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review 2017-12-12 18:27
Pax Americana: "Double Star" by Robert A. Heinlein
Double Star - Robert A. Heinlein

Implausible and impossible to put down- like all of Heinlein's books I've read its hero is a man of action and boundless self confidence, a wisecracking all-American cowboy figure who brushes obstacles aside, a genial dictator figure who knows that as long as he's left in charge everything will be o.k. The voice is always the same - and I can see why the new wake of science fiction writers reacted against Heinlein: Aldiss, Moorcock, Ballard, Dick. Heinlein's Pax Americana and paternalism vision of the future certainly does have fascist overtones. But he's still a great storyteller, his books filled with mind-bending concepts presumably achieved without the help of the consciousness expanding substances that inspired some of his successors.


Yes, the Bonforte character was a very macho autocrat...Who cares? Nevertheless, “The Great Lorenzo” doesn't quite conform to the macho 'tit man' narrator as Heinlein... although the authorial voice does creep through in interesting ways in his stereotyped descriptions of Lorenzo's camp-actor personality and co...Heinlein enjoyed challenging established ways of thinking, and for most of his great period of writing liberal politics was on the rise, so he took great pleasure in poking holes in political sacred figures.



If you're into SF, read on.

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review 2017-09-26 00:00
The Genie's Double Trouble
The Genie's Double Trouble - Wynter Dani... The Genie's Double Trouble - Wynter Daniels,Kristen Painter Book Reviewed: The Genie's Double Trouble (Nocturne Falls Universe)
Author: Wynter Daniels
Publication Date: 9/26/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

We are heading back to Halloween Town with non other than a Genie. Cyrus must find the person who stole cash and a dog from his master. Although he dreads any of it.

Mallory has had a horrible time of things when it comes to her twin even worse. But what is she going to do when that twin shows up and is in trouble?

This is a cute short read. We get a bit of a mystery to solve.
I enjoyed it.
[a:Wynter Daniels|3521407|Wynter Daniels|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1408402472p2/3521407.jpg]
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text 2017-09-18 22:49
Reading progress update: I've read 20%.
Double Indemnity - James M. Cain

‘He’s not happy. He’ll be better off – dead.’


‘That’s not true, is it?’

‘Not from where he sits, I don’t think.’

Alright, they have known each other for about 5 minutes, are plotting a murder, and a life together.


It's so outrageously inconceivable that it is rather hilarious. Not sure if Cain meant it to be so goofy, but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. 


Also, they have been drinking. Tea. They have been drinking tea. So, for all of you who are still sobering up from The Thin Man, this may be a worthy alternative.


I can't promise, tho, that the characters or plot won't get stupid. So, far they just crack me up. ;D

‘I’m not crazy, and I’m not joking, and you’ve heard of such a thing in your life, because it’s all you’ve thought of since you met me, and it’s what you came down here for tonight.’

‘I’ll not stay here and listen to such things.’


‘I’m going.’


‘I’m going this minute.’


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text 2017-09-17 19:53
Reading progress update: I've read 9%.
Double Indemnity - James M. Cain

But all of a sudden she looked at me, and I felt a chill creep straight up my back and into the roots of my hair. ‘Do you handle accident insurance?’


This is not suspicious at all. 


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