bunch of dogs nearby.

Yeah, sounds extremely cool, right? I must admit that I hoped for that kind of twist in that story, but that didn't happen.

I don't have to dream anymore, because we have this little story to make up for it. But not completely, because now I'm dreaming of more of these two after that promising ending. This story is worth it, I'm deeply frustrated Domashita only writes short books, because if they work in so few pages, chances are a whole novel will be amazing.

Fran is the fifth son of a nobleman. He's a nuisance for his father, the legacy is already divided and his mother wished he was a girl. So when his father says he wouldn't survive the Black River, that's where he's headed, to a place where the fellowship is the way everything works, which sounds like the perfect thing for him.

There he meets Kasim. He is the one who is surrounded by dozens of dogs at all times. And something about him, his zen attitude, his manners, his calm and serene ways, draws him in like nobody else did before.

Pics and story taken from here

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review 2016-07-01 10:18
East - Domashita Romero,neomeruru

I'm Domashitated.

Because... this author ROCKS!

She makes me giddy like a little girl.

Here the McDonald's offers Big Mac, McWrap, McRoyal, McPollo, McExtreme... so when the new breakfast was coming out everybody was thinking... McDalena! No! They called it McMuffin. So disappointing they cheat you like that.

That's what happens in YA sometimes, you expect a teen relationship but sometimes they feel like adults with childish behaviors. But also in a story about proper teens I feel cheated because they see problems where there shouldn't be and the solution is much easier. There was a movie director who said he liked youth because that's when we are more clever.

And here they are VERY clever. They act like teenagers and that's fine. They are those teenagers who have jokes, treat life in an apparently superficial way, demonstrating that it doesn't suit them and consequently they take risks and insane actions. For the best of reasons. But they never lose grab on reality. They just don't like the circumstances and consequently, they change them. I love the ending because of that and because it's perfect.

In truth Chris and Liev see everything, they just have different ways to confront it. They see the importance in this, the real potential, they don't waste their time in silly thoughts and mourn about the what ifs, they just do it and period.

Liev and Chris are friends since forever. And they like it. But somehow something else sparks. It's fragile and small but with each passing experience they get a hold of what it can be but still they keep treating with such nonchalance that you fear they are going to ruin it somehow, not because they don't value it but because they value it a way too much. They are so afraid of losing it, of breaking it in carelessness, afraid of scaring each other, that I was as afraid as them. They dance around pushing limits a little more each time, trying to get closer and at the same time, unsure of how to make the movement without spoiling it all.

The process is very subtle and gradual but it fails in hide a very heart-wrenching trip. Coming of age, self-examination, fears and longings. It's a carefree bond on the surface but there is much feeling underneath. It seemed an unequal relationship at first but in truth the roles they take are assimilated in such a natural way that in only gave a hint of brutal honesty and real devotion.

So I got the McDalena I requested and I loved it to pieces. Domashita Romero gave me exactly what I asked for, with no theatrics and sappiness at all.

You know what? I will never use as a excuse that a book never worked because it was too short. It's up to the author's talent. Some manage to inspire with less than 50 pages, and some don't even come close with more than 200.


Free story here.

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review 2016-06-29 16:37
Makes Three - Domashita Romero,serenity_winner
I could put his whole head in my mouth if I wanted to. He hated it when I did that.

No comments, I'm laughing too hard to talk.

This is obviously a sci-fi kind of book. Alien and human, of the sort of Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts but much more hilarious and mischievous. It's like Han Solo and Chewbacca living in marriage in the Millennium Falcon together, only that it's much less hairy and the human is the grumpy one.

Trevor and his husband from outer-space make ends meet by accepting errands, mostly jobs from people who don't want to get their hands dirty: blackmails, cargo transport, etc. Don't ask, don't tell, and they do it. Suddenly there is an offer they cannot refuse, above all when the extra-terrestrial creature sees that with that money he will be able to provide his human the best and retire together just afterwards.

But this assignment is not the usual one.

It goes without saying this is not the ordinary story. It's funny and witty, a great sense of humor I could not resist. But it's also terribly adorable. These two beings, having a routine together, their banter and their interactions, make your heart squeeze. Companionship and even erotic moments, because they have found the way to make it work, not only good, but very good. The alien being happy with whatever Trevor fancies all of a sudden, he just doesn't care what his human wants or even that his ideas are pretty crazy and insane.

He will just make them come true and spoil him forever.

I thoroughly recommend this book. It's quite short, 18 pages only.

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